Unfinished bathroom vanities, top tips

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When it comes the time to knock on the wood, you realize that the whole world is made from the plastic and aluminum. 

There is one humorous philosophy principle that means than if something bad is about to happen then it will surely happen. And it’s definitely not surprising that in the conditions of the fast civilization developing the people try to protect themselves more and more organizing the comfortable and safe conditions of living. And to reach this aim we should really pay our attention on the natural materials that make the base of our main theme – the unfinished bathroom vanities because you can’t disagree with the fact that it’s hard to imagine the following furniture made from plastic or some other chemical material, as it can’t really be unfinished because unlike the natural materials that can look in this state interesting and even chic, the unfinished bathroom vanities made form not a natural material is gonna not just look not esthetical, but also can be dangerous being toxic. So based on this conclusion we can say that we gonna talk mostly about the wood and everything made from it.

Wood is a truly natural and ecological material that can simply make the atmosphere of calm and coziness anywhere in the house including the bathroom. There is at least a thousand of books written about it’s useful properties and it’s close interaction with the human was used already a long time ago by our ancestors. That why the wood leads the list of the most popular materials used in by the designers all over the world. The human tries to use the results of the technical progress less and less which means that the wood using has been never more actual and nowadays we can see this material more and more in the parquet made from bamboo, olive and the other materials, but also the wooden furniture, the floor and the other accessories. To complete the designer’s thought you can use such materials as metal, leather, glass and the others.

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According to the latest modern tendentious the wood should and need to be used in such different places. For example nowadays we can use it even in the bathroom decorating as it’s wasn’t possible before. So the wooden furniture will look really stylish and fit good being placed in the bathroom. We should just say that in this case it’s gonna need some special covering that will safe the furniture from the moisture and will make the time of its exploitation last longer. This designing course will hall you to accent everyone’s attention on your designing taste so it’s necessary to think about every detail or even use the help of a specialist.

The wooden unfinished bathroom vanities.

The wood being the one of the natural materials easily fills the house with the real natural energetic. Touching it you can feel the warm and looking at its age rounds you can even go back in time. That’s why it’s not really weird to be so enthusiastic about the wood and here we see so many variants of choice. It can be solid, archaic or antic looking and all depends on the owner’s taste. Most of the designers all over the world really prefer the wooden furniture that has been made from the solid tree trunks having the really visible cracks and knots. Sometimes already rustic looking wood get bleached and get a moldy look. The untreated wood can be used in any of the styling directions. Knowingly the unfinished wooden pieces has been used on the exhibitions in Milan and Paris and it even had the special stands for its showing. Such material as wood perfectly completes the other materials. For example, the wooden bathroom vanity will look perfect being established on the metal legs.

The variants of unfinished bathroom vanities.

First of all let’s start from the material choosing that you gonna like the most taking into account not just what you like, but also what price is more liberal following the compromise of the quality and cost.

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The unfinished bathroom vanities made from DSP. Generally DSP material is represented by the big width panels impregnated by the special products that effect the water proof and steam proof possibility. Moreover it’s surely covered by the layer of acrylic resin. Here we should definitely say few words about such technology as postforming which main idea is to increase the level of the product’s mechanical damaging proof. Postforming also effects the way the final design gonna look like. It allows to put any kind of patterns and to play with the colors. Most of the times this DSP models are getting sold with the untreated edges that why the gluing of the melamine bead ribbons is a truly special process that you should pay your attention on.

The natural stone. The best kind of materials here are basalt, granite (a bit worse then marble) that’s why it’s really hard to damage it during the transportation. It’s really not afraid of any aggressive effects, it’s really reliable and gonna last really long. Moreover the way the natural stone looks like is truly way more interesting then any of the designing ideas. But talking about its limitings we can say that the natural stone isn’t really cheap and the second thing is that it’s not that easy to install it. You may think now why we are talking about such material as a stone while the main theme is the unfinished bathroom vanities. But the main idea here is a texture as it can stay really unfinished being untreated in such places as the doors surface but being a bit polish not to be dangerous.

The fake stone. It doesn’t mean that it’s the plastic surface painted looking like a real stone. No, a fake stone actually means the mix of the stone chapping and the synthetical resin that has a role of glue in here. This material is really good having a mass of the color and designing varieties so you should choose this model at least because it’s really persistent to any kind of mechanical damaging and if anyway you broke it somehow it’s so easy to reestablish that. Of cause it also costs a lot and the big limiting is that it’s still not really natural. As everyone got really interested in acrylic stone we should notice that it doesn’t have the enough level of a high-temperature strengths and it will just simply start to melt under the really high temperature being really toxic.

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Of cause it’s not the whole variety of the material types. Another section is the bathroom vanities made from the original natural materials such as wood (as we already told), metal or glass. The wooden models are surely not better the other called materials as the wood still soaks lots of water even being covered by the special chemical products, especially the unfinished one. Moreover it’s not really persistent to the chemical products and it’s gonna become visible really fast.

Unfinished bathroom vanities made in ecology style.

Unfinished Bathroom Vanities And Cabinets Home Remodeling Park Unfinished Bathroom Cabinets Unfinished Bathroom Cabinets - a Kitchen Gallery

These surfaces are usually made from the natural wood. As we already told wood doesn’t have the best exploitation characteristics, but we can still choose the surface decorated to the wood. We should also say few words about the laminated models as nowadays it’s really popular and it’s fair because the cost is really reliable, it looks pretty esthetical and can handle the really big loads and the temperature changing. It’s really simple to clean and the design is usually really interesting and full of colors. The only limiting it has is that laminated bathroom vanities can’t be called really lasting, moreover it can’t be also called moisture-proof. Moreover with the time it’s getting deformed.



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