The spring spirit in the butterfly bathroom decor

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The bathroom decoration with the butterfly motives using isn’t such a new designing trick and not exactly a new word in the flat and bathroom decoration, but it still stay pretty popular and loved by the designers. As you remember being the kids we were all cutting the butterflies from the colorful paper or were using mom’s stockings for its production for what we’re always punished. Nowadays the professionals make it from the disks, steel cans or even the natural leather. So the logical question is if the butterflies can be the dominating decor element that accent all the attention on it? And all the designers evenly give the positive answer. So let’s also look closer at the decorative butterflies and see how they are going established and find its place in the bathroom area.

The butterflies that we can place in your bathroom interior can be not just decorative, but also the real dried ones and can fit any kind of the interior – doesn’t matter if it’s a high-tech or a classical style. Generally, the butterflies are getting associated with the truly happiness, everything new and the life living lightness. Looking at then you will always remember the green places full of sun and your soul feels more warm. Most of the times the butterflies are used for the wall decoration and it looks really interesting if you make the butterfly pending. The transparent beauties collected on the same thin knit will be moved by the lightest wind waving. Such elements will really make your interior looking more fresh and dynamic giving it some movement and totally move away all the boringness.

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6 the most popular ways of the butterfly placement.

The butterflies are the truly free and light beings. So they can just stop on one place or quickly move from one to each other every time opening the interior from the way new side. So where it’s gonna be more convenient to place them in the bathroom?

  • On the walls. As we already told this place is the most popular one for the butterflies placement. They are able not just to decorate the wall surface and the whole bathroom, but also to cover some wall damages.
  • On the lighting fixtures surfaces.
  • Above the lighting fixtures in the way so the warm air from the lighting fixtures will immediately make them moving and the bathroom will get filled with the warm cosines.
  • On the bathroom furniture. Here it can be placed like really everywhere you want as some of the decoration accessories have the special mountings so you can easily place it everywhere you want.
  • Of cause there can be also the butterfly prints that can definitely find its place on the bathroom blinder’s surface or can be even made with some volume so the butterfly’s wings are settled free and they can move every time you open or close the curtain.
  • On the floor. The bathroom ceramic tile can also definitely have a butterfly print or if you find it “too much” for your then you can buy just the bathroom carpet that can be decorated in this way.

The butterflies on the transparent surfaces.

As we are talking about the bathroom decoration it’s pretty logical to mention that it has lots of the glazed and transparent surfaces so we also need to find out how to place the butterflies in there. First of all you should get equipped with the stencils and acrylic paint so you can easily make the whole composition. If you have a window that you can also decorate it in this way by placing there the glossing and shining natural beings that can be placed all together or flying all around. The light going through this composition will make the painting looking soft and smooth and will turn the standard bathroom atmosphere into the truly romantic one. Using this technique you can definitely also decorate the bathroom glass curtains that are usually used in the high-tech or modern bathroom styles.

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You can also simply place the butterflies on the ceiling as it’s a really suitable place for those beauties. The only question is how to place them right? But actually it’s not that hard as having the pretty big surface you can easily place there or the big ones or the smaller ones in some kind of the groups or even the separated ones looking like they are flying to the light. The ceiling butterflies can have monotonous color or have the bright coloring, also can be dull or glossy. They can look pretty harmonically or can be in a contrast with the rest of the interior. So here everything will depend only on your imagination.

8 materials the butterflies can be made from.

As the decor element the butterflies will simply fit any kind of interior and can be made from such different materials as:

  • Glass
  • Mirror
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Old photos and etc.


You can complete your interior even with the drawn butterflies, especially it’s gonna look good in the children bathrooms. It can be drawn on the bathroom curtains, find it on the bathroom towels or even on the floor ceramic tile.



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