Using the decor in the form of owls in a classical 7 setting

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If you are a big fan of owls, then you can use images of these birds as accents. Owls can be a great decoration in the interior, along with a certain style. For example, it may be a country-style or classic.

Bathroom in classical style

The interior of the bathroom in a classic style with elegant, aristocratic restraint. Typically, this stylistic direction chosen by people with a certain level of prosperity as the personification of their status in society. Despite the fact that with the spread of this style on the Earth there were dozens of its varieties, characterized by territorial belonging to a specific region, yet simple enough to identify the main idea of this style. At the site we will see how to decorate bathrooms in classical style, a color scheme of the room to choose what materials to buy and what furniture should pay attention.

Owls – is a bird that can perfectly fit into the classical interior, if you follow all of the recommendations of this style.

suitable materials. owl bathroom decor

In the traditional sense to design the bathroom in a classic style using marble, natural wood, stone and stucco on the walls and ceiling. Let’s see what you can replace the finishing materials in the realities of the modern world? The marble on the walls and the floor very well replace the tiles, the more that a variety of colors allows you to pick it up and “marble” and “under the tree”, and under any other natural material. Of the most common flooring is tile, marble is less common due to high cost, not only the material, but also styling. It can also be used with an appropriate liquid floors pattern which can mimic even wood. The tree can perfectly be combined with a brown print in the form of owls.

Alternatively, you can use the wooden doors of MDF doors, treating them with decorative materials to the structure and appearance as closely as possible to the analogue. If you need to replace other wood surfaces Budgetary material (for example, a decorative screen for a bath or a small table for bath accessories), then use a high-quality plastic.

The ceiling can be used in the classic interior of the bathroom tension. But be sure to delimit the zone, where it joins the walls and ceiling decorative frieze with ornaments. As for the gypsum stucco on the ceiling, it can be replaced by polyurethane moldings, as well as various moldings which are made from advanced materials: polyurethane, polystyrene, and plastic. As an alternative to the columns that are a fixture in this stylistic direction, you can use the pilasters.

But back to the design of the walls in the classical bathroom. What other types of finishes can be offered? Well-proven decorative Venetian plaster, which, after appropriate treatment similar to marble and polishing. Among the positive characteristics of this finish should be made not only external similarity with natural materials, but also the convenience of operating in conditions of high humidity, as well as ease of care, ie, the possibility of wet cleaning.

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Colors for the bathroom

The color scheme of the bathroom in a classic style, quiet enough, there is no place screaming shades and vivid contrasts. The main colors are considered to pastel shades (beige, cream, sand, gray, cappuccino), as well as burgundy, bottle, chocolate. As decoration, you can use the noble red and light green colors.

Good combination between a pair of color: gray with maroon, beige, chocolate, white, brown, milk or olive color of warm milk with a dark brown, complete with golden decorations.

An essential attribute of classical style is antique ornament with repeated elements, for example, one of the most common patterns is the vine. Where can I use a pattern? As a frieze of tiles separating the different zones of the bathroom or the upper part of the room from the bottom. Decorative friezes, of plastic and polyurethane with a characteristic of this style ornament used to distinguish between the ceiling and the walls. And the pattern is found in the decoration of furniture and mirrors. Instead of an ornament, you can use a print of stylized owls, they will give the completeness of your interior.

The right choice plumbers

The correct geometry, symmetry and streamlined shapes – these are the main features of bathroom furniture in a classic style. Traditionally, it is made of wood, which blends well with other natural materials – stone. For example, the table top Moidodir can be made from natural or artificial stone, and the cabinet itself is made of wood. Natural materials is permissible to replace the budget analogues or a good imitation, but even such a stylization to be soundly and quality.

With regard to the forms of furniture and plumbing fixtures, it is mostly straight lines with the correct geometric shapes. Plumbing put the white color, but the taps, heated towel rails and fittings furniture is traditionally set in the color of gold, silver or bronze.

If to speak about the bath, it can be either streamlined forms bowl on legs, standing in the center of the room, a rectangular tub near the wall, and even the corner. From the materials is better to prefer the natural stone, but the financial part of this question is often directs attention toward the modern iron and acrylic. So acrylic bath is also a place in the room, as long as the color scheme and shape correspond to the classical style.

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Light sources in retro interior

In spite of the historical roots of the classical style, yet a bathroom should be well illuminated. Come to the aid of modern energy-saving lamps (LED, fluorescent), which provide a sufficient amount of light, but consume a small amount of power.

But the framing of these lamps can be selected corresponding to the design of the bathroom in a classic style. It can be ceiling, wall lights and point the classical forms in the form of candles, sconces, chandeliers and even a large crystal chandelier on the ceiling. The main thing – to inscribe these elements correctly and naturally relative to the entire interior.

These are the basic concepts characterize the bathrooms in a classic style. As you can see, in the present conditions it can be recreated without the enormous financial costs. But be that as it may, the classic style is still the embodiment of respectability, reliability and luxury.

White bathroom for placed accents in the form of owls 4 types

Design white bathroom issue both easy and difficult. The simple fact is that to choose finishing materials, sanitary ware and accessories will not be difficult. The main challenge is not to make the interior a monotonous and bland. How to avoid it?

1.Obilie glass parts. Glass has a number of the important characteristics that are valued in the modern interior. This ease of lines, ease, elegance and style. The glass parts have good reflectivity, besides they do not clutter up the space and add it weightlessness. Especially important is this factor for small bathrooms. Where glass can be used? It may be glass partitions, shower doors, glass shelves and other furniture made of glass and glass blocks and stained glass windows. These interior elements, on the one hand, encumber the space and on the other hand, it is added dynamics. As the frame window, you can use a pattern of owls, which will add originality to your bathroom.

2.Zerkalnye surface. This can be a large mirror on the wall or mirror doors on the cabinets, and can be mirrored ceiling rack. In any case, the mirror is not only visually increase the space of the bathroom, but also will add liveliness interior.

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3.Chrome accessories. Gloss chrome-plated handles and legs of furniture, hangers for towels, shower curtain rods, mixers dilute the monotonous bathroom design in white.

4.Relief surface. Who said that the white tiles and white furniture door must be smooth? When choosing tiles give preference tiles with embossed pattern – white monochrome interior bathroom, he will not hurt, but it will make the room more interesting. Or another example – align on the wall with mosaic tile. Even if the interior materials are of the same color, different textures will do their work and will contribute flavor to the interior.

  1. Impaired geometry. How, in your opinion, it will look like the interior, where the walls, floor and ceiling are decorated with the same material, for example, square tiles, laid in a standard way? This room space will seem to be closed and there will be a long uncomfortable. To avoid this error, you should only change the method of laying a finishing material. If the walls are tiled in a standard way, the floor tiles rotate 45 degrees in either direction (diamonds), and rack ceiling set diagonally.

Placed bright accents

Although white is a symbol of purity and innocence, all the same and wants to dilute its bright spots. This part of the article will be useful for owners of bathrooms in white, which is still the color is a little tired. How to spice up the interior, not taking root in the global alterations and major repairs? It’s simple – add bright colors with accessories.

1.Striped shower curtain – a great option to diversify the interior. Juicy colors help to accentuate the room, shifting the balance point in any one direction.

2.A bright rug beside the bath – fluffy rug juicy colors will add comfort bathroom, interior and enthusiasm.


3.Colored curtains on the window – a great way to add dynamics to deprive the interior room and monotony. Colorful print or multi-colored pattern on a white background looks great in monochrome interior.

4.In your bathroom has no window? No problem, make false window or replace the stained-glass window or a beautiful wall mural. This is another reason to let the bathroom more colorful.

5.The strip of contrasting color on the wall and the floor, laid out tiles. Also a good option to dilute deflating “taste” of the white bathroom.



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