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Many modern shells have a overfill protection bathroom remodel pictures, water flows through the hole, which is located at the top of the cup on a specially made channel within each product and from there gets into the siphon. Caring for them is very simple, as they are stable and durable. Having a small bathroom, you can install a corner sink, and thus save space for other important elements of plumbing. In specialty stores and online networks can not only buy your chosen shell, they can fulfill your order and, at the same time taking into account all your requirements: shape, material, color and type of location.

At the time when creating the bathroom, we are not limited in the materials or in the plumbing. Design a bathroom in our time is equal to the design bathroom remodel pictures of all the rooms of the house or apartment. When you create the interior you need to properly place and pick up the plumbing (shower or bath, sink, faucet, toilet, etc.), It affects all further use of this room. Today, people are increasingly abandoning baths which occupy a large space and install showers, which will increase the area and use it for other important elements (washing machine, dryer, furniture).

The choice of shower varied to suit every taste, color and budget. It is also one of the elements of the bathroom are the mixers, which should correspond to the style of the interior. When choosing a sink is necessary to think about its correct location and form, they come in different shapes, colors and materials. The toilet may be present or be a separate sanitary node. When you install all the necessary and additional components necessary to adhere to the same design line. The room should look in a way that would be coming after the working day, you can relax in it. Also, it sets the necessary furniture.

Choosing a sink or washbasin

  1. Normal shell – such shells are in most homes with small and medium incomes.
  2. “Tulip” – is a shell model with pedestal. Plus, this model is that it masks the water pipes and siphon.
  3. Sink a floor pedestal. This model is completely closed shell with a siphon, and demands the withdrawal of the drain on a strictly defined level. Model “Tulip” is not necessary.

Colors shells also includes at least three colors, but with diverse shades. Sinks are deaf and with the presence of the hole for the mixer. They are attached by means of special dowels or metal brackets. Regardless of the method of fastening, to fix the sink must be securely and correctly. And then the likelihood that the shell falls is almost zero. This ensures operation for many years.

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Keep in mind that young children love to plug the drain whole valve and open the valve. So they come up with shells that are equipped with overflow protection pictures of bathroom remodels. It works such a system is very simple. At the top of the shell is a hole where the water falls, then it flows through the channel (located inside the ceramic) and then flows into the siphon. Such a system could be used to meet at the import of shells. Today it can boast and domestic manufacturers. Because the shell sizes range from 32 to 250 cm in width, you need to measure the place – where you are going to install the sink.

Mount the sink should be only after the repair to avoid chipping, scratches or cracks on the surface of your new sink.

Choosing a washbasin

When choosing a plumbing always want it to be attractive and original. They often forget about the functional purpose. After all, the problem lies in the fact that the quality and comfort combined with an attractive design. Very carefully need to consider the choice of sink, so how to use it you will be at least 2 times a day. Therefore, wash basin should be easy to use and suitable for you.

You must take into account some of the parameters before buying washbasin. Its width should be from 50 to 65 centimeters. If the width is greater, the washbasin will occupy a lot of space. If less, then it will remain on the floor spray. If you put a double washbasin in pictures of remodeled bathrooms, the distance between the centers of the shells must be greater than 90 cm. This is to ensure that people are not standing next brought interfering with each other.

If you have children in the house, then you need to think about, so he, too, felt comfortable in the bathroom. You do not need to be installed under the washbasin child growth, but you can just put the stool. This does not require a visit to the costs and bath your baby will bring pleasure.

To date, the plumbing market, you will be offered a huge selection of sinks, built-in on the countertop (width up to 1 meter) to the compact models (width 30 cm). So you want to buy, not to (lose one’s head) in the store when buying a sink or washbasin, it is best to decide which model home.

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Luxurious, graceful, elegant. Sinks marble bathroom captivate with their originality, sophistication impressive variety of shapes and colors. These products – for true aesthetes, who used to get out of life is the best.

Why opt for bathroom sinks made of marble?

  • They serve much longer than products made of porcelain or china.
  • They look very presentable and beautiful.
  • They are easy to care for.
  • They have excellent antibacterial properties.

Small bathroom remodel ideas pictures furniture made of marble fits perfectly into any room, “adjusting” under the general style. Each product – delicious as it has a unique pattern of veins, inclusions and color transitions.

Surprising and antibacterial properties of natural marble sinks. When marble reacts with water, formed a protective alkaline medium which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria on its surface. From this we can conclude that the marble sinks have strong decontamination function.

Depending on the shape of the cup, the presence or absence of the pedestal, as well as other structural features distinguish these types of shell in bathroom remodeling pictures:

  • Console
  • Corner
  • Tulip
  • Built-in

Types of marble interior elements


For this kind of sinks for the bathroom are all mounted models, which are attached to the wall. As a rule, they have no leg, which opens up the view of communications elements.

Corner sinks

Very often this type relate to consoles because they have a similar attachment. Recently, however, the angular sinks often complement the pedestal, which obliges them to bring in a separate paragraph.


Such poetic name characterizes the model sinks for the remodel bathroom pictures; it is customary for many of us. Flower bud in the composition acts itself sink, stem – a pedestal, which was so convenient to hide communication.

Built-in sink

This is perhaps one of the most popular products from a marble bathroom. However, it is suitable only for large rooms, since the countertop, which is built of marble sink, takes a lot of space.

Does not permissible to imagine mentally bathroom in the absence of the presence in her sink, as these assets are inseparable. At present, the company attracted to the numerous, as well as pick up the right sink in room small room, to the presence of this beloved existed true and beautiful, and this because affordable. Since the price without exception, the least obvious, in this case the conditions of aesthetics and durability – quite subjective. In this review, I will try to give an unbiased assessment of the whole wide selection of sinks and basins.

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This type of sink is entered into a special leg that conceals a set of communications.

Positive quality here is the lack of movement needs extra team’s papers chasing task conspiracy pipes in the wall cavity. Such modifications are generally determined in small chambers indoor area. Feet for the purpose of such a product, with a missing rear component.

With a view to the production of sinks, there are a very large number of the best materials used. Outline the more popular styles with them. Among the most relevant in the bargaining considered a ceramic shell for the purpose of a bathroom remodels pictures- faience and porcelain. To distinguish visual data used materials comrade with comrade quite difficult, the presence of this price will be the porcelain sink about two more expensive, but also the quality of the product that will be more. Parcel makes a very strong supporting extended temperature calcining and significant. In addition to this, similar to the shell for the purpose of a bathroom did not undergo corrosion, formation of cracks and roughness, which will collect dirt. Porcelain products are fairly easy in courtship and ecological flawless.

Earthenware has significant according to the comparison with porcelain micro-porosity, and therefore directly on top of it compensate special glaze.

By cons as well as porcelain, thus, and porcelain products may be considered: a comparative unreliability and a huge mass. Less common on the whole, probably woody shell as possess quite big price. While in the style bathroom remodel pictures ideas they look quite extraordinary. The presence of a special support plane similar basin commit similar to plastic. I cannot wait to direct interest, that statement with similar products will require extensive diligence. Sinks made with a synthetic outer flint type almost does not differ from the shells with natural, simultaneously with the rise is much more economical. They are difficult to scratch, but it is easy to share. As a rule, the plane sinks with synthetic flint did not own cell, just for this reason, they just cleaned.


Products with composite materials used to make more than the quartz and granite powder (filler) and acrylic, which takes here the importance of the binding component in small bathroom remodel pictures. They are quite strong, easy to courtship, not subjected to thermal and chemical.



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