The main elements of the girl bathroom decoration.

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Any girl in the world is dreaming not just to have a simple room, but a whole kingdom where she is the princess or she is lost in the jungle or she can be even a hunter. Whatever she wants, but she wish that all her imaginary world come true.

The children grow up really fast and their needs are always changing which means that to make the bathroom for a girl you will definitely need to put into accounting the age, character and the main preferences of the girl. And of cause we don’t forget about the financial side of the question as it’s also not the last thing we think about. So let’s talk more detailed and look closer at some girl bathroom decorations.

Which bathroom design is the most convenient.

Each girl’s age period has its own features which means that when the girl is really small she doesn’t really need a separated bathroom as she can’t or even not interested yet in the whole bathroom furniture using. All she needs is a small baby bath and a special baby toilet tube. But after the first year of life you can definitely start to give her more and more space not just to get her used to the main bathroom procedures, but also to give her the stainable feeling of the private space meaning. The bathroom size isn’t such an important thing as anyway it’s gonna depend on the whole house perimeter size, the only thing you should follow is to keep this bathroom warm and to make the warm feeling. So that exactly what we are gonna talk about in the following article.

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Bathroom decoration for the girl 2-3 years old.

This age is definitely the most interesting one in the whole child one as the baby start to learn everything really quickly and moreover start to clearly talk. They have lots of things to do and every fail is hard to get through even if she just can’t remove her toy on its place. That’s why the main parent’s aim here is to make the bathroom the really convenient and beautiful so the girl can easily reach all the places by herself, sit on the toilet without anyone’s help and etc. Every mother as she has also been a baby girl one time clearly imagines all the young lady needs and try to make the bathroom the most beautiful place as ones upon a time she has been dreaming about it and imagining again and again in her mind. But finally the whole imagining process stops on such colors as pink and purple which is so cliche and we definitely advise you to go more far. You can surely take the pastel color shades for the main background and to use the brighter colors for the accents. Moreover you can always choose between the peach color, yellow, olive or even golden color so the bathroom doesn’t look too standard. The main thing is not to make the bathroom too bright or otherwise its gonna be hard to calm the baby down before she goes to sleep. Moreover you should definitely choose only the ecologically clean materials and it doesn’t matter if it’s the wallpaper or the painting. Moreover each bathroom zone should be clearly lighted or backlighted.

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It’s better if you leave the ceiling standardly white or order the pending ceiling. Moreover don’t forget that the young lady is still a baby so you can definitely decorate the walls, with the bright stickers with her favorite cartoon heroes on it (or any other bright paintings will also fit well) or you can even make the colorful patterns using the acrylic painting and the stencils. The little princess will surely like it. The floor should be definitely warming up as you surely don’t want your baby to get sick or it should at least have the big bathroom carpet that she is gonna step on after she gets out of the bath.

Bathroom decoration for the girl 6-7 years old.

There is not such a standard way to decorate the bathroom for the girl in this age as in this age they already start to get a personality and become really different from each other that’s why you should follow just few rules such as the bathroom should be already fully equipped as for the adult which is definitely gonna emotionally effect the girl and she is gonna easier go into the adult life. There still can be left some toys or the children interior elements such as the wall stickers with her favorite cartoon heroes, but not too many. Moreover at this age the girl can already choose all the main color gamma and some decoration materials by herself so just give her a chance to improvise and express herself.

The teenage girl bathroom decor.


Well, it’s pretty logical that in this age the girl is totally ready to make the main choices by herself so if you have this financial possibility than you should just give everything into her hands Nd let her make her own decisions as it’s gonna be pretty useful in her future life. Just remember that in this age her bathroom should be really stylish and harmonically fit her personality. And as all the teenagers love technology than its sure that the girl will be really thankful for the bathroom made in a high-tech, minimal or Eco-style.



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