Restoration hardware bathroom vanity

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The composition of shod dressing tables can be applied to the various purposes. Besides, you can easily combine other elements of design with them. The refined shod dressing table will give an incomparable charm to any corner of your house. Miniature shod dressing tables in some options have the table-top executed from the same or other material. The vanity table having a shod table-top will look is weightless and “very air”.

Many people think that the vanity stool isn’t necessary in a bathroom. However it isn’t replaceable in a bathroom interior, not correctly selected l table can easily spoil an interior.

Despite quite modest sizes, in a bathroom it is necessary to place many things which will require the spacious vanity stool table equipped with cabinets. This stool can be rather various, but at the same time it shall conform to three main requirements: functionality, moisture resistance and esthetics.

Everyone the person dreams of a beautiful and accurate dressing table. This detail of an interior not only is useful to a bathroom.

Bathroom – space for relaxation, rest, a privacy. Here are guarded from external vanity. To place all necessary the vanity stool very much is useful.

The body of furniture of a bathroom will favourably emphasize the quiet atmosphere and uniqueness of the decorated zone. And, except that it is important, all accessories will be near at hand.

The dressing table in a bathroom can be surprisingly various according to the invoice and possible color gamma. They are openwork or minimalisticheky, the wash basin can be built in them. How to select a suitable little table? Of course, on a style directivity of all location. This detail of an interior shall not only be combined with external ensemble of a bathroom and withstand a color tonality, but add and renew this space

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Cabinets for a bathroom are a convenient place in which it is possible to store a large number of cosmetic products, laundry detergents, means for cleaning.

The shod furniture will perfectly be inscribed in interiors of elite country cottages, spacious city apartments or country houses. The shod furniture can be used not only in locations, but also in street conditions, thanks to longevity and wearproof properties of metal.

The shod furniture perfectly is in harmony with classical interiors, however the modern ideas of designers allow to use shod furniture in any locations, the main thing – is correct to pick up style.

Now the shod furniture is very popular not only for design of premises, but also is often used at restaurants, cafe, bars.

When all home decoration adds each other, it creates color of an interior and is pleasing to the eye.

We can make shod chandeliers, desk lamps, lamp shades, hangers, various shelves, magazine racks, candlesticks, various supports under footwear, umbrellas, bottles and many other things.

The shod furniture can be used not only in locations, but also in street conditions, thanks to longevity and wearproof properties of metal.

Existence of shod furniture in the house always demonstrated wealth of his master. A practicality and longevity – two basic reasons on which people buy shod furniture. The shod furniture always was out of time and a mode, it will perfectly decorate any interior.


The current trends in shod furniture vary from the Modernist style to a glamour Retro. The shod furniture in a house interior will emphasize identity and distinguished taste of the host.

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For each room the personal stylistics of shod furniture can be selected.



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