Western bathroom décor, 14 photo

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Strange statues, animal skins, masks – the interior is replete with exotic and attractive for its eccentricity. Present it and ethnic motifs, expired today, as well as at the time of the great discoveries of unseen lands

Enjoy exotic interiors? They are the most mysterious and alluring. In such spaces to be interesting, relax and watch the original accessories. Today we look at a real example of how to combine the classic with the exotic, unusual zoned space and wisely used in the interior black. To do this, you can consider an apartment, which is located in New York’s Upper East Side.

Subdued lighting, soft color palette with bright black accents immediately immersed in a mysterious atmosphere. Simple forms of classical furniture does not detract from the decor of unusual items.

Original paintings, figurines, vases, exotic animal skins and other accessories adorn the walls here, tables, windows and even the floor. A little more – and you can think that you are in a museum with historical exhibits. But in the interior of this line is not crossed.

It is evident that it is a cozy living room, where there is room for receiving guests, for relaxing, for watching TV programs. There are storage cabinets and cosmetics, there is also more space in the bathroom that you can use.

Exotic style requires a large space. To make it look cozy, but at the same time, holistically, it was divided into 3 sections.

In the bathroom area – light of walls, ceiling and floor. Black serves as accents. Near the bathroom are located cabinets, chairs, couch and ottoman, thus expressing a place for extra rest. As zoned element acts as a rug, on which you will be able to walk after taking a bath.

Space for watching TV and working area separated from the two sides of glass walls and black open tables, on which interesting exotic exhibits are installed. In this part of the room is dominated by black.

In the background is advantageous look figurines and bright picture. Soft corner and picked up the carpet in a light-gray scale to balance this part of space. Decorative accents perfectly complement the interior. Gray goes well with the black and white color.

Glass partitions are considered to be the best solution for zoning space. See how with their help managed to perfectly insulate the elegant black-and-white area. It is a harmonious continuation of this exotic interior. This effect is further enhanced by niches with lights, which are silver decorations.

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10 features of the western interior. Western decor bathroom

Pay attention to the mirrors installed in the bathroom, the kitchen, a cozy dining room, in the hallway and in the light of the large living room. They not only give a sense of lightness and airiness, but also emphasize the advantages of exclusive items in the interior. Mirrors make a space balanced.

Elements of the exotic in the apartment are the delicate orchids, colorful masks on the walls, sculptures, vases and unusual pictures.

The main colors used are sand. It calms and soothes, brings warmth to the space. In the background favorably allocated accent colors and exotic accessories. Black symbolizes the fire or coals dark African night. The interior received a simple, elegant and at the same time attractive. It is suitable for lovers of travel and adventure, collectors and art lovers.

1.Lovers of the exotic can be used not only expensive and rare antiques. There are alternatives – copies or stylized exotic things.

2.Free plan allows you to accentuate the exotic accessories. Use zoning by partitions, furniture and color.

3.Prints, pictures or statues of animals – the constant companions of exotic style, mostly African.

4.When making use of this interior beautiful plants and flowers.

5.It is important not to overdo it with accessories that the house does not become a souvenir shop.

6.Interior must radiate warmth and peace of mind, has to rest.

7.Large or masks should be placed on the middle level, otherwise the interior would be perceived seriously.

8.Gray necessarily dilute bright accents, so he did not look sad.

9.It is worth remembering that the prevalence of indoor black color visually reduces it.

10.Natural colors, paintings with images of animals, savannah, desert, leather, fur, stuffed predators – use these elements to create an exotic style.

Eclecticism in western style

Is it possible to combine in a single interior of different styles? At first glance, this is absurd. However, knowledge of the rules of incongruous combination gives amazing results! So an unexpected effect can appear suddenly and be very successful

Thinking interior designer should rule matching every detail, every detail of the chosen style. But what if your favorite photos grandchildren do not fit in high-tech or art nouveau? In this case, you need to overcome all the doubts and put a photo where it will best be seen. Designers call it eclectic, and owners of the house – the best solution.

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“Eclectic” is translated from Greek means “election”, “selection”. In principle, any selection implies certain rules that, in strict compliance with their freshness converted into a routine, and brightness – in the monotony. Breaking the usual course of things, talented people create masterpieces. Perhaps you are one of them.

Eclectic was born and developed as an independent architectural trend in the 30-ies of the XIX century, when the classics prevailed over attempts fantasy comprehension and implementation of creative ideas. And if eclectic displays in monumental art was preceded by a long process of forming the tenets and laws of the genre, the interior design innovations implemented much faster.

Designer thoughts firmly shaken off the shackles of urban, departed from the established canons, offered bold and even shocking decision. But they, surprisingly, found a ready response in the perception of the conservative part of consumers, not to mention the people who are prone to change.

Please connect all that could be attributed to the directions of the historical period, such as the Baroque and Art Nouveau, Empire and Classicism, Renaissance and Rococo. Then the combination of steel elements added, considered dissonant.

The result is often surpassed the wildest expectations, creating harmony, elegance and functionality of new interiors. You had only to feel the thin line between harmony and lack thereof.

How not to overdo it with the eclectic, working in Western-style?

Basic principles of realization of eclectic style in the interior – a surprise, and the brightness of colors, smooth and curved lines, heavy and at the same time compact objects and details.

Valid vintage accessories and elements of decoration, ethnic motifs, textile items and even murals. The old sofa can coexist with handmade carpets or bright contemporary cape, heavy crystal chandelier – with spotlights located in the most unexpected places, and carved door wardrobe will be in harmony with the armchair, decorate it with coarse cloth.

All ideas of this unusual style have the same goal: to create maximum comfort and at the same time to please the eye lively variety of conditions, which can be enjoyed for years. But in all bold ideas need to comply with the measure: to create such an interior is not recommended to use more than 2-3 related areas.

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The range of materials, embedded into eclectic projects is very large. For wall design can be successfully used tiles and wood paneling, wallpaper and fabrics. Windows perfectly draped in silk, satin, velvet, with the addition of feathers, rhinestones and frills.

The elaborate eclectic interiors there is a place for contemporary posters, graphic works, photographs and paintings. Uniting all of these items and the items element is color.

Designed in the style of Western art for the fans

  1. The overall tone

The simplest method – to surround the art work in tune with her tones. However, it is not necessary to fill the room one color, a common enough background or close objects. It may well be 2 paintings created in different tinting solutions. With a consistent suite, and the other – a sink, a table or boxes to store small things.

  1. Compliance Forms

Note that, as in the photo in the interiors Beat artistic solution paintings: it corresponds to the vase, table lamp, bathroom equipment and even bends all household items. At the same textiles and accessories are made in the same palette as the painting hanging on the wall.

  1. Subject approach

Some art works especially well looked on a background of the furniture and decor. They literally grow into the interior, spreading it part of its artistic value. But to get it, you should choose the right corresponding color plumbing, cabinets and decor.

  1. In the same style

It is equally important to observe the stylistic matching interior details and objects of art. In the photo below – modern graphically art work lines that are repeated in the table lamp and vase is in close dialogue with the pattern on the cabinet on the wall. In the photo to the stairs – the same method: a bright modern painting emphasized no less modern staircase of the same hue, but the object of cultural heritage of a certain ethnic group is very well placed on the animal’s skin.

  1. A window into another reality


And how else to call a piece of art, but a window into the mind of its creator? According to this principle, you can beat the presence of paintings or photographs. The spectacular all will look “window”, a painting consistent with the background.

Taking into account all the features of color solutions and western-style bases eclecticism, you can create a unique and stylish interior.



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