Ten rules of arrangement of a bathroom with a vanity stool

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Many people think that the vanity stool isn’t necessary in a bathroom. However it isn’t replaceable in a bathroom interior, not correctly selected l table can easily spoil an interior.

Despite quite modest sizes, in a bathroom it is necessary to place many things which will require the spacious vanity stool table equipped with cabinets. This stool can be rather various, but at the same time it shall conform to three main requirements: functionality, moisture resistance and esthetics.

Everyone the person dreams of a beautiful and accurate dressing table. This detail of an interior not only is useful to a bathroom.

Bathroom – space for relaxation, rest, a privacy. Here are guarded from external vanity. To place all necessary the vanity stool very much is useful.

The body of furniture of a bathroom will favourably emphasize the quiet atmosphere and uniqueness of the decorated zone. And, except that it is important, all accessories will be near at hand.

The dressing table in a bathroom can be surprisingly various according to the invoice and possible color gamma. They are openwork or minimalisticheky, the wash basin can be built in them. How to select a suitable little table? Of course, on a style directivity of all location. This detail of an interior shall not only be combined with external ensemble of a bathroom and withstand a color tonality, but add and renew this space

Cabinets for a bathroom are a convenient place in which it is possible to store a large number of cosmetic products, laundry detergents, means for cleaning.

Several rules of placement of a little table in a bathroom:

  1. Easy access.

The vanity stool hasn’t hinder with relocation on a bathroom. Also it shan’t hinder opening of doors. Don’t forget to think over as well the cleaning moment: whether it will become difficult occupation because of layout of a vanity stool. The little table with the opening doors also shan’t obstruct traffic of people.

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Mirrors, shelves, all this also shall be available.

  1. System of water supply.

Bathroom vanity stools have to adapt to the existing arrangement of pipes and drainage system. The sink has to be near the existing pieces of bathroom equipment. If at installation of a vanity stool for bathroom it is necessary to make essential changes it is necessary to think of his need. The cost of works on change of water system is high and considerably will increase the cost of final repair.

  1. Materials.

As in a bathroom high humidity, vanity stools for a bathroom have to be made of moisture resistant materials.

The tree, the laminated surfaces have to be processed by the means which are pushing away moisture.

Selection of material for finishing of a surface of a stools should pay special attention, many designers agree in opinion that it is much simpler to find at first the ideal “top covering”, and then to pick up to him and a locker.

  1. Organization space.

It is necessary to think over that will be stored in a vanity stools for a bathroom. Objects are divided into two categories: continuous use and what can be cleaned. Usually designers for storage plan the big area, than it is required. The big area for storage of things never happens superfluous.

  1. Economy of space.

Designers recommend to use space over a sink – suspended lockers. They will also help to store things. However, it is necessary to choose massive designs.

For economy of space boxes are placed under a sink – so they don’t prevent movement of people on the room.

  1. The size of a vanity stools for a bathroom.

The size of a stool has to fit into the room. In a small bathroom tub the big stool can’t be placed even if it serves for storage of a large number of things. Approximate sizes of a little table:

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Depth – about a half a meter

Width – about sixty centimeters

  1. Height

It is one of the most important parameters of a vanity stool. Usually its height of eighty centimeters, in certain cases designers increase it by eight or ten centimeters.

  1. Personal design of a little table.

The little table can be executed according to the personal sketch of the designer. The cost of such little table will slightly differ from standard furniture. The product made by the personal order will consider all features of your location.

  1. Mirror.

Designers claim that in case of a choice of a vanity stool it is necessary to pay attention to a mirror. It shall transfer the qualitative image which isn’t distorting object. The frame for a mirror can be made of the same material, as a mirror.

  1. Bathroom vanity benches and stools.

It is very important that the dressing table was convenient in use. The principal subject of a dressing table is the mirror. Therefore it is very important that the mirror responded high rates of quality. The mirror helps the woman to install feeling of confidence for the appearance. The mirror is capable to show faultlessness of a hairdress of the woman, the done make-up and in too time to reveal separate defects and shortcomings of skin, a make-up, hairdress. It is necessary to locate a mirror in such place that light lit a face uniformly. Reflection in a mirror is influenced by quality of a mirror, its location, but an important role is played by lighting of a dressing table. Lighting of a dressing table shall respond certain rules. In case of a choice of lamps for mirrors, it is necessary to consider their assignment. Lighting of a dressing table shall be as close as possible to natural lighting. But the main task of lighting of a dressing table – to provide the correct plotting of a make-up. Ideally the fitted lighting is capable to emphasize structure of the person and to help with plotting of a make-up. Incorrectly the fitted lamps can affect color of a make-up, its plotting. And it is important that reflection in a mirror was ideal. Lighting shall create the directional flow of natural light providing uniform lighting of the person. Lighting of “boudoir” can be brighter, than the main light of the room.

  1. What style is possible?
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Florid and curly vanity stool with the gilded or just masterly drawn patterns in palace Baroque style or traditional English style.

Stool in a bathroom in the modern style – the most functional, possible, even vanguard. Added by interesting neon lighting or any other details of a decor. Dressing tables from stainless steel – indeed the modern and practical option are also popular!

Futuristic little tables of the abstract form or ethnically stylized under east style. Opportunities are borderless! You will surely find what to you will attract.

Besides the shell can be built in a dressing table, or it will be absolutely isolated part of an interior. Possibly everything! But anyway, it shall be in harmony stylistically with all furniture and bathroom equipment in the bathroom.

So, we will sum up the result:

The space of a bathroom is an important part of any house. In the morning we come to take the invigorating shower, and in the evening – a relaxing bath before going to bed. Therefore it is necessary to approach dressing of this location with inspiration, but it is wise. There is a judgement that the mood of the person depends on a decor of a bathroom and a bedroom, they are intended for rest and personal comfort.


For this reason any decorative detail can become more, than just part of an interior.



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