Space saver bathroom cabinet

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Even form the name you can already see that today we gonna talk about something cute and the small as the bathrooms these cabinets are usually getting placed in. Well, about this kind of bathroom furniture we can talk again and again and I’d definitely gonna stay one of the most favorite things in the bathroom repairing. 

We already understand from the name of the article that this kind of the bathroom cabinets is headed to the aim of the saving space in the bathroom and logically we understand that most of the times it fits well the story with the small bathroom space where we almost fight for every centimeter of the space exploring the more and more new things. And designers all around the world tries to help us in this publishing the new small bathroom solutions again and again and one of them is the space saver bathroom cabinets.

So let’s first find out what the space saver bathroom cabinet usually is. Most of the times this is just the wall bathroom cabinet places behind the toilet kinda floating above the toilet. But the thing is that just the wall cabinet isn’t always enough as you can use it just for hiding some things in, but can’t use for keeping the stuff at your hand. Most of the times all this functional is layed on the bathroom vanity where you can put on the top all the things that you use all the time like the make up kit, some creams and etc. but here everything is really close (as actually everything in the small bathrooms), but it doesn’t feel like a mass or lots of things.

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What also makes it look so interesting is that it’s established on the long thin “legs” that this construction almost looks like some kind of a bird taken from a fairy tale book. This construction is made perfectly do the toilet space so you can kinda put it above.

The space saver bathroom cabinet’s materials.

Well, here we have such a mass of varieties. If you think longer you will come to the logical chain which is “the people who have the small bathrooms usually don’t have a lot of money to get a bigger house with the bigger one so they really need the functional solutions that don’t cost much.” – easy. So here we see that it’s not the bathroom espresso cabinets which means that those can be actually done from anything which is not too expensive. So such materials like

Those are the most popular materials that have the mass of advantages such as:

1) The price. The materials are really not supposed to be super expansive and you can definitely use such materials as plastic or DSP. The models made from DSP still gonna be a bit more expensive then the plastic ones as it looks more esthetically attractive. Moreover don’t forget that the space saver bathroom cabinet are usually established on some kind of legs. Surely they can be also plastic made in some kind of tube form, but at the same time plastic seems to be like the cheapest variant ever, it quicker looses the color and and as it’s too light it’s never standing too fixedly. The wooden bathroom space saver cabinets can be already called a really full furniture variant as they are really lasting, most of the time looking pretty well-done and esthetical and can even fit the different types of the interior as it’s pretty simple to make it looking the way you want by coloring or varnishing the wood. So all you need to choose from the beginning is the functional side of it which means to make sure that the way it’s constructed satisfy you enough. Most of the times the bathroom cabinets are made in white color as white space saver bathroom cabinets are the most standard and will fit any interior moreover those are cheaper then the other color analogs. The cheap space saver bathroom cabinets can be also found on the online sales that most of the web-shops have as it’s really standard variant you will always choose something.

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It’s pretty easy to take care about. The most easiest variant here is the plastic space saver bathroom cabinet as all you actually need to do is to rub it with the wet cloth to remove the dust. It’s always harder with the wood, but still, most of the times it’s varnished which means that the surface is ready for the same procedures

It’s super functional. As its main idea is to save the space, surely it’s using the place it’s given for 100%. Most of the times the constructive is made in the following way:

1) First it goes the normal looking bathroom cabinet where you can hide all your sanitary engineering cleaning products or the towels or whatever the things you don’t want everybody to see.

2) There can be also a shelf under it which you can decorate in the way you want by putting there some accessories such as cute small candles or the magazines so you interior gets some accents.

3) And even under it there can be some kind of a hanger-tube on which you can hang the wet towels or anything you need.

4) And free all this construction is getting established on some kind or legs that make it more stable saving you from the bathroom cabinet falling, but at the same time it makes it easier for transportation because as we already told those bathroom cabinets are usually really light.

Another limiting or may be even feature we should notice is that this kind of bathroom cabinets can’t be really made in different types as it’s usually is, such as to be the base bathroom cabinet or the angular one, but this is the main idea of this bathroom cabinet – the space saving. Surely some of the angular bathroom cabinets are good in this role also, but the base one can’t be already established anywhere.

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Don’t forget that all the furniture types should follow all the same rules of the furniture using such as the following:


  • It should be moisture-proof as bathroom is a zone with the high level of it.
  • It should be lasting as you don’t buy the furniture just for a day or even a year.
  • It should be ecological and this is the thing with the plastic furniture because it doesn’t always follow this rule and most of the times it’s more toxic then the wood or even DSP.



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