Small bathroom mirrors and big ideas for interior small bathroom mirrors

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The mirror is one of the most important elements. In addition to the utilitarian purpose, with its help you can change the design of the room, even small bathroom mirrors visually expand the space and improve evidement.

When to buy it?

The best time to buy a mirror is during the repair process, it means together with the decorating and finishing materials. That will allow you to develop a holistic and harmonious design of the room. So, you will be able to consider combinations of all the details.

If you want to install new mirrors in the bathroom after the repair – please contact the showrooms or view interesting design projects on the Internet. Now you can find mirror of almost any shape and size. Glass-cutting workshops willing to fulfill even the most complicated order.

How to choose bathroom mirror?

Remember that mirrors must comply with the requirements of practicality and stylish design. The first step is to decide how many mirrors or reflective surfaces you would like to install. The simplest version is a little mirror or a mirror with shelf for bathrooms and toiletries. For lovers of chic bathroom wall covering can be built-in mirrored surfaces. In addition, take care of illumination. This will greatly enhance the comfort.

Great importance is the quality of the material. Before buying, check that the Windows comply with sanitary requirements and were sufficiently robust and reliable. Be sure to clarify the presence of the fasteners, as well as the warranty.

Mirrors classification

The last and perhaps the most important criterion is the type of mirrors, the choice of which depends on the characteristics of your bathroom.
In size they can be divided into several types:

  • Small bathroom mirror for cosmetic procedures. It has a standard, average size and shape;
    • Panoramic and a magnifying – for a visual enlargement of space.
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The most common shape of mirrors:

  • Rectangular;
    • Round;
    • Oval;
    • Curly.

You can also choose colored mirrors, which are made of special tinted glass and silver-plated base standard. Also the mirrors on its mission are divided into:

  • Combined – the mirror is mounted on a Cabinet, shelf or Cabinet;
    • Detached. Are placed separately and not combined with items of furniture. Have only a practical purpose;
    • Decorative – purely for decoration.

This variety of mirrors does not end on that. If you want you can order mirrors with special functions – mobile, heated, anti-fog, dome, rotatable, water resistant, painted with a colored substrate or a temperature sensor or a clock. Among the abundance of mirrors of the above, however, there are some types that are most likely to use in the design of the bathroom.

3 bathroom mirror ideas for a small bathroom

Mirror cabinet for bathroom. Mirror standard shape, which is mounted on the furniture panels. It’s quite a practical decision, because you will be able to simultaneously hide all the hygiene items and at the same time some expansion of the space.
Hinged mirror for bathroom with shelf also has the usual size. It mounts on the wall with simple fasteners. On the shelf to place the most frequently used items personal care – toothbrushes and paste, razors, lotions, shampoos. This option is perfect for fans of minimalism.

Bath set with mirrors – set of furniture with mirrored surfaces. Most often it is the Cabinet or small side table. They are very functional and allow you to make furniture almost invisible.

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Decorative mirror. They deserve special attention, since it can rightfully be considered an integral part of any bath and an indispensable part of the decor. Usually its complement small, elegant, round mirror in a frame. It can be made of wood, metal, plastic, and sometimes even of decorative stone – depending on the features of the interior. You can also order the special mirror shapes, the designer – for instance, a creative option would be to mirror zigzagoon form or in the form of month.


Hanging large mirrors and pretty easy to install as it needs high precision and accuracy of installation. So, if you have purchased such mirrors, it is best to apply to the master to ensure that all work at a high level. If you want to do everything yourself, be patient. As a rule, the mirror, purchased in the store, included a special instruction, which will be described in the necessary information about the type of bindings, sizes, etc.


Probably the most difficult part of the job is measuring and leveling surfaces. You need to make holes in the wall using a drill to drive the dowels or anchor bolts. To attach the mirror you can also use special cloudica panels.

Also be sure to install lighting. It eliminates the shadow, which badly affect the brightness of the reflection. Also with its help it is convenient to carry out the procedure related to the face – shaving, drawing masks, etc. as you will be able to carefully consider every inch of his body. Special attention should be paid to the waterproofing of the wiring part.



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