Primitive bathroom decor, 14 photo

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Repairs in the bathroom with their hands is perhaps the most troublesome task. This is due, firstly, with very limited space area (because in most high-rise buildings bathrooms are quite small), and secondly, the fact that in the bathroom most of the time saved humidity.

Therefore, special techniques are used to repair the bathroom and materials that moisture is not terrible.

And still decorate the bathroom with their hands is not only possible, but necessary. If you follow the majority of operations on their own, left to the professionals only such labor-intensive and specific work, as a replacement for wiring or welding at the riser replacement, the budget for repairs is reduced significantly.

And it was the financial issue is often the key, especially if you plan to overhaul the bathroom, and not just replacing tiles or installing new plumbing.

Phased primitive repair 6 types

Before starting the repair we determine what we want to see our future bathroom. Remember that the first thing the repair begins in the bathroom – the design!

Traditionally, the bathroom floor tile is laid, the wall is lined with the same tiles or plastic sheathe wall panels. However, other options are possible repair the bathroom with a special moisture-resistant cork coating or polymer self-leveling floor.

at the height of the walls of human growth or slightly below, you can decorate with mosaics, all above – to paint interior paint.

Thus, the design of your bathroom developed and approved by the family council. The next step – the purchase is necessary to repair the building and finishing materials.

To finish the bathroom, you will need:

1.tsement to plaster the walls with his own hands, and everything ties on the floor;

2.gidroizolyatsionnye materials;

3.plitka floor (ceramic or stoneware).

Note! In no event should not be laid on the floor wall tiles. Its characteristics do not allow to withstand the stresses faced by sex. In addition, the icing on the wall tile has a low coefficient of friction and quite slippery.

4.plitka wall (range of shapes, sizes and colors depending on the design of your bathroom);

5.kley tile;

6.plastikovye panel for wall and ceiling (if you decide not to lay tile) and wooden beams for the arrangement of crates.

Naturally, this is only the foundation of a shopping list for repairs in the bathroom. As a result, you will need a variety of tools yet.

So, everything you need to repair purchased. It is time to start to work on beautification of the very bathroom. A typical bathroom renovation in brezhnevki or Khrushchev goes as follows.

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How to prepare the premises? Primitive bathroom decor

  1. Before doing repairs in the bathroom, remove the finish on the walls, floor and ceiling. Tile bring down the paint clean off the spatula and wire brush.

2.Proveryaem state covering for the floor tiles. If the screed cracks are large enough, it is easier to lay a new tie. In this case, we arm a chisel or hammer and clear the floor to the concrete base.

3.Gruntuem pre-cleaned and dust-free base, develop waterproofing. For waterproofing we use a special film which is laid on the bathroom floor with the walls of the institution in the form of trough. Instead, the film can be used on the basis of surface waterproofing mastic. She put on the floor and the bottom of the trim of the walls in the bathroom using a flat brush or roller.

4.Poverh waterproofing Equips leveling screed.

5.Wall Plasterer, using the composition of cement-based (4 parts sifted quartz sand to 1 part cement brand M400 or higher). To increase the ductility mixture add PVA emulsion, which amounts to 10% of the amount of water in the solution.

6.Instead of plaster, you can align the wall by their finishing plasterboard with additional processing waterproofing mastic. Remember to applying the antifungal composition under a covering.

7.Casing made of moisture-resistant drywall is attached to the metal profile or pasted directly on the wall using an adhesive such as “Perfliks”.

Note! If you plan to trim the plastic wall panels, careful alignment of the walls do not need to spend. But nevertheless it is necessary to treat the walls fungicide.

Finishing the interior walls of the primitive

As mentioned above, there are two most common ways of wall decoration in the bathroom – Cabin wall paneling and tiling.

The sequence of installation of plastic panels:

1.For framework (so-called battens), which will be attached wall plastic panels, use pine timber 25×30 or 30×30 cm. Prior to installation, handle bar compositions that prevent rotting wood.

2.Lathing on the walls and ceiling is attached with screws and twists into the pre-drilled holes in the concrete with plastic sleeves.

3.On the finished crate fastened plastic wall panels (in DIY stores are sometimes called plastic paneling).

4.The panels themselves can be fastened to the sheathing screws or special stapler, but in this case, the fasteners will be slightly spoil the appearance. Therefore, the best option will be liquid nails.

5.The ceiling is sheathed in the same way as the walls. The orientation of the panels along or across the ceiling depends on the size of the room, the main thing that at this stage was formed less waste.

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6.The ceiling makes a hole in which to insert fixtures such as “fish eyes”.

Note! In this case, the wiring must be laid before the start of the headliner.

7.The joints of the walls to the floor and ceiling covered with special plates and place the joint of wall panels with a board process the silicone sealant to protect against the ingress of water drops and closes the special molding.

Facing tiles

1.On the walls we put a pre-aligned layout, using a plumb line, water or laser level. Through lines marking tiles series will be laid flat.

2.For fixing tiles using special tile adhesive. If time is limited, you can use adhesive Ceresit SM14, which is characterized by rapid setting – just three hours after laying, you can overwrite the seams.

If you have not yet acquired sufficient experience in tiling, make better use of the brand of glue that dries slowly, so you will have time to correct the errors that are inevitable in the first attempts tile.

3.Glue is applied to a small area of the wall using the smooth side of a grater, and then notched edge of the trowel forming grooves on the adhesive layer. The tiles should be laid in place, and then – presses his hand.

4.In order to keep the distances between the tiles in a row and the distance between the rows were strictly identical, use spacers. They need to be removed prior to complete drying of the adhesive solution.

5.After the tile is laid and the solution is sufficiently polymerized (time is dependent on the type of adhesive and can range from 3 to 24 hours), proceed to the grout joints. The stitches will be overwritten by a special mixture, diluted to a thick paste.

6.When the mixture starts to polymerize trowel, my tile warm water using a porous sponge or clean flannel cloth.

Options for floor finishing

Repair of the standard bathroom often involves not only walls, but also the replacement of the flooring. What can we put on the floor?

Firstly – wood. The wooden floor is beautiful and eco-friendly, but – swells. It does not save him even a deck varnish. So, if you’re determined to put a floor made of solid natural wood boards, choose the breed like teak or larch – they are less prone to deformation in wet environments.

Secondly – the cork. Cork is pleasant to the touch, eco-friendly, it is not slides. However, in the case of cork flooring, as well as with wood, it is necessary to take care of protection against swelling.

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Third – tile or stoneware tiles. Perhaps, this option can be considered a classic. Tile is not afraid of moisture, so it is stacked (and continue to be laid) more often. How is held laying tile on the floor?

Basically tiling technology to the floor similar to the lining of the walls of the technology, but there are some differences.

In the pre-leveled floor screed applied a special tile adhesive. The area of application should not exceed 0.7 – 1m2, as most brands of tile adhesives dry quickly enough.

Formed on the adhesive layer grooves using a notched trowel, tile laid on the glue. Laid tile presses his hand to the floor, and then – rattles special hammer with a rubber nozzle in the direction from the center to the edges of tiles.

It is not dried up glue, laid tile check with a spirit level. If necessary – adjust the position of the tiles, more pressing her to the ground, or by adding the required amount of glue.

Clipped tiles on the perimeter, around pipes and other similar places laid last.

After polymerization, the adhesive is overwritten tile joints, and then – my tiles, removing remnants of mortar and trowel the mixture.

Renovated bathroom so ready for use or replacement of plumbing, if the planned repairs in the bathroom with their hands, and includes this step.


Primitive renovated bathroom is perfect for rooms of small size. Every person living in a small apartment, has a dream – to have a spacious bathroom, which would be located all the items needed for a comfortable using it. The original interior design, a relaxed, allowed to relax, after sitting after the adoption of aromatic bath in a comfortable chair, and views helped to improve sentiment.

However, paying tribute to a dreamy mood, it will inevitably have to go back to reality, and in it there is a bathroom, all of which does not reach the area of three square meters. Together on this area is only capable of a bathtub and a washbasin, and her only adornment is a mirrored cabinet, which is composed of the most necessary for everyday cosmetics Attached under the sink shelves for detergents. It seems that no interesting solutions to create an original interior design in such a small room can not think – take a bathroom remains as it is, on the idea of designers.



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