Paris bathroom decor, 40 photos

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Paris bathroom decor – is the simplicity and elegance, to be precise – grace, expressed in simplicity. The used finishing materials are natural; direct forms; on the surface there are antique frays; textile is cute and cozy; lots of light and pleasant things. If you prefer the simplicity – this style of the room is not for you.

A bachelor who calls his home a den will hardly choose a Paris decor for bathroom as there are many other attractive modern styles. But the head of the family who takes care of the comfort in his house and after consulting with his wife, will probably prefer the Provence style for the bathroom. In any case, choose the design which meets you taste preferences and helps to express the individuality. Let’s consider some Paris bathroom decorating ideas.

Basics of Interior in Paris style bathroom decor

  1. The interior should have a lot of natural materials: they should be prevailing. The familiar to all of us plastic can greatly spoil all the impression of the whole design. Try to focus on wood (especially raw or artificially aged), fabrics, stones, ceramics.
  2. Add some floral prints or patterns with flowers in everything including walls or textiles.
  3. The textile is incredibly important. Pillows, tablecloths, bedspreads – all this should be used as a decoration. Ideally, these elements need to complement all sorts of ruffles and ruches.
  4. In general, the abundance of decoration is a distinctive feature of the Paris themed bathroom decor.
  5. All colors used in the design should be pastel, pleasing to the eye.
  6. It is required to add more colors to the interior. You can use, for example, potted plants, fresh flowers in vases or some good-looking artificial flowers. In addition to this, you can try to make flowers for the Paris theme bathroom decor using your own hands. This will make your design more individual.
  7. When it comes to the windows, try to decorate them using some transparent weightless curtains. By the help of this, you will get the maximal amount of light in the room.

Paris bathroom decorating ideas: the choice of 5 colors for the premises

Here you will see the colors that are ideal for the use in Paris themed decor for bathroom style. These are: dairy, delicate lavender, grass, aqua, sunny colors. 

You can also create some combinations of such beautiful colors: 

  1. Milk-white.
  2. Variations of green.
  3. Lavender.
  4. Blue
  5. Sunny Yellow.

The combinations of light olive or blue, beige with pink, light purple look really great. However, white color is considered to be dominant. Pink paris bathroom decor looks luxurious and clean.

Floor covering in reference to Paris bathroom decor ideas

For the floors choose the colors which are a little bit darker than the color of the walls. For instance:

  1. Terracotta.
  2. Sand.
  3. Brown.

The best variant is to put board, parquet or laminate on the floor. You may also use tiles which imitate wood. One more practical option is to use mosaic which is laid down as a rug. Some of the people prefer to use massive colorful tiles on the floor. The interior styles are often mixed, and this opens new possibilities for choosing the new material or color of the floor (and it still remains Provence style). All this is made for a better functionality. As for the colours you can also check some pink and black Paris bathroom decor.

Paris themed bathroom decor

Finishing of the walls is easy. A simple painting, decorative plaster or tile will work well here. Use monochrome colors and vegetable patterns — it’s practical. The best colors for the Paris wall decor for bathroom are sunny yellow, herbal, aqua.

The rooms that have light beige walls combined with a dark terracotta flooring look stylish. Sometimes the walls of the room have a brick or decorative stone design. Wooden panels on the walls are beautiful. Nevertheless, it is essential to cover them with varnish. Otherwise, they will deteriorate, and there will be black mold which is difficult to remove from the bathroom.

The choice of materials for the ceiling

Traditionally, the ceiling was whitewashed. A perfect option is to decorate it with wooden beams or some imitation beams. If the ceiling is not white, choose a light color which will contrast the color of the floor. You may also add some ornaments and even pictures to the ceiling. But this refers to the traditional ceilings, the modern stretch ceilings are not appropriate for this.

The right choice of plumbing in Paris theme bathroom decor

In any bathroom the main thing is to have an oblong or elongated form, as required by Paris. It is typical for this trend to have curved lines, forged legs of the bath which can be painted in “bronze” and “gold” colors. Also, choose the sink that is of an oval shape, it should be in the same design as the bath. 

You can allocate space and install a corner shower. It depends on whether you have a spacious or small room. For a small we recommend to have a corner shower. Mixers have to be elegant; they may be chrome, silver, gold or bronze.

Windows and doors for the Paris inspired bathroom decor

The doors in this style should be wooden, but you may use the doors which have a plastic cover similar to the wooden structure. The windows are also very important here. The type and number of windows define the amount of the daylight and fresh air in the room. So, it is better to have big glass windows which may include the frames.

Furnishings in Paris bathroom decor

For this style you should take the wooden furniture. The lockers of chestnut or walnut ir classic oak will be ideal here. Using the old furniture is a nice option here. This means that you don’t even need to buy new pieces. Just find the appropriate furniture, cover it with several layers of lacquer (it should become moisture-resistant) and you can use it!

A lot of people use various round elements, forged iron elements and antique things in this style. If the furniture is new, you can add some small chips, holes (that look like the marks of a pest beetle-bark) so that it would look more interesting.  

When you decide which furniture you want, choose the one that doesn’t merge with the walls. Let it be either lighter or darker than the walls.

Put a wicker basket with a lid in the corner of the room, so that you can keep clothes for washing in it

Selecting accessories for vintage Paris bathroom decor: 4 types

If you want your bathroom to look excellent in this style, add some pictures with beautiful sceneries on the walls as well as some mirror frames in antique style. They may be golden, silver or bronze. Also, you may put china bowls with dried flowers into the glass cupboard or on a wooden shelf. But remember that all cups, a holder for toothbrushes and other details should be of the same color and patterns.

The simplest and obvious solution for that is to ask your friend and relatives. They may have the original and vintage trinkets that will be a real decoration in your bathroom. As for the furniture — although it looks unbelievable, it is often very old and impractical. Furniture in Paris france bathroom decor should look elegant old, but it shouldn’t fall apart.

The second option is to go to the antique shops or to look for the furniture on websites. Usually, antique dealers have got a lot to offer.  Such furniture is likely to be in good condition. However, the price of it will be appropriate.

The next decision – is to buy artificially aged furniture in specialized stores. Since Provence is now in vogue, many stores are engaged in this trade. However, the price of artificially aged furniture will be slightly cheaper than the price of furniture from an antique shop.

Also, you can «age» your own furniture. This is the easiest and cheapest way which we will discuss later.

And, finally, a few words about the household appliances. Of course, in today’s world it’s quite difficult to give up using it, and not everyone is ready to do that in order to achieve a perfect match Parisian style. You just need to adjust your appliances to the style. To do this, you may decorate them, or you may simply hide them in a locker. Accessories may vary in reference to Paris bathroom wall decor.



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