Tile for bathroom designs – how to choose

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Tile for the bathroom. Ceramic tiles for the bathroom – is the best solution. Almost always, when it comes to the material for finishing bathroom, preference is given to the tile. But few know how it correctly to choose and place. Indeed, in each case have its subtleties and nuances, and the choice of tiles for the bathroom – is no exception.

 Key Features tile for bathroom designs

The main advantage of ceramic tile – is its practicality. With her easy to work with, she is not afraid of moisture; the tile is easy to put in the original appearance, cleared of all contamination. Moreover, such material may be applied in virtually any environment. It withstands high heat, and a wide range of colors and sizes of ceramic tiles will pick up suitable option for any interior. But how exactly to choose finishing materials that would not only fit into the interior, but also would be able to last for a long time and reliably? To do this, you need to know a few details.

High Quality Tile is safe for the others, because it has sufficient eco logical. When choosing a tile should pay particular attention to cracks and splits. If any – the poor quality tiles. For quality tiles scratches and bumps are permitted only in the case if it is bathroom designs decision.

One of the most important tasks for finishing a bathroom – correctly count the number of tiles needed to work. It should be enough to ensure high quality results, but not too much so as not to make unnecessary expenses or clutter free space remains decorating. It is recommended to increase the number of purchased tiles by 5-7 per cent, to insure against accidental damage of the material during operation. Calculate the optimal number of tiles for the bathroom will help electronic calculator. It can be found on most construction sites. For the calculation of the tiles are calculators use the data about the height and length of the wall, the floor area, length and height of windows, doors, bathrooms, dimensions of the tiles. The output will need to work the number of tiles. But such calculations will not work if you use complex solutions for the decor of the room. For example, a mosaic. In recent years increasingly used mosaic for finishing the bathroom. Basically, this is done to give the Greek style, but with the help of the mosaic can be laid out and any other drawing. If you have made a choice in favor of such a finishing material, it is best to consult a specialist. Independent attempts to work with the material often lead to problems and additional costs of rework.

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Mosaic – a very specific type of finish, which is not necessary to choose, if you cannot invite an experienced master of such things. Choosing to work the glue, it is recommended to pay attention to the tile manufacturer’s advice. After all, the manufacturer will prompt the option that best fit the rest of the selected tile. This means that their products last longer and safer. The color and size of the tiles for the bathroom have chosen based on personal preferences. Although, do not forget about the conventional design rules, and to remember that fail-chosen color or size of tiles can lead to discomfort while taking a bath.

For example, a light top and dark bottom visually reduce the size of a bathtub. The same effect is achieved by large plates on the floor. If you want to visually expand a bathroom, designers are advised combination of vertical stripes and a small tile on the floor. Today mortar stores offer a huge selection of different types of tiles for the bathroom. This ceramic, floor, wall, etc.

But what purpose would not buy ceramic tile for the bathroom, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality certificate. Only then you can be confident in the reliability and durability of the material chosen.

The right choice of ceramic tiles for bathroom design ideas

Ceramic tiles – a rather durable and beautiful material, which will serve you for a long time. In addition, it is not fanciful to clean, and its main advantage – is the price. Buy ceramic tiles are available in any hardware store. To date, all mortar stores have a fairly wide range and ceramic tile is no exception. Also in the store you can consult experts and help in the selection. Yet before going to the store we suggest that you read our article and consider a few important points that will help you make the right choice really.

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What should guide the choice of ceramic tiles for bathroom design ideas?

  1. Decide on how long you are going to buy the stuff.

You do repairs for a long time? Then do not try to save on material! Remember that in the manufacture of low-cost option tiles are most commonly used and cheapest material. In appearance, it is less durable and poorly responsive to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. Another thing is a high-quality tile, it is clear that its price will be much higher, but you will still remain in the win. After all, it will last you longer, and among other things it will have a coating repels dirt. This will help you care for this type.

  1. Decide on the manufacturer.

The most high-quality tiles for the bathroom is considered Italian tile. This is the best producer in the world and it has no analogues. Clearly, this is not the cheapest tile, which is represented on the market today, but she pays a price. It is not just a European quality – quality, practicality, beauty, and durability in one person. Of course, many will not throw your money and try to buy a cheap option, and then keep in mind that if you search well, you can purchase a great option at an affordable price.

  1. The third step, which is worth considering – it’s decoration. Treat it with the utmost seriousness. After selecting the image, you cannot change it. Contemplating at everything: a pattern like: a low-key, or vice versa; what tone: the stylish and contrast or more gentle and calm. All this is very important in the selection of ceramic tiles, because the bathroom should bring you joy and pleasure, not of sadness and anger.
  2. If you decide to buy the tiles in the store, be sure to check out all the packing and make sure all the tiles of the same color. This is also important. It is often in the stores one kind tiles represented in different colors. Imagine how you will be frustrating if you come home and you find that you have brought different shades. It is clear that you replace it, but spend their time.
  3. Calculate the required number of tiles. It is not difficult. To do this, you need to calculate how many square meters you will cover the bathroom tiles.
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You figured out how many tiles you need, but do not take a back to back, better to take stock. In approximately 5% of the required amount.

Considering all these points you bide easier to make your choice.

But do not forget that in addition to the tile you need and other materials:

  • Clay tile. Its calculation is necessary to conduct individually. It all depends on the dimensions, which are given the most by the manufacturer. Acquainted with them, you can glue on the packaging.
  • Do not forget to buy crosses for gaps, fugue, a latex additive for fugues, trowel adhesive. Be sure to take a wide gap, it will go to the glue evenly.
  • Rubber mallet, it is useful for laying tiles.
  • And do not forget the main thing – cut tile and glass cutter for tile.

Tight bathroom design ideas is not one where the architects have taken under the bathroom too few square meters, and one where properly organized interior space. Even premises with a minimum number of “squares” can be renovated to turn into a sample of advanced bathroom design. The main thing – to get rid of the unnecessary. Consider the different options for bathroom design.

The first thing to do to an interior bathroom small size of the room became much more spacious – remove all superfluous. We continue the tradition:

  • Do not store things where they really place
  • Keep on hand not only what you need, but all that “suddenly need”
  • Use the bath for other purposes

It is because of our lack of organization and because of the established childhood habits in the bathroom gets cosmetics, clothes washing, 5 shampoo bottles and shower gel (when only one), detergents and cleaning products (their place – in a separate cabinet or pantry). Thus, we conclude: bathroom design still as important to our comfort and peace of mind. If you have already decided that it was time to renovate the interior of your bathroom, we are happy to tell you how to do it and what techniques and

Right decisions

What are the distinguishing features of a modern bathroom design?


The choice in favor of simplicity and minimalism, instead of fancy decor.



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