Seashell bathroom decor: 2 types, 30 photo

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Recently, one of the trends – specially designed in a nautical style. Why many prefer marine style in the regeneration of the bathroom? Indeed, light and fresh interior color combinations will make discreet, comfortable, allowing to feel the atmosphere of the holiday. Accessories and furnishings, reflecting the relevant subjects, give lightness and unique design.

The desire to recreate an environment often due to recently held on the sea holiday, or to influence the imagination can be caught the attention of posters with the image of a beach or leisure yacht cutting through the waves.

Romance – this is the basic principle of appropriate style, which is why it can be called attractive. We can not say that there is some sort of unified concept of marine style, it can be as a naval interior, the basic idea of which is a combination of dark blue and white, as well as avant-garde variations.

A major role in this has and bathroom furniture. Natural shades that give rise to associations with the azure sky and sandy beach especially advantageous will look in the interior of the bathroom. Feel the spirit of adventure that every time you take a bath, the pleasure of this process has been particularly acute.

Details seashells bathroom decor

1.This is, firstly, a wooden board, covered with white paint, which will be a place on the floor, as appropriate impression helps to create wall paneling, selected basic material for decorating the walls. This method will simulate the effect of the ship’s hold.

2.As a natural accessories, you can use pebbles and other stones that had the feeling of the sea shore.

3.Furniture made of wood will also become an integral part of the marine design.

4.If the room has windows, be sure and their design. For this purpose, suitable light for bathroom curtains and blinds. Originality would look shutters on the windows, it would help in the creation of the effect of the suburban environment.

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5.As already mentioned, the key combination of colors – white and blue. It is such a classic palette of fully reflect the nature of the marine space.

For those who like style is an excellent choice? Of course, it is necessary to choose it if you are an ardent fan of beach holidays, like to decorate living spaces with numerous souvenirs, inspire from the noise of waves and the smell of the water.

But when the owners prefer an urban style, modern details, Marine style would look out of place and tasteless. The same situation occurs if you’re a fan of bright colors, not carrying a blue and white combinations.

The color scheme taken as a basis, rooted in the palette of the sea landscape, because it was he who inspires such transformations. Shades of green and blue – the best assistant in the creation of the proper effect. In addition to the group of traditional options, there is a more ambitious scale, suitable lovers of experiments, it can help to create something unusual.

We have already mentioned the most harmonious combination – white and blue, this coloring complemented by bright accents, trying to get the original contrast. Three colors enough to bathroom looked interesting, with classic furniture and furnishings in modern style are appropriate to such registration.

Main skillfully recreate the spirit of the coast. A natural complement become silver accessories, striped curtains or sand carpet. Soft color transitions especially elegant look in the marine environment, because the number of similar colors to avoid sharp edges.

Actually looks bleached furniture, because this color creates the effect of open space, a feeling of direct light onto the surface.

Options decor sea bath countless. The main theme, of course, is the water element, which is why have the place painted walls marine parts and accessories that reflect this symbolism – ships, animals, living in the sea, seaweed and so on.

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5 ideas for a seashell themed bathroom decor

1.Stylish chips will be lining the walls of the cranes in a retro style, natural board as a flooring, bathroom on a pedestal and so on. Striped towels and soap dish with fish, too, will fit perfectly.

2.When choosing a mat proceeds from the necessity of adding blue items decorated with images of aquatic creatures. Interesting wall accessories will become anchors, buoys or steering wheels. Even the glasses for toothbrushes can be in the form of a starfish or other animal.

3.Popular items are the glass blocks, also containing elements of sea subjects. Plaster shells, coral – other entertaining ideas of design. The mirror may even look like a ship’s porthole, decorated with shells and pebbles.

4.ceiling treatment can be in his painting, the combination will look harmoniously with solid walls. Stretch ceiling decorated with clouds, too, can be regarded as a variant of the decor. The walls can be laid out or purchase mosaic tile. Any variant differs practicality, a special care is required.

5.If the tiles blue shades, choose white furniture, a light, for example, sand, shade will also look well. Textured wall – an interesting solution that promotes fantasy realization. Acceptable and will be a combination of colors like brown walls and plumbing blue shades.

You can lay the floor tiles – both monochrome and combination of colors. The alternative – the floor, imitating the deck. In any case, the top surface should decorate floors.

6 features of the seashell bathroom decor ideas

  1. The first idea – to place the indoor aquarium. This decoration will not only give originality, but also create the effect of expanding space. Form is not the deciding factor, the aquarium can be both analogue glasses and a massive cube.
  2. Secondly, in the bathroom, you can create an imitation of the window through which to easily enjoy the sea view.
  3. The third feature – a two-level lighting equipment, which will make magic in the environment.
  4. It is also appropriate to look a niche in the wall, for example, decorated with seashell bathroom decor.
  5. The next decision – transparent shell, filled with moving fish.
  6. Desktop, which depict seascape certainly become a great addition that helps to relax.
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Thus, to give the room the sea view, do not require excessive force, and can perform the task personally, harmoniously combining shades.

It is logical to prefer it to the marine style bathroom design, because no other room is not so closely associated with this subject.

Bathroom in a marine style will make your apartment the touch of relaxation and rest, which is so lacking in the city. Sea, sun, sand, water, old, promorennogo salty waves of the tree – natural colors used in the interior of a bathroom. As color accents can act shades of red and orange – a life buoy or boat vest.

Bathroom in a marine style combines elegance with simplicity. It is not pretentious, rich small details, there is a lot of space and light. Background for games aqua colors can be white or pale blue, depending on your preference. Those who love the sand and pebble beaches, as the basis choose beige or gray shades.

And also remember that it is impossible to create a bathroom in marine style without the use of shades of “aqua”. It may be, for example, textiles: curtains, bath towels or bathrobes colors from pale blue to deep blue. Better yet, use different shades of green and blue in the walls and ceilings, creating the effect of shimmering under the sun waves.



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