Toilets in full bathroom remodel

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Most toilets come with a toilet tank, but, in principle, the tank is not an integral part of the toilet. It is important to know what types of devices are flush. You probably know that the cistern is built and not built. Recessed toilet tank (option with the installation) is more difficult to repair, because the visible part of the drain device is only a button. Not recessed full bathroom remodel outer tank can be easily dismantled and accessible flushing valves for repair or replacement. It is necessary to pay attention to the filling of the toilet tank, the valve shall be so designed that the water immediately came to the bottom of the tank, so that after use the water will not make noise during filling.

The form of the cup is one of the important criteria of convenience toilet. Forms of bowls are:

  • Belleville
  • Visor
  • Funnel.

Wash down toilet sets them centrally located drain funnel. This design by funnel spends less water waste immediately merge into the drain pipe, and not clog the toilet. One of the drawbacks of the funnel-shaped bowl – a spray, uncomfortable fluttering in the process of its application.

Visor toilets – in contrast to the previous type in this toilet sprays are excluded, the toilet drain whole is located at the front wall, and it is sloping hood. Such an inclined bottom toilet bowl itself does not complicate the drain structure. What cannot be said about the bottom of the rectangular bowls Belleville toilets?

In a pan toilet drain pipe is also located at the front wall; it requires a large amount of water for flushing and continuous cleaning.

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ATTENTION! It is necessary to consistently produce sanitary cleaning you need to know full bathroom remodel cost. To care for the toilet, you can use a variety of brushes and cleaning agents. Very convenient to use tablets for toilet tank with a known antiseptic effect, to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Modern plumbing offers a variety of equipment that is uniquely their operational quality, but requires proper care. Do not assume that if you bought the sanitary equipment, it is a new, high quality and long time for it is possible not to care. For fixtures, even of the newest materials, too, need care. With some features of the new material and using appropriate equipment and means.

The best small full bathroom remodel ideas

Acrylic is currently one of the most modern materials is gaining in popularity. From it are made bathtubs, sinks, showers, baths with Jacuzzi – hot tubs, and a variety of flat countertop. Acrylic – a synthetic material that compounds of acrylic and meth acrylic acids, various kinds of derivatives. There are chemical species: transparent – “Plexiglas” and opaque – white and smooth, it is made of acrylic bathtubs. Acrylic can be painted in different colors, while it is stable. White color acrylic does not age – is a snow-white bath in over several years. One of the most important properties of acrylic – is the term plasticity. It is because of this property, acrylic bathtubs become so comfortable original form. Acrylic is an environmentally friendly material.


  • Manufacturers of acrylic baths emphasize allegedly acrylic surface remains clean even without scratching longer than ordinary enamel bath. Know prolong the life of acrylic baths can only be properly caring for her. Household plumbing – a familiar and everyday thing for anyone. When the plumbing fails we start to think about its indispensability.
  • The more so because the plumber cannot always respond quickly to your call, it would be good to understand the principle and plumbing device that in case of breakage toilets, faucets or sinks, to be able to fix this problem so to speak, “on the spot”.
  • Mixer is out of order; of course, Chinese counterfeit imported good German, Bulgarian, and Czech will serve you longer. Despite its simplicity, the device consists of: body, spout, lid, flywheel, pointers, screw stopper, nut, valve and others.
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If the mixer has a rubber gasket, rubber has a limit on the term of service and if the faucet drip, should change the gum, often it taps with a rubber head parts. How to fix leaking faucet? You will be replacing the gasket. Shoot using a key switch handle, remove the torn lining and replace the new one. Modern mixers are already ceramic seal, and hence there is no rubber flow is not, this design is more robust. The advantages to the faucet with ceramic cartridge is the fact that such a small full bathroom remodel ideas, and you can quickly adjust the water open and adjust to the desired temperature.

Modern toilets are complicated structure. Fixed toilet consists of: body, a flexible shaft, cistern, cistern pipe stub, and the audit with the lid overlap the hole in the toilet risers, release, and trap and vent pipes. The cause of obstruction can be the accumulation of dirt and foreign matter in the toilet: clogged siphon or release or removal of the riser.


The reason for the blockage is determined and can be solved without the help of plumbing, in several ways. The first – “treat”. Under the “treat ” is understood a bag of sand tied to a rope. The bag must be significant, so that he can push the blockage and push it further and then remove the blockage. Doll falls into the toilet and down the water from the toilet tank. Thus thing should all be cleaned.



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