Vintage bathroom vanity, 14 photo

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We always try to make our home the most comfortable and cosy place and we are talking about a bathroom as well. We can even say we should equip or bathroom in that way that it becomes the place of a real rest and relaxing. The specifics of it’s place is that the decorative materials should be chosen counting on really many facts. We already talked in details about this theme and the materials that can be used for the bathroom equipment and how to choose the ones that are made in a really good quality and how to make the maximum by yourself. So today let’s talk about how to make the right choice choosing the bathroom vanity, but not just a simple one, but the one that makes your bathroom look chic and charming and only vintage and antic sanitary engineering is able to do that. 

The things, same as people, are going through its birth and death, ups and downs living it’s triumph and falls. And if the modern sanitary engineering and furniture in general is prone to the modern tendentious changings, the vintage furniture isn’t really sensitive to that. Being the silent witnesses of the history these things soaked it all inside and brought through the time being the symbol of the consistency and the extension of the family traditions.

In such a place as a bathroom all the designing elements should be thought till the last detail which seems to be minor from the first view. We are talking about the “first view” because actually exactly this kind of things such as bathroom vanity, bathroom cabinets, the mirror and lighting are making really effect the full perception of repair. It’s really important to complete the decorative part with the quality and a strength. But let’s don’t think too much about the last point because even having the respect to the functional part it’s really important to make such an atmosphere that will fully contribute your full resting, which means that nothing should be enjoying or paying too much attention on it. Because to relax, get drawn inside your thoughts and to get rid from all the negative thoughts all of this can be provided just by the good bathroom atmosphere and its effect depends only on the furniture and decorative part such as bathroom vanity, the mirrors, the bath decorating generally and some other stuff.

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But you are able establish the vintage bathroom vanity not in an every interior. It’s gonna perfectly fit just for the interior design made in Baroque, Classic or Eclectic styles. And on this article we are gonna talk how to place the vintage bathroom vanities inside of these interior types. It’s gonna look not really pertinently if you decide to establish a vintage bathroom vanity inside of a bathroom made in a high-tech or avant-garde styles because even for its names we can figure out that in these styles it’s says more about the love to the modern technologies, but the bathroom made in a classical or Baroque styles will look more complete if there is gonna be a bathroom vanity made in a vintage style.

If we are talking about the color gamma than we should pay our attention on the light pastel colors such as brown, turquoise, ash-rose and of course it’s possible to use gold and nacre as a completing to the main colors because then the other colors are getting a tense and deep shade. But if, for example, you decided to place a vintage bathroom vanity in the bathroom with the black and white wall than its gonna look totally perfect. The thought eclectic in the interior will accent the significance of each single part of the furniture or decor and in a combination with a wall and floor decoration will make an interesting ensemble of a good taste and harmony.

10 advises how to choose a perfect vintage bathroom vanity.

Usually, if you can buy some pieces of vintage furniture that means that you live some kind of luxury life. But if you have an aim than surely you can buy few pieces of the previous century, just take your choice seriously.

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Where to find?

1) In the Internet. It had been never easier before to find the needed thing as it’s now because the World Wide Web provides us with the unbelievable choice of any kind of vintage furniture that is even more wide than in the biggest vantage shop.

In the old stocks. You can definitely find what you need in the old stocks of unnecessary furniture that we all have in our country house’s mezzanines. Here you can find the really interesting specimens. Moreover there are categories of old things that were done not in a mass production, but made for some kind of international exhibitions. Most of the times they differ from the others by its unusual, unrepeatable design and an amazing quality.

On the exhibitions. After busing such big antic exhibitions as Design Miami, biennale antiques in Paris, BRAFA and the others. Visiting this kind of exhibitions surely makes a guarantee that you will find not just something special, but also authentic. In every old European city you have the whole streets and quarters filled with the vantage galleries and antique shops. And there are some cities that are especially well-know for that such as Brussels, Copenhagen, Provence and of cause Paris.

What to look for?

1) Follow the worldwide trends.

The vintage market as any other has it’s own fashion and top trends. Nowadays the most popular trend is a European design of the 1950-1960. And even more popular are the vintage bathroom vanities made standing on the high thin legs and the ones made with the different types of upholstery. Don’t be afraid of the price because sometimes if you are lucky you can find the vintage furniture made from by the legend designers that costs less then the modern vintage. Like, for example, the furniture of 1930-1950 made by Andre Arbus or Jack Adne can sort just 2-3 thousand of dollars.

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Search for the uniq things. You don’t have to buy the whole sets because the vintage furniture is great by its diversity. The old vintage furniture such as bathroom vanity can look interesting even without completing it with some other elements. Some famous factories reissue the designed furniture by using the old extant plans and drawings.

What should you pay your attention on while choosing the vintage furniture such as bathroom vanity.

How to distinguish the original vintage from the new production

1) The old glass has a yellow shading.

2) The metal parts don’t shine as it’s covered by patina.

3) The painting on the old furniture has a grungy, overdrive texture.

4) That’s true that the old things have a light smell of dust.

Beware of the nonfunctional things.

Most of the time you want not just to buy the decor element to keep it at home, but also to use it as intended, but it’s not always possible, so that’s what you should pay attention on. You should check all the necessary accessories because the old varieties of the furniture may not have this.


Think about the money you will spend for it’s restoration. The vintage furniture is rarely get sold in a good state so don’t forget to think that you will also need to cover the furniture with some fixing varnish, to clean it or change an upholstery. Don’t be scared because it’s not that hard to handle a wooden material, but so much more difficult to reestablish the padding or the filler because it can have some stubborn stain fungus.



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