Vintage bathroom mirrors: special interior needs special things

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They say that everything new is well forgotten old. Perhaps the way it is, because how to explain that vintage items again in Vogue. More precisely, they never and were not. And many interior designers are constantly actively used to create their masterpieces. If you belong to connoisseurs of antiquity, the mirror in a vintage frame from our company is what you’ll appreciate.

What is it?

100% to define what the vintage, unlikely to even aesthetes, historians and fashion designers, but the general concept of the direction to is still possible. This word usually referred to the objects and things of other eras and centuries and sometimes decades. Moreover, to give a specific time frame, no one dares, but a majority of experts inclines to the beginning of the 20th century. As for the interior, here the word “vintage” means the interweaving of several styles of different times.

Where to apply?

Again, there are no clear recommendations about where to use such Antiques. The beauty of the direction lies in the full freedom, because here you can successfully combine modern appliances and articles of the last era, creating unique interiors that you are unlikely to meet their neighbors, friends and acquaintances.

Vintage bathroom mirrors consist of several main elements:

  • Frames of different materials;
  • The mirror itself;
  • Fasteners;
  • Substrate (optional).

All our products are collected only from high-quality components. For example, hardwood frame vintage style, made soundly and skillfully. Manual work is visible in every detail, starting with the carved figures, finishing multilayer prekrasnoi. In addition, we offer a wide range of types and forms of fasteners, as well as a huge range of colors, so vintage mirrors to buy in accordance with your existing d├ęcor will be easy.

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Interior mirrors in vintage frames is an elegant accessory for interior decoration. Vintage style in the interior has become very popular in recent years. Vintage decorative frames for mirrors is primarily accented by old man in the interior. The decoration and unique expression of style. Using modern materials decorators is necessary to artificially age the interior. In such way they give the uniqueness and originality of style.

Vintage bathroom mirror: reasons of popularity

Vintage interior style is gaining in popularity. In great demand today using vintage accessories, among which a special place is given to the mirrors. Such a mirror, bringing the spirit of bygone eras that can fill the interior with refinement and incredible charm. Rather, it is an excellent decorative item, rather than fulfilling its main purpose. Vintage mirrors can have different shapes and sizes, from the smallest to incredibly large.

Particularly relevant large oval mirrors and mirrors that can be installed on a vanity table. Restrictions in their placement does not exist. They will fit in any room from the hallway to the bathroom. Antique mirror successfully complement the interior, decorated in vintage style, and may well be the only vintage piece in a modern interior. In any case, it will look appropriate and harmonious.

A great option would be the combination of such a mirror with the other elements of this style. So, for example, on the table next to a vintage mirror you can put a high silver or crystal candlestick, vintage lamp or a photograph. And the mirror in the living room or bedroom will perfectly complement large antique clock, which will fill the atmosphere of unbelievable brilliance, glamour and luxury.

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A characteristic feature of the mirror in vintage style is its unusual location. It is, as a rule, do not hang up on the wall, and just puts her to. Vintage mirror, usually decorated in different frames, which differ in fanciful shapes and incredible beauty of the decorative carving. Here can be a wooden frame, artificially or naturally aged, with traces of wear, cracks, and roughness.


As a rule, a very wide wooden frames are made of large mirrors. Often a small mirror in a vintage style wrapped in gold plated or metallic framework, decorated with openwork carving. No less important characteristic of such mirrors is a special effect of aging of the amalgam that is created with the latest technology. This is manifested in the form of a blackout on coverage or separate dark spots that say about the “respectable” age of the mirror.

Today, a vintage mirror can be purchased at the store or make under the order. But their production is very time consuming and quite long, therefore, such mirrors are of high value. However, to decorate the interior of antique and items from “grandma’s chest” or the attic. Among them there will necessarily mirror that keeps the important moments in the lives of your ancestors.



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