Small bathroom decor 6 secrets

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layout is such that the bathrooms are small in modern high-rise buildings. You can arrange varied bathroom design small size of the room. Read the special literature. Look on the internet examples of bathroom design. And you get the original issue his.

If you bought an apartment in a new home, make major repairs of their old bathtub, you can make an original design small bathroom with their hands.

The choice of color solutions

First, think in any color you design the interior of a small bathroom? Light colors visually expand the space. Many prefer a bathroom impose white, light green, light blue, beige tiles. Popular combination of these colors with white.

Bold, inclined to experiment owners make design a small, compact bathroom in bright colors. Preference is given to primary colors: orange, purple, red, the yellow. Ideas diverse color combinations. Optimally, when in the bathroom tile spread from 1 to 5 colors, and best of all 3. For example: white, green, black.

Ceramic tiles for decoration. Small bathroom decor ideas

Today, ceramic tile remains the leader. She willingly decorate the interior of a bathroom the size of a small room. Tiles come in different sizes. Choose small or large for your taste.

Floor tiles spread the floor. Preference is given to a rough, dark. It is less visible debris, stains, easy to clean and it is not seen soap stains. To visually expand a room, you need to lay out the tiles horizontally from floor to ceiling.

If your small, compact bathroom is quite low ceilings, you can lay the tiles on the floor half horizontally and vertically to the ceiling finish, and you just visually lift the ceiling. If desired, some geometric patterns you can lay out mirror tiles, but it is more expensive. Because it is rarely used sparingly owners. A part of the wall of this tile is quite spectacular and if there hang sconces – visually expand the space.

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Tile is durable, easy to clean with modern detergents, strong, it is not difficult to lay your hands. Make high-quality repairs and for years to come admire the fruits of their own hands. Laying tiles, embody different ideas. It can be laid staggered available geometric big or small pattern on the floor and on the walls. Very comfortable material.

Mosaic in a small bathroom

In recent years, a mosaic-like material, is gaining popularity in the design of the bathroom. Design leaves beautiful, modern. Mosaic invest harder than tile. It is better to consult a specialist. Master spit out her beautiful, smooth, possibly in the form of ornaments, thematic drawing on the wall.

Ideas of how to create an original design of the room even more diverse than with tiles. Paul, you can also make a mosaic. Choose a mosaic of dark tones. You can alternate between dark to light or dark with a different color. For example, the brown with green.

To design a small bathroom, use original ideas. Remember that you are trying to post a mosaic for decades, if not plan to make repairs often. Light mosaics in a small bath visually enhance the area. A popular cream, white, pale green mosaic. Explain the master of his ideas, which you want to see the room in the finished version?

Best of all, show a picture of a specialist ready to interior design. Let not exactly, but approximately it, he lays out the mosaic. Mosaic is not only the ceramic, but also glass, of other materials.

Original glass inserts, like the portholes on the ship when the sea is embodied in the bathroom style. It is clear that the basic tone will be blue, white, green, or possibly with black edging. The walls from the boat very beautiful.

Plastic plate for bathroom decor ideas for small bathrooms

Plastic boards – modern material interior decoration premises. They are multi-colored. For every taste. With them you implement the most daring ideas. Get a modern, original design.

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Can floor-to-ceiling windows put monophonic, such as cream plates, and can take 3-5 colors and make original ornament. For the design of small bathrooms – is one of the practical and inexpensive options. Sex in such an embodiment the wall design can lay out of the floor tiles or artificial stone. Very original wood flooring and artificial stone under a brick. Choose the floor tiles or decorative stone, which I enjoy. To realize their ideas in the design of the room.

Several ideas for bathroom design. Small bathrooms decor

Decisions as to issue a small bathroom, can be different. Consider the original and practical ideas:

1..As the basic tone for the ceiling, the walls, use a white background. All colors are perfectly combined with white and the room benefits from it. White emphasizes accuracy, elegance of design.

2.Ordinary door to remove, put the sliding. This will save you precious space in a small bathroom.

3.Try besides the basic courtesy light, add to the interior of the mirror spotlights, wall hang sconces or more. You can attach spotlights not only standard with a yellow or white light, and color. So you create a mysterious atmosphere that helps to relax better, to dream, to lift the mood in the morning before the working day.

4.Securely fastened ceiling glass quite practical and sink with glass will create an atmosphere in the room air of lightness.

5.There are some original ideas, solutions for the small-sized bathroom. For example, the sink to make a retractable as needed. The specialist will advise how to implement this idea?

6.Soap dish, a toothbrush stand, frame mirror with a shelf over the sink, comb and other items, select a main color of the walls. Then they will merge with the main background and hide without cluttering space

.7.The height of the ceiling is visually increase the tile which depicts small vertical pattern. You can help in this frieze, which spread slightly above half the height of the walls. Can it make a contrast to the fundamental tone.

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8.If you put the shower, let it be clear, not tinted or frosted glass. So the room seems to be more free.

9.Do not put on the bathroom ledges or shelves in a conspicuous place a variety of bottles and vials. Take them in hanging locker.

10.Keep minimalism. For a small space, purchase small, harmonious colors of the objects.

11.Furniture for a small bathroom just choose. This cabinet with shelves, a small chair, a stool, hanging locker, and more here and it does not fit.

7 ways to decor for small bathrooms

Proper design of small size bath room means, first of all, the introduction of literacy practices in visual increase in space. There are a few tricks that will help you with this:


  1. For the bathroom wall decoration small size of the room it is best to use a light tile. With its glossy surface will reflect light and make the room more spacious.
  2. Also, try not to use square and rectangular tiles. If you place a rectangular tile horizontally it will expand the room vertically – make it higher.
  3. On one of the walls is required to place a large mirror. This is the easiest way to visually enlarge the area twice.
  4. Do not have to choose the sink that you like only by shape or color. For example, a round sink is not very rational, because it occupies a lot of space. Prefer corner sink with built-in cabinet.
  5. The bathroom is small in size doors should open outwards. This significantly saves space.
  6. Have any niches and deepening will play in your favor. These niches can be used for built-in cabinets, in which you will store bath accessories.
  7. Carefully approach the choice of bath or shower.



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