Secrets of choice single bathroom vanity

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The modern single bathroom vanity possess essential differences from the predecessors both in technical, and in the esthetic plan. Along with bathroom equipment they can become decoration of a bathroom, emphasize style of an interior.

In the modern world big variety of easels is provided. They differ on design, construction, the functional capabilities. Before to start an easel choice, decide on bathroom model.

For this reason many vendors release the whole series of the lamps executed in uniform design with remaining bathroom equipment now – wash basins of all types, shower, troughs, awaking also with toilet bowls.

Classification of adders :

Classification of single is made in several parameters. Depending on distributing of pipes in a bathroom, select adders of vertical and horizontal mounting.

As for construction of bathroom  single vanity, and here they are divided into several types:

  • Two-gated – equipped with two pens or the easel boxes, separately for hot and cold water
  • One-lever – equipped with one pen by means of which submission of both types of water is regulated.
  • Thermostatic – capable to give the given temperature permanently, before change of temperature with new value.
  • Noncontact – switching on of which happens automatically without manual contact.

Single bathroom vanities are divided into two types:

  • One-lever
  • Two-gated

One-lever adders began to move to the forefront. They enjoy deserved popularity, differ in interesting design, easy installation, usability.

Two-gated single pass into the background, however they continue to be used in certain styles of an interior.

Easel choice on an installation method:

  • Wall
  • Mounted in a shell

The easel mounted in a shell is economic option.

Also there is some kind of “combined” option which is expected both a bathroom and a shell. Such sing long – if necessary it is turned either in a shell or in a bathroom. It is possible to think that it is outdated option, however it is enhanced and acquires new design.

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Material – an important aspect.

What to select the adder for a bathroom if to take material in attention? Preferentially adders are manufactured of brass. The basis of a ceramic cartridge is done of very wearproof oxide of aluminum which for acquisition of good utilization properties burns at a temperature of 1200 degrees.

But on it varieties of single don’t come to an end – exist gated and spherical.

Gated adder.

This variety of the easel is more fitted to hard water which contains a large amount of chlorine.

Spherical adder.

Look much more refinedly and it is more convenient in maintenance spherical adders. And all thanks to the single pen which falls/rises in different directions. Many customers like practical control when regulation of a pressure, water temperatures is carried out by easy movement of a hand. But spherical adders have also a feeble place: they badly transfer the solid particles and salts dissolved in water. Such particles forget the spherical module which afterwards begins to be turned with a peculiar scratch.

Electronic sings .

It is the innovative type of adders cardinally different from mechanical fellows. In what an essence? The main difference – absence of the adjusting valves customary to an eye. It is enough to person to bring to the similar instrument of a hand also it will be watered. The matter is that presence of “outside object” catches the built-in infrared sensor. It controls the locking valve, and temperature and a pressure of a stream is regulated by the screw hidden in the casing or a small outside lever.

Electronic single bathroom vanity can differ in operation modes, a possibility of regulation of these modes. One models of electronic adders pump water during a certain time frame, and in others water leaks until hands are in a visibility range of the infrared sensor.

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There are with illumination of a stream, they represent the specific system capable to change color of water flow depending on temperature.

Thermostatic adders.

Specifics of such instruments are that they maintain continuous temperature of water, and irrespective of pressure jumps in pipes. It means that users don’t risk to burn to themselves hands at all or to get under a sudden contrasting shower.

The electronic adder with the thermostat functions from the battery or via the adapter from a network. And the most advanced models are in addition equipped with the LCD display on which data on stream pressure force, water temperature are displayed.

In the majority of models there is a delimiter of the maximum index of temperature therefore such adder completely protects from possible burns.

One thing is clear, a question how to select the adder in a bathroom, multifaced. But there is also a definite answer — it isn’t necessary to save on adders, better to spend money for the high-quality instrument, than after a while to buy new. And also it is necessary to pay attention to ergonomic indexes, they are important too.

In this option single sink bathroom vanities.

Advantages of thermostats and sensor single.

Thermostats are selected against other devices for the score:

  • stylish design;
  • reliabilities of construction;
  • safety of use;
  • level of comfort of maintenance.

Single thermostats are issued in the form of a special panel on which handholds are located. One of them allows to adjust the water temperature which will remain until subsequent change of settings. The second handhold is necessary for switching on and switch-off of water.

The most important function of singles thermostats is the safety stopper in case of which switching on users of the device are protected from receiving burns. Water inflow higher than 38 degrees is simply impossible. Turning off this function, it is possible to receive more hot water. The thermostat protects also from arrival of too cold water from the easel. Present functional capabilities are especially interesting to families with small children. Not to find the best and safe adders for a bathroom for reasonable price it.

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The adder the thermostat with the chromeplated covering for a bathroom equipped with a short nose. The model is supplied with the regulator of temperature of the water pumped from the easel

One more advanced model it is considered to be sensor adders in which constructions existence of valves and levers isn’t provided. Thanks to the special sensor which is built in the casing of the device there is an automatic switching on of water in case of approximation to the easel of object of the set sizes. After disappearance from an object sensor coverage zone water is disconnected. These adders are preferred to be set in toilets of hypermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants, offices and other establishments.

Use of the universal easel.

Installation of bathroom equipment at a short distance from each other practices in small-size bathrooms. At the same time it is convenient to use the universal adder.


Usually such adders can be used at the same time in a shell and a trough, it is only necessary to turn having poured out in the necessary side. However demand for this type of adders falls every year as new models of this equipment go with accurately partitioned functionality providing comfort and appropriate quality of operation of the mixing device.



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