Spacious bathroom design software: a flight of fancy

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The owners of spacious bathrooms in the design issue are not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Proper use of the space – it’s also an art select a bath of unusual shape and design, making it the center of the interior. Pick a beautiful decor, make an interesting finish, not restricting themselves exclusively to the bright colors, play with textured materials, among other things, you can place in the bathroom mirror, completely transferring all the morning and evening treatments in one room.

Bathroom design software with WC

WC in modern buildings is becoming increasingly rare, but some homeowners deliberately combined bathroom and toilet, in order to maximize space.

There are two basic ways to plan bathroom design software:

  • Place the bath on the premise width, but the rest of the furniture – along its length.
  • Formed around a semicircular niche in the bathroom. Lost space can be returned through the use of mirrors in interior or arrangement in space of the arch built cabinets.

Free bathroom design software with window

The window in the bathroom – not a frequent phenomenon. And we can say with confidence: if you – the owner of the bathroom with a window, then you certainly are lucky!

What is the advantage of having the free bathroom design software window?

  • Window adds to the interior of the bathroom more than comfort and convenience;
  • The use of natural light;
  • The possibility of decorating the bathroom with fresh flowers in pots;
  • Bathroom space becomes visually more.

As decoration, you can use the pictures on the stained glass, beautiful light curtains and window sill easily becomes a receptacle for an interesting decor.

Overhead cabinets and shelves

Modern interior – is a simple, open space, excess furniture and items. Similar rules apply and bathroom design.

If you are using hanging cabinets in a small bathroom, do them in the same color as the walls and the ceiling – a similar technique gently heavy construction will enter the room, partially dissolving it in the interior.

Especially interesting to look open shelves on which you can place cosmetics and decoration.

Base cabinets

Generally, most recently for bathrooms it operates the same unwritten rule that for the kitchen: the furniture should be made to order, taking into account room size and needs of the owner.

Such an approach to the selection of furniture for the bathroom will allow you to adjust the space to suit your needs and use the available space as possible.

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If you are using low floor cabinets, look for countertops made of natural materials or materials that mimic wood or stone. Remember that natural motifs are incredibly popular!

It cannot be said that a definite trend in recent years is almost complete rejection of serving accessories and frills facades. The smoothness and simplicity – these are the main recommendations.

Proper lighting for bathroom design software free

The design projects of recent years coverage is paid a lot of attention, and it is absolutely deserved, because properly delivered light can completely transform the interior. As for the specific trends and tips, then dominated by the combination of different types of fixtures: ceiling light, wall lamp, LED strip use, especially in edging mirrors.

A good solution is to use an adjustable lighting. Then you can dim the lights a bit, taking a bath, and wanting to relax as much as possible, and, on the other hand, add lighting for applying makeup or shaving.

Especially popular in the Edison lamp interior lighting in the style of play, a variety of built-in bra.


One of the main decorations of the bath can and should be a good mirror. You can choose an unusual shape or frame to emphasize the beauty of the right lighting. Or may refer to simple frameless models, which are very popular right now. Another trend in the decoration of the bathroom – the use of handmade accessories. Decorative rugs, baskets for storing makeup and other such trifles bring in your bathroom style. Due to the popularity of natural subjects, increasingly live plants are used in the interiors of the bathroom.

Do not limit yourself to the use of two or three plants in flower pots. If possible allow the form to, for example, a green wall or create a small garden. Use your imagination! And another fashion trend – the use of accessories in the style of hi-tech.

Furnishings bathroom with WC

Could there be a house comfortable and stylish without sparkling and inviting bathroom? Most likely, no. Boring old tiles and rusty pipes does not cause desire to enjoy taking a bath, and I want to quickly wash and run. Even more frightening it is in this room, if the bath combined with a toilet. Therefore, a good hostess is very important to perform a selection of bathroom design small size of the room so that was nice to be in it and it can be proud to show guests.

In the spacious bathroom you can roam and use various design ideas and advanced technologies. But for those who have very small bathroom, it also wants to draw the most stylish and useful every corner. Small WC – trouble many owners of standard flats. What is there to do? To live it would be desirable beautiful! So, let’s think about how to add a bathroom chic and shine. Put it like it is and we will work with walls, floors and ceilings, as well as look at the different models of sanitary ware.

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Tip! What materials can be covered walls and floor in the bathroom? The standard answer – tiles! But, fortunately, not only! Now there are a variety of materials to create the beautiful, exquisite bathroom design.

Popular materials for interior:

  • Decorative plaster;
  • Mirrors;
  • Mosaic;
  • Marble;
  • Ceramic tile.

In our opinion, for a small space will be a very good use of mirrors or decorative plaster. Mirrors will increase the space, it’s understandable. They can be positioned around the perimeter of the room. Thus, you get the effect of the volume of the space. Mirrors can be combined with any other material, as fully decorate their walls are not practical: it requires thorough daily care, or splashes, stains and spots literally destroy the entire splendor. An alternative to conventional mirrors can be frosted or fluted glass.

How to increase the bathroom design software free ceiling right

Pondering bathroom interior, we can completely forget about the ceiling. It seems that no one in it and not look. But it is a mistake, and she immediately rushed into the eyes. That should not be allowed in the design of the ceiling a small bathroom?

At low altitude cannot choose dark colors.

Avoid the temptation to make multi-level ceilings.

If suddenly the height of the ceiling is “good” (this happens in old buildings), it is possible to beat the beautiful contrast of colors. For example, doing a light “down and dark” up. But when an ordinary ceiling, at the entrance to this room, it would seem that he is about to crush us. This discomfort and should be avoided. Trendy and definitely beautiful multilevel ceilings in a small bathroom will look bulky.

We want to achieve at least some space, at least visually.

What we can help in this?

Using bright colors or transparent materials.

Bright lighting.

With this in mind, you need to choose the right options for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom. The material must withstand constant exposure to moisture, temperature extremes and be strong. It is unlikely that someone will want to make an annual repair and reflect on the next design project. Therefore, we must focus on the proven and popular methods of ceiling decoration:

  • Suspended ceiling;
  • Pinion aluminum ceilings;
  • Mirrored ceiling.
  • When finished little understood, then we can think about furniture.
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Choosing furniture

This part of the apartment we love, and we want to place there some necessary things for which quite inconvenient to constantly run into the room. Just Ideally I would like to put in the bathroom roomy bedside table and hang the shelves.

Where to put the washing machine

We, the hosts, are very useful when washing is held traditionally in the bathroom. In addition, there are narrow models of machines with vertical load; it can squeeze between the sink and the wall. But not quite close, a small gap must necessarily remain for ventilation.

With the placement of a washing machine in a small bathroom options a bit. If the place is, then you are very lucky. If not – invent something else. At least, you can donate a sink. No mirror in the small bathroom anywhere. Indeed, is it possible to get by with a large bathroom without mirrors? Even if we choose as a design mirrored finish, and it is above the sink, you still need to hang up.

Discussing the furniture, we said that all possible lockers it would be good to place on the wall. Here are some practical equipped with mirrors. Buying one of them, we solve two problems. Put whatever you want in a compact bathroom will not work. You always have something to do. If you do not put the washing machine along the wall, then there can hang large full-length mirror. Mirrors can be of different shapes and “work” on the basic design idea. When pronounced maritime theme, it would be good to find a mirror in the form of fish or marine animal.

What are the important details to consider when choosing a mirror?

  • Good to be lit mirror (take care of the lighting).
  • Who will look after him (can, buy a model with heated, and forget about the spots?)
  • For a long time (there are special bathroom mirrors, resistant to moisture and are usually quickly lose kind) whether it will last.
Master bath in luxury home with dark paneling

Master bath in luxury home with dark paneling

REMEMBER! A good mirror “saves” any interior! A departure from the standard solution placement of plumbing close to the walls. Of course, if the bathroom design software free area allows.



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