Rustic bathroom mirrors

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Rustic style is based on brutal, wild and unpretentious beauty of nature. It deals with raw unprocessed materials and imitates hard reality of country households’ life.

Why did this style become so popular recently? First of all, city dwellers, tired of cold metal glittering high-tech style and impersonal functional interiors, turned towards opposite style, inspired by nature. Suppressed by living in concrete jungles and playing by cruel rules of big city, we long for this freedom which is felt in a simple unpolished rustic style, inspired by nature. Other reason is that rustic interiors look as though they were the same hundred years ago and would be the same in another hundred years. In crisis periods people long for stability.

Rustic style was originally used only for houses and summer cottages, especially old ones. Later it was extended for city apartments as well. Traditional rustic style looks quite heavy and sometimes even gloomy – paneled walls, uncovered wooden beams on the ceiling, lumpy heavy-set furniture and no dimmed colors. Modern rustic style, which becomes more popular day by day, is based on a mix of traditional rustic interior with mix of some functional and modern details; it looks more optimistic and can be easier customized for apartments. This eclectic style have been developed by life’s reality – having bought old houses with rich history, many people planned renovation to transform them into modern from inside. But, changing interiors into modern ones, some people could not find courage to throw away some charming old details so they incorporated some old country-styled elements of interior and pieces of furniture into more contemporary space, creating some unique eclectic style. This made possible to bring some rustic elements in apartments without faking a total country house interior within its living space. Speaking of bathroom, this is a place for relax so natural motives are very welcome there. Probably that’s why rustic bathroom mirrors became rather popular in both big houses and apartments.

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Main characteristics of rustic bathroom mirrors and their use in bathroom interior

Rustic bathroom mirror draws attention, its distinctive looks requires some support from other interior elements. Let’s say right away that such mirror, placed in totally modern bathroom interior, would look alien. For rustic mirror to look natural and on its place, bathroom is supposed either be made in rustic style or at least have some obvious eco style motives in its décor.

Main characteristics of rustic mirrors can be mentioned as following:

  • Rustic bathroom mirrors are all framed. It is frame itself that sets the style.
  • Mirrors’ frames are made of minimally processed materials, primary of wood. Materials should show their natural texture and by no means be polished.
  • Color scheme is inspired by nature. Mirrors are mostly made out of natural wood, preferably of dark kinds of wood and of old ones. This wood should not be painted; it only is supposed to be coated with some protection which shows wood’s unique texture with all its flaws and imperfections.
  • Rustic mirror is formed by harsh lines, it looks shabby and undone. Right effect is when it seems to be made by country carpenter, who made sure to make it solid and durable but did not care much for its looks.

Choosing a rustic mirror for your bathroom, there are some aspects to decide on.

  1. Shape of frame. Since rustic style reproduces nature, only clear lines and simple basic shapes are allowed: rectangular, square, round and oval. Most typical way for rustic mirror is wooden molding, made out of unprocessed wooden logs in rectangular shape. These wooden logs are obviously not identical. Uneven shape is significant feature of rustic style in contrast to ideal superficial surfaces and silhouettes of high-tech style. There are no ideal symmetrical lines in nature: every tree and every rock are unique, each object is one of a kind. These basic principles found their reflection in rustic style. So it is the same with round and oval shapes. One of designers’ techniques to achieve naturally uneven round and oval shape is when round base is covered with natural wooden branches in loose manner. Choice of shape depends in a great way on personal preferences and taste but shapes of bathroom furniture and other objects as bath tub as well as dominative lines of interior are to be considered. If mirror is to be placed over sink or vanity, it should be in harmony with their lines
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  1. Size of rustic mirror is determined by size of bathroom as well as its stylistic scheme. Big mirrors, especially standing ones, not only require enough space to look adequate, but make quite a statement as well, becoming dominative interior object. That’s why big mirrors are good for authentic rustic interiors while small rustic bathroom mirrors can be a unique detail, added to less specific interior scheme.
  2. Material, which rustic bathroom mirror frame is made of, is usually natural wood. Coarse rough texture is very welcome in this style. Bitches and uncut branches on wooden log are not unwanted flaws but important features. Rustic mirrors necessarily should be made out of natural materials, as minimally processed as possible. Thus, this impression of untouched nature – one of main rustic style’s characteristics – can be achieved. Stone also can be used for rustic frames. Unlike to pomp and perfectly shaped stone antique frames, rustic frames look more as a lump of rock. It is asymmetrical, unpolished and shows rough texture of stone. Rustic frames can be also made of metal; only dimmed distressed metal can be used, no shiny chrome or stainless steel is appropriate. To choose material for rustic bathroom mirror, you should take a look at other materials used for bathroom furniture and bathroom interior. If you chose metal frame – it should match in color with metal faucets and taps as well as with material of lighting fixtures. Stone frame can be incorporated in ensemble with stone flooring or brick decorating of the walls. Sink can also be made of natural or fax stone; yet another way to add some rocky texture into bathroom is to scatter around counter-tops and other surfaces some picturesque pebbles and rocks. Wooden frame gives warmth to the room  and is easily integrated into bathroom’s interior by adding some country and natural elements of décor – for example, wicker baskets for linens, some pots with plants would set the right tone. There is also a way to pair wooden rustic mirror with wooden rustic vanity or sink cabinet.
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Materials for lighting, though, are not limited with standard options like wood, stone and metal; actually, any natural material would do. For example, rustic bathroom mirror, made out of deer antlers, would look very special.

Rustic Bathroom Mirrors Wooden Style Bathroom With Two Ancient Rustic Bathroom Mirror Rustic Bathroom Mirror - a Kitchen Gallery

  1. Mirror lighting and additional accessories. Rustic bathroom mirror would become even more convenient with addition of shelf. Shelves, made of raw wooden logs and branches, serve as additional decorating as well. As for lighting, there are two main stylistic solutions – matching lights and contrasting. Good companion for bathroom rustic mirror would make some laconic glass-and-metal lanterns. To play on contrast, several point lights can be installed.



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