The main bathroom vanity ideas 2016

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Now do not have any clear instructions where to the last detail established the modern design of the bathroom – on the contrary, many people redraws this room to your taste, adhering to some particular style or even combining several. The main thing is that pursuing such purposes – it is a personal preference and, of course, comfort. However, still there is a certain basis, which repel the designers and the people who make the future look of the room on their own. The main principle of furniture and accessories – roundness: there should not be acute or right angles, only smoother transition. The bathroom vanity ideas 2016 should not hide; on the contrary, it must rise to the forged legs. And forged lamps, candlesticks, walls covered with gold or made of bronze – will be a great accessory. In combination with this can be purchased or bronze plated faucets and placed in a small round mirror skillful frame of the same materials.

All furniture must be made of wood lighter overall color gamut; it can be decorated with different inlays and carvings. On the decoration in this room do not be stingy: here are perfect frilly flower vases and curtains (no curtains) and many other decorative trinkets, as long as they do not fit into the overall scheme. The design of a modern bathroom in modern style suitable for any size of an apartment or house. This style can be contrasted with the previous one, since it is lighter in which the performance, functional and easy to handle. The basic materials here are plastic, ceramic, steel – and in general, it can be any, the main thing to do without frills and pretentiousness. In design there are strict straight lines, but the bathroom itself can be both round and rectangular – or even sit-corner, if there is such a desire. All the plumbing can be hidden under the plastic panel. Mixers can be made of nickel or steel, conventional natural color.

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Many people forget about the space, which is located above the doorway, it can be used in the best order, making it decorative shelf and easily use them for cosmetic or household items such as cleaning products, powders, toilet paper, sponges and other things. If the bathroom is connected to the toilet, it is then very important to carry out certain boundaries through the use of tiles of different colors, no partitions or anything – a multi-level ceiling. Plus, suitable premises and zoning by means of various furniture. To maximize space, it is better to use the shower; it will no doubt take up less space than the actual bath.

What you need to know

An interesting option would be to use different patterns on the ceiling, for example, the sky that will give a sense of infinity, lightness and calm. Also key to the floor space it is free, so do not make an already small space with unnecessary items, such as bathroom scales, rubbish, etc.

These items can be placed in another room. You can also post on the floor of a soft mat of small size and that will be enough. The accessories are best to stick to the golden mean: do not unnecessarily clutter the bathroom. It is very important to choose such important stuff in one color with the overall style.

Sometimes choose furniture for the bathroom can be very difficult. Location of cabinets, shelves, mirrors and sinks can change the entire look of your bathroom. The most important thing in this – to achieve the desired harmony between luxury and practicality. Regardless of the space you have available, you can create a cozy, which always dreamed of. It is necessary to pay attention to the location of each piece of furniture, adhering to the overall concept. On our website you can see the new standards of the luxury furniture and economical model for bathrooms. They can meet the tastes and needs of each.

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Choosing closets and cabinets, first of all, you need to think about exactly what you will store in it.

Will keep the towel here. If you have a large family, the closet for towels to be relevant, and be sure to waterproof.

Main course

You will store here all the necessary accessories for cleaning the house, cleaning products, laundry container. All this depends on how much and what kind of cabinets you need.

One should pay attention not only to the size and color of the furniture for the bathroom, but also in design. As we know, there are indoor and outdoor cabinets and shelves. Think carefully about where and what will be – that will be put “on show” at the open shelves as an element of decor and decoration, and it would be better to hide behind the closed doors of cabinets.

A variety of bathroom furniture, realized in specialized stores, helping to shut in the life of any of your imagination. However, this only applies to the design of large buildings. If the bathroom is not is large, then a selection of interior should be approached more carefully and thoughtfully. See how you can rationally use the space under the sink, placing it in wardrobes and cabinets for storage of various items needed.

The most common bath made of wood furniture

There is always an increased humidity. So the furniture should be made of materials that are resistant to humidity. Furniture made of wood and MDF should be covered with waterproof varnish. This is not necessary if it is made of plastic, glass and stainless steel. A good option – if it is covered with polyurethane varnish – it is resistant to humidity. It does not swell when in contact with moisture, and the edges will not delaminate.



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