7 Tips for designing the lighting in the bathroom

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The lighting in the bathroom should be done not just light, it should move towards light, peculiar to the adjacent room, so as not to feel discomfort when leaving the bathroom.

This article describes the proper and competent installation of lighting in the bathroom, which provides the greatest comfort and efficiency. Read more ›

6 Ideas from IKEA for comfort in the bathroom

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Interior bath rooms-this is an important process that should be approached with great responsibility. It affects how you’ll spend your relaxing treatments and just relax from the daily hustle and bustle. That is why it is very important that you have fulfilled the requirements of comfort and convenience, and then you want to come back to this room again and again. In addition to comfort, in any case, do not forget that the room should be stylish and functional. To achieve the second requirement is very easy, but experienced professionals can help you with this. One of the most important components of the room are furniture items and accessories. Read more ›

5 main features during the repair bathroom

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Tight bathroom is not the one where architects and designers took a bathroom too few square meters, and one where properly organized interior space. Even premises with a minimum number of “squares” you can repair after the new turn in a sample of advanced design ideas. The main thing – to get rid of the unnecessary. Consider the different options for the photo of bathroom design. Read more ›

11 ways how to make the 72 inch bathroom vanity

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  1. Walls tiles over the old, wall panels. Some manufacturers to furnish the bathroom offer ultra-thin large-format tiles, which was originally designed for installation over the old tiles. If the walls are painted, the tiles are laid on once is unlikely to succeed. But nothing prevents partially close their wall panels.

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Make modern 60 inch bathroom vanity

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Good 60 inch bathroom vanity must have extra functions. Buying a hot shower or a bath, you can choose what it will be equipped with. Consider whether you need features such as aromatherapy or chromo, extra lighting? In everyday life, you will probably use them rarely. A model without them cheaper.

Place the plumbing on the floor. Suspended toilets and bidets save space simplify cleaning and look elegant. But keep in mind: to secure them to the wall, you have to spend on the installation system and work on its installation. Read more ›

Ways to choose 48 inch bathroom vanity

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Completeness in the cabinet or on the board of 48 inch bathroom vanity? Expensive bathroom furniture sold in assembled form. Cheap versions are sold out whether it is convenient to bring your own car and collect himself without much effort. With or without a sink? Most free-standing racks sold with the appropriate sinks. Sometimes the shell must be purchased separately. Look carefully and find out the price tags, which is included. As a rule, a certain pedestal sink fits strictly defined. Or have a choice of several models: buy separately from another shell lineup and try to adjust it in undesirable. It is unlikely that you will be able to provide a perfect joint. If it will not be exposed to moisture will frame, which reduces the life of the furniture. Read more ›

8 ways for 42 inch bathroom vanity repairs

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Should start? What factors should be taken into account? Learn tips to repair the 42 inch bathroom vanity and decide how much money you allocate to finish, will be whether to invite the workers and the public, etc. Use standard project. With a limited budget repair bathrooms does not necessarily refer to the designer. There are standard solutions for bathrooms. But do not forget that for all types of reconstruction and redevelopment – even insignificant – must obtain official permission. Otherwise, you will face enormous challenges (for example, if you are thinking to sell or change apartment). Read more ›