Seven innovation of design of a bathroom in farmhouse

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For a start we will get acquainted with rural style of design of interiors in more detail.

Why the modern people appreciate farmhouse style in architecture? In – the first because it is filled with man-made, self-made things which are impregnated with love and care.

The city bustle, the increased noise level and deterioration in ecology cause desire to feel protected, to stay in silence, to experience on itself beneficial influence of the nature in many residents of megalopolises. Therefore it is possible to assume that interest in style of a farmhouse in the world in the next years will even more amplify.

Trough farmhouse bathroom vanity – very good decision which gains popularity because of the simplicity.

Rough finishing of walls, ceiling and floor is combined with the rugs executed manually, vases, a panel.

Not only snow-white sanitary instruments will perfectly be inscribed in such bathroom, but also the trough, a shell and a toilet bowl of sand or beige color will organically look, and the wash basin from a stone of a saturated coffee shade for certain will become the brightest element of an interior of a bathroom.

Lines which characterize this style:

  • Wooden beams, rough plaster of walls
  • Use of natural colours
  • Use of natural materials
  • The furniture is also used from natural materials – a tree, a stone
  • Existence of a decor and the accessories executed manually
  1. Wooden beams, rough plaster of walls.

When finishing walls the preference can be given to the most different materials. That is, you can safely experiment with a natural or artificial stone, a tile and so on. The main thing – light soft shades and absence of the bright, shouting patterns.

  1. Use of natural colours.

The bathroom in such style will be suitable for fans of simplicity and sincerity. Colors are used not bright, multi-color, and muffled and constrained. The design executed in this style assumes light, pastel tone.

  1. Use of natural materials.
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How to express farmhouse style in a bathroom in walls? If you use a tile, then select not striking flower or geometrical figure. Often walls trim with a border or modelled eaves, and below put a panel which emphasizes design in which the bathroom in farmhouse style is made.

Finishing materials for a bathroom in style of a country As the country – conditionally rural style, encourages finishing from materials of a natural origin, and the explicit priority is given to a tree. Perhaps, any more wooden floors in a bathroom, as are so not pertinent in case of design of this location according to rules of style of a country anywhere. On walls the covering lining, but not expensive wall-paper or democratic plastic panels will organically look.

The ceramic tile – the truth also will be suitable for finishing of a floor and a ceiling in a bathroom, she shall “move” absolutely in other foreshortening, than, for example, in case of experiments with the Greek style. The country doesn’t suffer excess gloss and a luster, various attritions, picturesque and juicy cracks and chips. From this point of view the terracotta finishing tile is much more preferable glossy and glazed.

Distinctive quality of a farmhouse style— interiors is use of natural finishing materials and the “breathing” technologies. Natural shades and colors, natural coverings without which this style is inconceivable allow to create a peculiar “reserved” zone in the house. The style gives the chance to the owner of the house as much as possible to reduce negative impact of technical progress.

  1. The furniture is also used from natural materials – a tree, a stone.

The bathroom vanity farmhouse style assumes abundance of objects from a tree. For example, wooden shelves boards, a mirror in a wooden frame.

  1. Lighting of a bathroom vanity farmhouse style.
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As a lighting instrument it is possible to use a small chandelier, or to give preference to a sconce. As for lighting instruments, their quantity directly depends on the bathroom size.

  1. Beauty in details.

The farmhouse is a style of beautiful elements of a decor. Use beautiful accessories – original hooks for towels. The eaves for a wipe of a bathroom can be executed from a tree. Fabric is used openwork – in a decor of towels, curtains. Shades of fabrics – light.

On textiles for a bathroom in style of a country flower or checkered prints often meet – they became already “classics of style”. Tucks, assemblies, ruches and frills give to textile accessories an additional charm.

  1. Bathroom equipment for a bathroom in farmhouse bathroom vanities.

Canons of style of the farmhouse adapted to a bathroom require that configurations of wash basins, troughs, toilet bowls, urinals or a bidet were the simplest, pretentiousness and a design delicacy is perfect to anything here. In the photos illustrating different embodiments of farmhouse style bathroom vanity it is often possible to see original troughs with high semicircular backs and refined shod pinches. They not bad look also in farmhouse style interiors.

To buy troughs from a natural tree rather difficult, and to make with own hands – even more difficult. But if it is possible to get so unusual piece of bathroom equipment – means, the destiny directs to you to a way, a name to which – style of a farmhouse. The same can be told also about some wooden shells: if in case of their manufacture special rates on “glamor” weren’t made, then they in general shall correspond to a rural subject.

  1. Mirror of a farmhouse style.
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When in design of a bathroom style of a farmhouse is cultivated, inevitably there is a question of what to be to a mirror. If within technological concepts hi-tech and a modernist style the large rectangular mirrors which are built in in a wall “registered”, then for a country the large mirror of the oval or round form in an impressive wooden.

So, we will sum up the results:

Creation of space where will be most comfortably and conveniently at all seasons of the year. Farmhouse style is involuntarily associated with something warm and solar, home-style cozy and customary since the birth. The style is, first of all, the childhood memories which are stored at heart each adult. The bathroom issued in a rural way creates feeling of security – a status very rare presently.

You shouldn’t forget that:

  • In farmhouse bathroom vanities interiors bright defiant coloring are unacceptable. Style of a country allows polychromy, but all shades, at the same time, shall be not too bright, monophonic. It is the best of all to stop on the muffled tones and pastel coloring.
  • The decor of a bathroom shall be supported by the appropriate bathroom equipment. The modern chromeplated surfaces in a farmhouse interior look provocatively. Accessories with use of the metal imitating brass or bronze will be best of all to look in a bathroom. As for the trough, it is more preferable to select one of ancient models on pinches.


Use in a bathroom of the appropriate lighting. Bright lighting in an interior of a bathroom and style of a country are incompatible. For such locations it is recommended to select the special lighting instruments radiating the muffled, slightly diffused light. In the bathrooms issued in a rural way ancient lamps and chandeliers will be pertinent.



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