Painting bathroom cabinet, 14 photo

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Most of the times furniture is such a weighty part of the interior and surely the most expensive one. It’s can be that easily replaced such as blinds or the old-fashioned lighting fixture. Of cause there are some people who likes move the furniture time to time trying to make the bathroom looking in the way new way, but as we all know by the change the terms of placement the result doesn’t really change. So what to do it the heart is asking for some changes, but if your plans don’t really include the the big money expenses, than we can try just to change it’s color!

The bathroom cabinet painting preparing.

If your old bathroom vanity is asking to go to a scrapyard already for a long time. The inside constructions are broken and the surfaces are scratched do you can look at it with no tears in your eyes. And it’s still here just because it has a big weight so it’s a bit tough to remove it and you can’t do it easily, but at the same time if you won’t succeed while painting you bathroom cabinet than you can still easily through it away.

So whatever the style you have in your head and whatever you want it to finally look, you will still need to prepare the bathroom vanity’s surface first. For this the recently chosen bathroom cabinet should be first maximum dismantled. Which means that all the cabinet’s doors should be removed and all the hangers, boxes and the main construction should be unleashed. It’s a really advised to make all the installations on the balcony, then the color won’t be smelling all around the house and moreover all the trash is gonna be kept in a place where it’s easier to remove and it’s Nogales not disturb all the family members. After the dismantling you will need the following tools.

2 types of the of the emery cloth (rough and thinner).

  • Flat broad brush-fleyts.
  • Few rags.

Our main aim is to remove all the obstacles that won’t the paint lay perfectly on the surface of the bathroom cabinet. So that means that we need to remove a thin layer of a varnish, oil and wax that don’t let us come closer to the wood.

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So first of all we take a wide emery cloth and start to clean the bathroom cabinet’s pieces by the big wide movements making it each of the sides along all of the fibers. But don’t become fanatic or you will get the possibility to wipe it through. Because then you will need to rapier the holes by putting it which is not that interesting anymore.

After its treated by the wide emery cloth you need to carefully neaten it by the wide brush. Why not to use the cloth? Because by using the cloth you can put a part of the dust inside which we definitely don’t need.

Than by using the thinner emery cloth we bring to the condition the most arduous places which the rough emery cloth can’t really reach. Then we use a brush again for removing the rest of the dust.

After we finish with the first step we should clean the space we were working. You know why? Right! Because our next step is the main painting!

How to paint the bathroom cabinets.

We start the painting so it’s really important that all the dust is removed because otherwise it’s gonna lay on the surfaces that are fresh painted. Now we gonna take a super clean wet cloth and get almost a surgical cleanliness. After we need to wipe it almost perfectly dry and take a 10-15 tea break.

Which painting to choose.

Choosing the painting type you should pay your attention on acrylic one. Why this one? Well, it has a mass of advantages:

1) First of all it doesn’t have a smell.

If it’s too thick than you can simply mix it with water.

It’s really easy to work with it mixing the color and what is even more important it can be easily removed with water if something went wrong. Of cause you gonna immediately get a question why to paint the bathroom cabinets with the pain that can be easily washed away. And it’s easy to answer because the main advantage is that everything can be changed until it’s not too late, and you can’t disagree that you would like to use this principe to so many things in our life. So the main advantage of the water-soluble paintings is that the more the moisture is getting digested, the stronger the painting becomes. And even the acrylic painting is getting dry really quick, first you should be careful with the painted surfaces. But before we start to experiment with acrylic painting we need to put a priming which is also surely acrylic.

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Brushes or rollers?

Both of variants are good, but the brush is still more convenient. It’s smaller which means that it’s easier to work with it and the painting is gonna be made more colorful even it’s gonna take more time to make it. But even if you use the roller it should be a special one made specially for acrylic painting and usually it’s written straight of the label that it’s made specially for this.

You should also pay your attention on the fact that it’s better to spend a bit more money, but buy the brushes that are a bit more expensive and with a better quality as it’s not gonna loose it’s pile and the painting will lay more smooth. So finally you better make your choice on the brushes with the different size then you want need a roller, just will use the different brushes for the different zones. Of cause these brushes need a special caring, but it’s not that difficult and all you need to do is to keep close a bowl with water and put the brushes there even if you stop your work even for a bit. Don’t bathroom lazy to clean it. This fact also fits the roller case. Because even if it’s gonna get even a bit dry, you will need to throw it.

Do we need a varnish?

Of cause you wanna see the result as soon as possible and to collect the furniture pieces back, but don’t be in a hurry and let it dry normally. The dull acrylic paint should be placed on the furniture surface by the sponge. Then you should wear a thin glove and pour some varnish into the special bowl. Now you can bravely put your sponge into the varnish, lightly overcome it and start to cover the bathroom cabinet’s surface with it. It’s not gonna be a waste if you will make it twice, of cause after the first layer is getting dry.

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The details decorating.

So finally all the surfaces are painted, varnished and dried. Now you can collect all the pieces and enjoy what you have done. But there is still a small detail! And your furniture piece will look gorgeous if you decorate it, for example, but the small stripe of a paint with another color such as gold or the one with a pearl shade. The main limiting and the thing you should remember is that you need to paint it after you varnish your bathroom cabinet, because if something will go wrong and you will need to remove it, you will see how hard it is and all you gonna get is a dirty spot after. Surely for this kind of painting we need to use a small brash and use the pieces of scotch to make a trajectory of the painting. The only thing is that if you color the color the hangers, then it’s better if you paint them while they are already established as otherwise it’s not possible to keep it painted in your hand without leaving the fingertips on it.


So now we can ask all our relatives and friends and show them our masterpiece being super proud of yourself. Or you can look around and find another piece that can be a,so renewed and get its second life. Don’t forget that that if you don’t wanna just paint everything, than you can use a decoupage technic and use some other techniques. So keep calm and give a second life to your interior!



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