The inexpensive bathroom remodel with WC and without

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Design bathrooms Q4. Meters with a toilet and without it, depends on the combined or separate inexpensive bathroom remodel in your apartment.

If you there is a division of the space, then determine which items to put in the bathroom. This bath, washing machine, sinks cupboards. Hiding the water pipes of the panel, you will save space in the room, will attach a more aesthetic appearance of the room.

Corner acrylic bathtub will save a little space. This is a very practical option. The advantages of this type of sanitary ware include high heat saving, light weight, durability, a variety of shapes and sizes, ease of installation. This bath is ideal for the bathroom 4 sq. m. Under the bathtub can be equipped with special boxes or screen with sliding doors. Very nice looking screen painted with a pattern of one style to the bathroom decoration.

If your apartment bathroom with toilet, then you need to leave space for a toilet. Keep in mind that by the standards of the distance between it and the wall of at least 15-25 cm. Choose a small bowl to save space. When mounting this type of plumbing hide in a technical cabinet cistern. Thereby reducing the noise produced when water typesetting.

Today invented many interesting solutions specifically for inexpensive bathroom remodel: lockers of various sizes, shapes, and wall mounted sanitary ware, corner baths and showers, washing machines, small size. All this will help make the room design unique, visually will increase the space, make cleaning easy and pleasant.

  • Washing machine in the design.
  • There are a number of conditions for bathroom design Q4. Meters with a washing machine.
  • If the room set shower then relieved place that will arise. The best thing next to the sink, that hoses were not visible during the operation.
  • The bathroom with tub, free area almost does not remain, so it uses a different option. In this case, a narrow washing machine cast washbasin. In this shell lifted to accommodate the drain.
  • Another way to buy a special shell model where the washing machine does not interfere with the normal operation of the drain and siphon.
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Nuances of design

When the repair is important to consider the nuances of bathroom design.

Light colors help visually expand the space. A good solution is the design on the contrast of opposite walls. A method of ┬źdark bottom – white top┬╗ on the contrary narrows the space.

Facing the walls can be made of ceramic tiles, stone flexible, plastic panels, and wallpaper. It all depends on your taste, the cash resources. The only advice is – avoid bright, large pattern on the surface.

With regard to a ceiling decoration, there are several solutions. For example, a mirror or glossy stretch ceiling can visually enlarge the space.

Sex should be in harmony with the decoration of the walls, not to stand out and not rushing into his eyes.

No less important is lighting the inexpensive bathroom remodels. On a small square with no windows cannot be limited to a single lamp in the middle. The corners of the room will remain in the dark zone, which visually reduce the already small space. The solution is placing several small lamps over the entire ceiling area.

  • Plumbing choose to be a miniature, the main criterion is functionality, compactness: bath or shower.
  • The original solution is a corner sink, which saves space, will give the room an unusual appearance.
  • Mirror surfaces help to visually enlarge the room.
  • Toilets and bidets choose a wall mount.

Colors plumbers have to be in harmony with the palette of the walls, the same style. Furniture chooses the most useful at small sizes. The best solution built-in cupboards and shelves above and below the sink, a bath or a wall mount.

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After repairs, installation of plumbing is equally important to choose the right accessories that reflect the style of the room. The room is not necessary to upload a lot of detail. Let them be little. Accessories, in contrast to the basic design may have color. Do not forget about their practical function. They should be easy to use, quality, be water-resistant, and maintain color and shape.

The selected style will dictate to you the kind of necessary accessories. For example, the direction of Provence – smooth lines, flowers ornament, pastel colors throughout the design. Art Nouveau involves unusual shapes, curved lines, and vivid details.


Hopefully this article will help you avoid the pitfalls inexpensive bathroom remodeling design. Turn on your imagination and create harmony in your apartment. Almost all the typical houses built in the bathroom is very small, its size does not exceed three – four square meters, and sometimes even less. So this problem is solved by designers for a long time and with success, there are even model projects for planning small baths. And, despite the fact that the room is small, the ways of its decoration and arrangement of necessary plumbing and furniture, there is at least a few.



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