Star wars bathroom decor, 30 photo and 2 video

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To make the interior of the bathroom, which will resemble Star Wars, you can resort to this style of space, a high-tech.

A large variety of interior styles often introduces some instability and even stress in the definition and design of the interior of their homes. And it’s not as bad as it is a good choice – it’s quite nice. It remains only to properly distribute the personal preferences and desires, as well as the right to evaluate their potential. And only then proceed to new creations. In this article we will talk about the high-tech style, which is used in the bathroom.

With the right observance of several rules, you can make the bathroom high-tech style, which is very functional and comfortable.

4 Tips to create a space style – Star wars bathroom decor

1.Oformlenie bathroom in black and white. This technique will allow from the first moment to understand a man who went into the bathroom, which is a room, located in front of him. In addition, selection and all other elements of the bathroom greatly simplified, it will be enough just to comply with monochrome colors.

2.Otkrytye functional elements. This method will simplify the work as soon as possible to start decorating the bathroom. water and heating pipes can take place in a prominent position. If their views are not very will correspond to the idea, then we can shut them down chrome duct, which will repeat all of their curves.

3.With the help of open shelving can not bother the selection of necessary furniture. Shelves for bathroom made of frosted or colored glass and mounted on a metal holder, will link the different parts of the room and will be fully match the style hi-tech.

4.Bolshoe number of mirrors in the bathroom will allow to observe the style and proportions. Take a section of the wall mirror or mirrored ceiling, it can also be done mirrored closet doors. Believe me, it will be a win-win solution.

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Design bathrooms in the style of Star Wars

Hi-Tech is the interior style, which today is very popular. When using it, the room interior resembles a wonderful room of the future, or a spaceship.

When finishing facilities in this style mostly used bright colors of paints. The most popular shades are light gray, camel, white and beige. The walls of the Thiele Hi-tech does not decorated. But here are valid from metal ornaments or some abstract image.

If the bathroom has a window, then it is recommended to cover

either vertical or horizontal blinds. If you do not like the blinds, then you can use a discreet plain draped curtains.

By the choice of furniture also should be treated properly. This style is recommended to use glass shelves with metal frame and glass sink with built-in table with metal legs.

All the furniture and present sanoborudovanie should be self-colored and light colors are best. All must be in soft colors and a certain thing should stand out bright and eye-catching color. For example, among the snow-white furniture and sanitary ware flaunts red shell-shell.

Lighting in the bathroom high-tech style to be the most classic, so it is recommended to place a large number of fixtures in a metal frame.

Also, planning for lighting can be installed spotlights a variety of sizes and configurations. Soffits can be placed over the bath, sink, mirror and so on. D.

Finished in the bathroom in the high-tech plain carpets will contribute with a long nap on the floor, which can be placed near a bath tub and toilet, and you can spread out a mat in the middle of the room.

How to create your own interior space?

Today we will talk with you about the repair of the bathroom in style hi-tech with their own hands. Literally within a couple of paragraphs, you are completely sure that this is a very graceful and elegant style. It is not necessary that the style of the bathroom was very colorful and saturated, sometimes for its design quite similar tones, strict lines, metal, glass and mirror elements.

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Thus, the initial step is the development and design of the interior rooms where special attention should be paid to the classic cold and austere tones, finishing materials, as well as harmony and a combination of man-made elements. The most common repair bathrooms in high-tech style

applied metal, plastic, mirror elements, glass and various concrete structures. But this situation many people may seem fantastic, alien and very cold, which is why it is recommended to slightly dilute the brickwork or natural stone, which can easily create a remarkable alliances with all sorts of durable materials.

And all this, of course, is perfectly understandable, but how is it to decorate the walls in the bathroom, so you can get the perfect picture for full compliance with the style of hi-tech and light perception? How to combine fragments of surfaces, and that use the bathroom during the repair? To get answers to these questions, we recommend that you seek the assistance of an experienced, because one is not so significant detail is able to fulfill all of your style.

Bathroom in high-tech style (Star wars bathroom decor) – it’s not just the strict parameters and cold, but also the perfect combination of elements of decoration. As well as their intercourse together. If you do not try to pursue these objectives, then you under any pretext not to turn reproduce in the bathroom of the style that you have conceived. If you follow all the specific rules, then you certainly will succeed.

Features Space style – Star wars bathroom decor

Hi-tech is very comfortable feel in the design of the bathroom, because it simply can not do without the functionality, but at the same time, this style allows you to express the unity of aesthetics and design, light and space. It allows a larger space can be used by existing forms of proportional items and restrained decor, and its colors are best suited for bathrooms.

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Compliance with industrial and technical motives brings freshness and originality of the bathroom. Bathroom high-tech style, you can tell just by promoting pure aesthetics of the material, and the use of the highest technology. It should be noted that this style is closely intertwined with the Art Nouveau style and minimalist style in the design of bathrooms.

The room and bathroom furniture must necessarily conform to certain laws of symmetry and minimalism, have clean shapes and lines and right angles. For the walls is ideal for outdoor laying. Tiles should be extremely monotonous, in some cases, you can use the two-tone ceramic tiles. The main colors used are metallic. Silver, black, gray and white. Complementary colors are: red, blue, green and yellow. Modern interiors bathrooms hi-tech style, as a rule, are not built on a combination of pattern and color, and on a combination of light and space.

In the style of a lot of attention is paid to the high-tech world. As the lighting used directional lights. As these LED lighting sources protrude largely. In addition to the main light in the bathroom also apply additional lamps, mounted in furniture and mirror above.

Shaping Design a small bathroom can be a good save space, if you install than the traditional recumbent bath, and its version in the form of a cylinder or barrel. Ideal fit in one of the corners of such a bath to leave a lot of space for other necessities, such as a wash basin, cupboards and so on. D. For the storage of various details, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and other supplies better not to use lockers, and rack modules with closed and open sections.



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