Paris bathroom decor, 40 photo

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Paris style – is simplicity and elegance, to put it precisely – grace, expressed in simplicity. Finishing materials used are natural; direct form; on the surface there are antique fray; textiles cute and cozy; lots of light and pleasant things. If you prefer a simple design and brevity – the style of the room is not for you.

Bach, who calls your home den hardly choose for bathroom design direction of France, there are many other attractive modern styles. But the head of the family, taking care of comfort and comfort in the house, after consulting with his wife, it is very likely that such a design would prefer Provence for finishing the bathroom. In any case, choose design according to your taste, to express individuality.

Basics of Interior in Parisian style decor

  1. In natural materials should dominate the interior. The same familiar to us plastic can greatly spoil all the impression of the design. Try to focus on wood (especially raw or artificially aged), fabrics, stones, ceramics.

2.Vo everything, whether walls or finishing textiles, must be present floral print or floral patterns.

3.Tekstil incredibly important. Pillows, tablecloths, bedspreads – all this should be used as a decoration. Ideally, these elements need to complement all sorts of ruffles and ruches.

  1. In general, the abundance of decoration – it is a characteristic feature of the Parisian style decor.
  2. All colors used in the design should be pastel, pleasing to the eye.

6.Obyazatelno add to the interior of a large number of colors. It can be potted plants, fresh flowers in vases or even qualitatively made artificial flowers. Moreover, you can try to make flowers for the Paris bathroom decor with their own hands, it will add even more individuality design.

  1. What As for the windows, then they need to decorate a transparent weightless curtains so that the room fell the maximum amount of natural light.

The choice of 5 colors for the premises

Here you will meet the Roma a riot of colors. Designed to perform in the style of Paris: dairy, delicate lavender, grass, aqua, sunny colors. Good and different combinations of beautiful colors:

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4.Sea waves.

5.Sunny Yellow.

Good design with combinations of light olive or blue, beige with pink, light purple. White is considered to be dominant. Paris bathroom decor with the white interior is good.

Floor Finish in the French style decor

Pick up for a floor design coloring, that a few shades darker than the walls, for example:

  1. Terracotta.
  2. Sand.
  3. Brown.

It is best to put on the floor board, parquet or laminate. Good tiles imitating wood. Practicality mosaic on the floor, which is laid down as a rug.

There are options when the floor is laid a thick massive solidly opaque tiles in bright colors. Styles are often mixed and tiles on the floor is not so irreparable deviation from the direction of Provence. Especially because it is functional.

Paris themed bathroom decor

Walls trim easy. Will approach a simple painting or decorative plaster or tile. Practicality tile select monophonic or with vegetable pattern. The best colors for the walls of the room: sunny yellow, herbal, aqua.

Good design rooms where light beige walls combined with a dark terracotta flooring. Sometimes the walls of the room just lay out a brick or decorative stone under a brick. Wooden panels on the walls are beautiful, but if you do not cover them with varnish, they will deteriorate and there will eventually lead black mold, which is difficult to remove from the bathroom.

The choice of materials for the ceiling

Traditionally, it was whitewashed. Special chic when decorated with beams of wood or imitation beams. If the ceiling is not white, choose a light color, which would be one of the color gamut with the floor. On the ceiling can be painted or stucco ornaments and even pictures. Construction of modern tension or suspended for this trend are not used.

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The right choice plumbers

Choose any bathroom. The main thing that it was an oblong or elongated, as required by Paris. Well, when it will be typical of this trend curves, nice legs forged. They can be covered under the “bronze” and “gold-plating”. Shell needed an oval shape and that there was a console. Try to sink with the bathroom was in the same design.

You can allocate space and install a corner shower or stationary. It depends on whether you have a spacious room or small. For a small only suitable corner shower. Mixers choose elegant form, chrome. Good fit in Provence under the “silver”, “gold” and “bronze.”

Windows and doors for the Paris style decor

Doors are selected from the tree or sturdy preference is given to the door with plastic cover under the “tree”. The window for that style is very important. If it would not be better to do the bathroom in the other direction, or mixed.

Through the window, the room at any time, you can freely and ventilate the room during daylight sunny, cozy. Typically, glass windows are not simple transparent and dense mesh. There may be colored. Cells Are there rectangular square.


To indoor vital spirit of the era, take the wooden furniture. Good lockers chestnut or walnut. Classy oak. Furniture is old, you can not buy old. In addition, the tree cover with a layer of lacquer, or even two. The main thing is that it is resistant to moisture.

It welcomed the rounded elements of wrought iron, frayed in different places, antique surface. If the furniture is new. Make small chips, holes, like the marks of a pest beetle-bark.

When you decide what color to buy furniture, remember that it should not merge with the walls. Let it be either lighter or darker than the walls.

Put a wicker basket with a lid in the corner of the room and keep it in her clothes designed for washing.

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Selecting accessories 4 types –┬áParis bathroom decor

Good pictures on the walls of a bathroom with beautiful scenery, mirror frames in antique style with the “gild”, a “silver” or “bronze.” Put on wooden shelves or in the cupboard with glass door china bowls and they dried flowers. Holder for toothbrushes and cups, shelf in the mirror, and be the same as the furniture in the same color and with the same pattern.

The most simple and obvious solution – look for it in the attics of their relatives and friends. So it is possible to assemble a very original and truly vintage trinkets. However, this furniture is a big minus. Most often it is very old and not functional. Paris furniture should look elegant old, but not falling apart.

The second option – to go in search of antique shops and shops, look for furniture on sites antique dealers on the Internet. Such furniture is likely to be in good condition, however, and the price for it will be appropriate.

The next decision – to buy artificially aged furniture in specialized stores. Since Provence is now in vogue, many stores are engaged in this trade. However, the price of artificially aged furniture will be slightly cheaper than bought in an antique shop.

Finally, you can wear out your own furniture. This is the easiest and cheapest way, which we will discuss in more detail.

And, finally, household appliances. Of course, in today’s world without it can not escape and it is unlikely anyone would want to give up technology to achieve a perfect match Parisian style. You only need to give the appearance that your old kitchen appliances there. To do this, all appliances necessary to make a maximum built-in and camouflaged, or hide it in a locker.



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