Tilting bathroom mirror: how to choose and save its beauty

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In each house, and sometimes even in every room, there is a mirror. It’s not just “whistle”, in which you can see to see yourself and change your hairstyle or do your makeup. A full-fledged element of decor. And with the right choice of location and it can blend in perfectly with the whole design. But if you do everything right, the mirror will turn into the lack of room. Mirror for bathroom, hallway, living room – all of them should be in harmony with the design of the room. It is essential that they emphasized the elements of interior and style. And, in addition, the correct location of mirrors in a small bathroom or the kitchen can give the space volume.

How to choose tilting bathroom mirror

Traditionally (and even need) the mirror installed in the bathroom. But choosing it, you need not forget about the aggressive level of humidity in the room. If you want to mirror in the bathroom will last you a long time, choose a made based on silver. However, be prepared to pay a lot of money. Buying a cheaper one, for example, aluminum, it will last you less.

In the damp environment of a bathroom mirror is based on silver will last much longer than aluminum. In addition, mirrors in the bathroom should be covered with a special water-repellent layer. This helps to extend their lifespan.

What design features play a role when choosing mirrors for the bathroom?

The particular advantage of a mirror is that it can visually enlarge the space. So if you have a small bathroom, panoramic mirror will create here is not familiar, but comfortable volume. Another practical design feature of the mirror is the ability to reflect light (natural or artificial). It allows you to illuminate or to obscure (and, accordingly, to emphasize or hide) any items in the room. As already noted, the bathroom mirror should blend in with the interior and to highlight design details. Here playing the role of his form and frame, into which is placed the glass.

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Tilt bathroom mirror in the interior

If the bathroom is decorated in a classic style, it is best to choose normal or straight frame with a small carved pattern. And the original solution for this design will be a mirror with a complete lack of frame. In this case, the edges of the glass will look good engraved ornament or inscriptions. If classic design of the room looks too bright and cumbersome, it is better to use a frame made of wood, it will give a harmony. Naturally, in a classic bathroom, and the mirror should be classic forms, that is rectangular or oval.

Simple rectangular wood frame is also suitable for styles such as Provence and country. In this case, the mirror for the bathroom should be somewhat improvised. Using the craquelure you could even give the frame a vintage effect, that is, to make it look chipped and cracked paint. If you want originality, you can use the frame with a mosaic design or with elements of forging. However, if the bathroom interior small parts already in excess of, you better stay on simple direct design frame mirror. In such rooms will fit oval. It is better to avoid sharp corners, and even if the mirror is rectangular, it will blend in form with rounded corners.

Mirrors without frames are suitable for almost all styles of bathroom design. For greater emphasis on the design of the room you can use the ornament to the edge of the reflecting surface.

In the art Nouveau style, in contrast, is join mirror for bathroom strict rectangular shape. Here you must avoid all kinds of curves. Frame must be a solid color, and would look good if it is painted in a solid dark shade. However, these colors can give feeling of contraction that is bad for the small bathroom. In this case, it is also better to use the mirrors for bathrooms frameless. Visually increase the size of the bathroom will help mirror of large size with use of the backlight. Modern décor inside the main mirror surface may be represented by a small magnifying glass. Using it can be considered reflections of small details and this will bring a touch of futurism in the design.

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Wardrobe-mirror: the mirror function in the bathroom and furniture

Extremely small size forced the designers to use the maximum practical use of the space available. A great role can be played by wardrobe-mirror for the bathroom. It is best to use it in combination with simple modern style. However, in the old, and in a softer design wardrobe-mirror will blend well into the overall design, if it to be used in jewellery, carvings or mosaics.


If the cabinet is used in a small bathroom, then it should be chosen such that the doors were sliding. It will save space.

In the art Nouveau style will look good lighting on the mirror wardrobe doors. This furniture is usually manufactured from anodized aluminum, which resists corrosion and scratches. It is well suited to a wet environment. You should not choose the bathroom cabinets-mirror, made of wood, chipboard or plastic.

Cabinets with mirrors for bathroom is made hinged, so as not to take precious space on the floor. Mirrors can be installed directly on doors (good for art Nouveau) or inside the Cabinet (for the classics).

6 Tips for choosing


  1. Do not buy the tilting bathroom mirrors with scratches, chips, bubbles and other defects.
  2. The reflection should be clear without distortion and forked, and the flip side of the model is smooth.
  3. You should check the quality of the frame.
  4. Note installation type: wall mirrors are used, the suspensions, mounts, mobile mounts, for built-in models and mirror tiles – “liquid nails”.
  5. It is important that the fixtures were reliable.
  6. Don’t skimp on quality: cheap mirror quickly goes down and is unlikely to decorate the bathroom interior. It is better to pay attention to the products of known brands that are sold in specialized stores.



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