Small bathroom vanities with tops

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Touching on the theme of the interior of small apartments, it is becoming very urgent problem of the design of small bathrooms. Most likely, you tormented by the question, as in this room to place all the necessary. Unfortunately, it is hardly our typical apartments can boast of a spacious small bathroom vanities. And if you’re not ready to do a full re-planning, will have to be creative in order to efficiently use every centimeter and that the bathroom at the same time seemed more spacious and airy.

Differences in shower

What is best to lean to a full bath or shower? To argue on this topic can be endless, it all depends on your preferences. But if the question “When was the last time you took a bath?” You find it difficult to answer, experts advise to stay in the shower cabin. Thus, you save space for additional furniture and washing machine. And take a shower in the spacious cabin, not climbing into the tub each time – it is very convenient. Note the hanging furniture and sanitary ware. This will make the room visually more spacious and also facilitate cleaning.

Use the space under the sink. The shelves can be placed clean towels or a beautiful basket with detergent. Remember that it is not necessary to keep bottles and powder packets in sight – this creates a cluttered appearance and “eats” too much space. More details about the storage options in the bathroom and putting things in order, you can read in various publications inetrnet or fashion magazines.

Work with reflection

Mirrors – our main helpers at work on the design of small spaces. Particularly relevant are in small bathrooms because combine practical and aesthetic functions. If you are not afraid of some impracticality large mirror, you can install them in the wall, and your bathroom will look a lot more. Very effective working angle mirror – they are not only visually expand the space, but also create an interesting play of reflections.



Niche in the design of a small bath

In small bathroom vanity, use niche. You can make a niche in the wall separating the zone in a combined bath or over a bathtub or shower. Do not be afraid to increase the wall to create a niche. It looks more carefully than hanging shelves and visually disappears in the room, mingling with the wall. Having placed in the niches of the beautiful boxes for cosmetics and clean towels, you get a functional and stylish bookcase.

Using bright accents

Zoned space with the help of interesting colorful tiles. For example, do the stripes of contrasting tiles on the wall and on the floor of the basin area. Contrast wall behind the bathroom would make the room visually longer and roomier. You can use the beautiful mosaic tiles with interesting textures – wood, stone and other natural materials, bright saturated colors. Big picture is deceiving eyes and the room seem larger. Use wide strip, wallpapers or bright print on the curtains. If you do not like the curtains in the bathroom, you can replace it with a glass wall or door. It perfectly fulfills its main function, and looks more elegant and neat.

Important features that influence the perception of space

Treat carefully to the textiles in the bathroom. It would seem, what does the color of towels has to bathroom design? However, variegated colored towels and visually clutter the room. The universal version – white towels and a bathrobe. Contrary to popular belief, they are quite practical, because erased all at once, and look fresh and neat. Do not like the white – choose any other color or a combination of both, but then when you buy new towels, try to stick to the chosen colors. Carefully thought over the layout and design of a small bathroom, you can even make a tiny room comfortable and functional.

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9 tips for small bathroom

First you must understand what you are not so deprived of square meters, thinking about the bathroom design in areas where there is no place at all – in trains, airplanes, ships, houses on wheels. But even there, they come across useful ideas, such as a sink, which is mounted on an axis and rotates 180 degrees, with the mixer turns in the shower and sink even be removed at the wall. Now you realize that your bathroom is normal size and can get to work. Vanities for small bathrooms allow you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

  1. By integrating key areas.

You can combine the toilet and bathroom – it is logical, if you do not have enough space, besides, so you can free up some of the corridor area. Of course, it should do only if the wall between the chambers is not the carrier. Your family should be prepared to withstand recurrent queue at the door in this room are all very necessary. Therefore, if a lot of people in your family, this option is not very suitable for you.

  1. Use the shower instead of a bath

Bath takes a lot of space – shower is compact, it is easier to wash, water consumption is reduced by almost two times, and transparent doors visually expand your space. Modern showers are equipped with a huge number of functions, from the effect of the rain to steam generation that will help to relax after a hard day’s work.

  1. Using a corner bath

If you do not want to sacrifice the rest in the form of taking a bath with foam and aromatic oils – think of a corner bath. By design, it is a bit deeper than the standard, which is a very convenient option. Of course, keep in mind the growth of households, people with high growth will have is not easy. But the kids may like it more than the shower.

  1. The combination in the interior of a small room

Another option, which includes the advantages of bath and shower, which offers German company Artweger. It is compact enough of it convenient to go, with the possible and complete relaxation in a bath with foam by candlelight. In the booth, they have provided the seat, it can be convenient for older people. Mix and other design elements of the cabinet and a mirror, for example, the shower curtain hanging organizer for storing cosmetics and other trifles.

  1. –°orners of the room organization

Intermittent idle roomy corners may well take not only the bath, but a shower, sink, shelves for small items, towels dryer, even the toilet. Consider other original storage space in magazines presented a lot of interesting ideas.

  1. The inclusion of sinks in the shared space

Shell can help saving space in several ways. You can place it over the bath. You can install a sink in the corner – if you will allow the location of the riser pipeline. Finally it can be deep and small, but be prepared for the fact that the spray will fly in all directions. And do not forget that it was around the sink accumulated maximum ancillary items – soap, toothbrush, comb, perfume.

  1. The use of the washing machine
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If you can – Remove the washing machine in the hallway, where you can also put a tumble dryer. In the corridor, its surface will be so helpful, but in a small bathroom, most likely, the machine will have to hide under the sink or cabinet. In any case, no matter where you have placed the subject of home appliances, essential to install more room for drying towels and linen. At very small dimensions of the room, choose a narrow model.

  1. Secrets of the lighting

Ideal – is the use of a small window, if the bathroom is located in a private home or apartment allows you that luxury. Natural light and fresh air – these are the best ingredients for a comfortable stay. If this is not possible – visually enhances the room ceiling uniform lighting and additional lighting mirrors. By the way, to defog the mirror, it is possible to provide heating.

  1. The combination of textures and colors

Light neutral shades – your obvious choice for most of the space, dark colors can be used as an accent. Also at your side, fine tiles, walls are lighter at the top and vertical lines – in their role can perform the narrow lockers.

The preliminary stage of designing a small bathroom. Small bathroom vanity with sink

Your small bathroom renovation will require less, if you will constantly monitor her condition and on time to eliminate minor problems.

First of all, you need to assess the condition of the bathroom.

1.Similarly vymeryat size of the bathroom, like the floor and the ceiling. Experience has shown that often these dimensions differ by a couple of centimeters. This is due to the fact that the walls are a little “overwhelmed” or rough interior (see the article alignment of the walls in the bathroom.)
2.Check the condition of pipes and plumbing, especially in inaccessible areas, you may need to be replaced (see the article about the welding of polypropylene pipes.);
3.Inspect the walls, floor and ceiling for the presence of mold, mildew. This applies to all corners and places where there is always damp. The fungus or mold always gives the damaged cover dark spots;
Inspect ventilation and her condition may require changing the opening to install the fan on the hood.

Only after a full assessment of the bathroom can really determine its condition. Step training is important because it is in the process of it, you determine what materials you fit, as well as compatibility and profitability of their use. Small bathroom vanity ideas allow you to place all the necessary functions.

The first thing you need to free up the bathroom all unnecessary things and techniques. Remove and remove all items from the walls, free and open ventilation to the room to dry. Plumbing shoot better in the last instance, if you plan to replace it.

After a short drying is required to process all the walls, especially the place in the bathroom and around pipes antifungal composition, even if it is not there (for prevention). Even a small manifestation of a mold, as shown in the photo, can be a challenge. Remember, if in one place there is a fungus, it is necessary to process the entire room, or a parasite reappears. Small bathroom sink vanity allow you to design a corner room.

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With regard to the plumbing and connecting nodes, they should be replaced by more modern solutions, if they are more than five years or have small defects.

Secrets of placing objects premises

Plumbing and pipes – it is one of the biggest problems, so you need to apply the most modern solutions that are tested in practice and is fully justified. To hide from the main view all communication, creating a framework of profiles or bars, and sheathe plasterboard. In the box necessarily is a hatch for access to the tap and counters. Vanity for small bathroom involve a combination of various subjects.

As you can visually enlarge the room? Small bathroom vanities with tops

Even the smallest bathroom can be a little boost to your look. To diversify small bathrooms design is chosen for each client, helping the best. Small bathroom vanities with sink will allow you to intelligently save space.


The following techniques are used to increase the space:

1.The combination of colors and textures

2.Use of mirrors

3.Light increase.

The play of color – it is a way of increasing, which implies the creation of a resonance of color or lighting of the room. For this to be realized, enough to apply bright colors and bedding of tiles and decorative materials. The bright and slightly warm tone visually increase the size of the premises, even in low light. You can also create a bright accent, such as a horizontal line in a contrasting color.

Use of mirrors – a modern response to small bathrooms to give them a visual volume. To do this, you need to place a mirror in the room such methods to your view is constantly seen specular reflection. More often than not make one wall is completely mirrored with the ceiling. Mirrors exaggerate the space and lighting.

Light increase – this is a game of light. You need to find a harmonious blend of brightness and type of lamps to the room was the most light. Most often make the ceiling a niche, under which are hiding lamps and lighting systems. In addition, the backlight is placed in such a way that it does not dazzle the eye. This creates a warm welcoming atmosphere, beautiful transitions occur shadows.

What other methods to increase the space? Small bathroom vanity cabinets 2 tips


Professionals often use a wide variety of techniques and methods that allow even the most hopeless of a small bathroom to make a comfortable and spacious room with a maximum naoborom functions. Small bathroom – interior design and correct positioning of all in it – this is the main Your task in the design.

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to the door. It is best to replace the pullout option, as it saves space in the bathroom, if it opens inwards, and in the hallway.
  2. Lockers – they should be the most effective and placed in the most convenient locations, so you can always fit everything you need.



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