Ways to choose 48 inch bathroom vanity

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Completeness in the cabinet or on the board of 48 inch bathroom vanity? Expensive bathroom furniture sold in assembled form. Cheap versions are sold out whether it is convenient to bring your own car and collect himself without much effort. With or without a sink? Most free-standing racks sold with the appropriate sinks. Sometimes the shell must be purchased separately. Look carefully and find out the price tags, which is included. As a rule, a certain pedestal sink fits strictly defined. Or have a choice of several models: buy separately from another shell lineup and try to adjust it in undesirable. It is unlikely that you will be able to provide a perfect joint. If it will not be exposed to moisture will frame, which reduces the life of the furniture.

Here are some vital recommendations that will save you from unnecessary headaches when choosing and operating a sink for the bathroom.

Do not buy on leftovers. When planning combined 48 bathroom vanity a lot of attention is paid to the placement of the bath and toilet. This sink undeservedly forgotten: the victim is not only aesthetic, but also functional washbasin. With the simultaneous purchase of plumbing, you can count on the subjects of a single design, form style of the room.

Right choose for 48 inch bathroom vanity with top

The main thing – to choose the right collection. Sinks (except for Economy-Class models) sold collections: they include several model sizes and mounting methods. Choose a nice looking form. And sink the price can vary within a single collection: compact (up to 46 cm) and standard (65 cm) at a cost of a little different, but the sink countertop with wings from the same collection will be much more expensive (65 cm wider). Decide with communications. Sink attached to the water pipes, often unsightly. They can either be tolerated (in the case of a hinged model), or hide in three ways.

Sinks-pedestals. Closed pipe front, but they will be seen from the side. And while the column “eats” all the space under the sink (not to put extra shelving), difficult access to the sink for small children and people in a wheelchair. Sinks – pilasters. Pipes hide, release space under the sink – to children of small stature can be used stand. Clean under them easier. However, half-demanding the withdrawal of the pipe is strictly in a certain place.

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Seashells. In fact, a wash basin set on a bedside table or countertop. The last option is a little different from the hinged shell (tube is still visible). Locker will hide all the ugliness of communication, but it lost part of its useful volume for storing things.

Choose a sink with mixer. Simultaneous acquisition of sinks and mixer provides at least the ease of installation. For example, you do not have to suffer with the replacement of the mixer if the spacing mounting holes on the sink and faucet will not coincide. Or sink simply do not have proper holes for the installation of the purchased mixer in 48 bathroom vanity with top. Who but a consultant in the salon will tell you that the invoice you want to sink a costly mixer vertical installation with high poured out, or horizontal, but with a very long nose?! In addition, manufacturers of plumbing often develop joint collection with a designer: it sinks and taps, structurally complementary.

Get washbasin immediately with a dresser. Avoid buying 48 inch bathroom vanity with top the shell except the models recommended by the manufacturer of the chest. If in the case of table top to order you’re guaranteed not to get a backlash and clearances: the desired hole is exactly to the measure, the problem of a combination dresser and washstand from different collections can turn into a real headache.

How to choose a sink for 48 inch bathroom vanities with different budget

The cheapest models are fundamentally different from the expensive, elite? Should I pay extra for the washbasin? What can be achieved within each price range for their money? Find answers in our article.

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The simple form, the usual stuff. In addition to the shells from China, in this price range is easy to buy the laver of domestic production. And the well-known European brands also produce low-cost model. The budget runs out the vast majority of miniature hand washing basins (up to 46 cm wide), as well as traditional washbasins width of 50-65 cm. Count on the model of “a wing” or two cups is not necessary. And the shape of the shell is likely to be a standard, round-oval: find other models are quite difficult. In this price category offers washbasins columns-pilasters, wall model 48 bathroom vanity with top and desktop mounting shell. As for the material, “budget” in this case does not mean “low-quality”: even the cheapest sinks are now made of high-quality sanitary porcelain and earthenware.

Another installation, wider range of materials. The terms of the former producers, but the range is noticeably more urgent – you can count on the recently invented by sinks, that is in the regeneration of the bathroom has to take into account trends. Forms or fluid (similar to an oval) or brutal (close to the square); sinks under the budget stylistically neutral. Dimensions shells markedly increased: it is already possible to look for a sink with one or more wings. Purchase not only the columns and pilasters, but with suitable overhead and floor tables. Sinks beneath them can be recessed, semi-recessed and overhead; if necessary, you can find a hidden installation. Expanding and affordable range of assortment: in this price category, some stacked shells made of artificial stone, metal and glass.

Style, shape, material – any. Noticeably expanded range of European brands, on whose products we can qualify. Wash can be not only stylistically neutral – Many models have pronounced the “classical” face. Shells twice as much as the lower threshold of the price band are often well-known author, are available under the “nominal” collections for 48 inch bathroom vanities. Where not only takes into account the latest fashion trends, but the shells have a strong unusual shape. The main plus expensive sinks is their ability to retain the original appearance longer thanks to dirt-repellent coating that is applied to the majority of manufacturing companies in their technology.

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Repair of the 48 bathroom vanities: tips on what to save

How to avoid extra costs and at the same time to make a quality repair in bathroom vanity 48 inch? Take note of these tips and see on what you can save, and what – no.

How not to spend too much?


  1. Go to sales. In any salon from time to time there are sales. This most often happens when you update the exposure. Discounts can be as high as 50-70%. This is your chance to get a quality product at an affordable price. When buying a showpiece not forget to consider meticulously it!
  2. Buy last year. Forget about updates – they are always more expensive than previous collections. This is especially true of ceramic tiles, which are frequently updated series.
  3. Away expensive finish! High-quality but inexpensive repair the bathroom – it’s a reality. Avoid decorative finish as such: just color wall waterproof paint. This is especially important for the spacious bathrooms, where a large number of decorative materials required.
  4. Do not chase high design. Pay attention to the “no name” stuff. They are cheaper than the works of famous designers. Ask “budget.” Explore the range of “luxury” manufacturers. Many of them do not produce very expensive collection; the quality is not worse than “luxury”. The difference – only in design and materials for 48 white bathroom vanity.



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