Unique bathroom vanities, ideas, top tips

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We all know that most of the times choosing a sanitary engendering you choose it having the traditional form and design that’s why the idea from Qin to accent the bathroom vanity as the single decor element will look really fresh and unusual.

This kind of unique bathroom vanities is partly made from the transparent glass and can be established in the angle of the bathroom or at it’s wall or even in the center. Qin also propose this kind of Unique bathroom vanities made covered by the leaf gold, silver or copper or also has the variants made with the dull covering in any color that the designers propose. This kind of bathroom vanities looks really exquisitely and the color gamma perfectly fits any bathroom. One more advantage is the possibility to keep all your bathroom accessories such as hair dryer or a make up kit that more then sure you usually have no space to keep in. This is this kind of advantage that every woman would be happy about. Also if you keep the color gamma in the neutral it can be liked even by the men. The glass material as always complete the bathroom vanity with the subtlety and the warm beige covering shading makes it looking like the natural wooden color which makes the interior cosy.

The bathroom vanity made in a leather texture

When we are talking about bathroom vanities we rarely put our attention on the on the forms and design. Which finally makes all the bathrooms look similar. But if you are interested in the unique and interesting ideas then you can like the following idea as the one as a company called Native Trails based in California proposed. Talking about the forms it’s not really unusual, but because of its covering looks like a real masterpiece. From the first look on this unique bathroom vanity it seems that it’s really sheathed with the natural leather or even fully made from it, but surely it’s not. Actually it’s made from the copper or even from the recycled copper pipes that were remelted which is actually one more advantage in it’s buying. All the main work by producing it (except it’s pressing) is made by hands. There are some interesting specimens that look exactly like a leather element from the men’s collection. It will perfectly fit the men bathroom interior, but doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in some other interior styles. Looks really gorgeous so no one would really resist from having it.

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The massive and vintage or a tiny and elegant as the eggshell?

If to talk about the styling solutions of the modern sanitary engendering and furniture than we should admit that most of their forms are really simple and perfectly fit the interior made in minimalistic style that most of the modern house owners like. We can’t say it’s not convenient as the bathroom isn’t cluttered by the mass of accessories and the other interior elements. Generally minimalism is perfect for the bathroom starting from it’s whole way of looking and finishing by it’s functionality. Of course it means that the bathroom vanities made in this style doesn’t have any extra decorative and texture elements that can collect the dust and the limescale. The bathroom vanity made in a streamlined rounded form will be really suitable as well and it doesn’t matter if it would be old-fashioned, elegant looking or even the one made in a minimalistic style.

The bathroom vanity made in an S-shape.

The colorful bathroom vanities always look really effectively such as the interiors made in a black and white gamma. The S-shaped bathroom vanity is just an overall idea, but a really interesting one. The choice of the interior solutions here is really huge as the variety of its styling solutions. And as to talk about the color solutions you can choose any color you want depending on your interior colors. The main conception of these Unique bathroom vanities is the S-form. And here let’s say the designers tried to “kill the both rabbits” at the same time making the sink and the bathroom cabinet at the same time. Moreover it’s made from the same material which gives the possibility to combine it into the same interior element. And the designers were following exactly this aim by designing this S-form bathroom vanities.

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The top surface of the construction is represented by the sink made in a small depression on the top panel. And there are two shelves down that can be filled with the make up or other stuff you mostly use in the bathroom. It’s assumed that this kind of bathroom vanities are made from the dense plastic or CFRP which is such a lasting and durable material that is easy to make the necessary shape to.

The bathroom vanity made in a starfish form.

As we already told there is category of some house owners who is never satisfied with the traditional approach in the interior. Especially for this kind of people the designers created the unique models of the bathroom vanities and the unusual forms of it’s establishing. While continuing talking about the unique bathroom vanities we can say few words about the gorgeous squared bathroom vanities, but even more we can say about even more unbelievable solution such as a bathroom vanity made in a starfish form.

It’s outlines pretty much remind the pentagon, but it’s inside looks like a starfish, especially in the place where it’s soft lines are linked between each other in the same spot.

The ,peel made by TICOR is made from porcelain and it’d gorgeous! It can perfectly complete the interior made in a marine style. It’s a glossy white sink and all the colorful elements are perfectly emphasized by the nickel-plated mixer.

How to choose a perfect unique bathroom vanity?

If you decided to start a bathroom repairing then you will be totally surprised by the varieties that the modern market can provide you with. The sinks and the Unique bathroom vanities in generally has rally changed talking about it’s forms and styling solutions – it’s range isn’t limited anymore by the traditional porcelain models in a bowl form, nowadays you can choose a really unrepeatable variants as based on it’s form as based on it’s color. But as we know the mass of varieties makes it rally difficult to choose the model you really need that’s why let’s find out on which elements you surely need to pay your attention on while choosing.

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First of all you need to take into accounting the bathroom perimeter size and decide where exactly you want to establish your bathroom vanity. If you just started to plan you bathroom repairing than don’t forget that you need to keep some space around it to have the opportunity to move free and keep the stuff that you need.

Moreover you should also decide what you prefer more – the traditional or more decorative models. Do you want a floating bathroom vanity or the one embed? Moreover buying a bathroom vanity don’t forget to think about the habits of those who is gonna finally use it and the size of the bathroom perimeter.

And the final thing is the material it’s made of as the most available with it’s cost is ceramics. There are some models made of the marble and granite. The main advantage is that it’s really lasting and durable, but it’s high cost is surely the limiting. You can also think about the bathroom vanities made of the natural stones, chrome metal and stainless steel.



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