Outhouse bathroom decor, 12 photo

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Bathroom design in a country house offers a great opportunity to create a beautiful and functional interior in the original style. This is facilitated by the presence of a sufficient area for the successful realization of their own ideas. Spacious room can accommodate in it everything that is needed for a comfortable taking water treatments. It can easily accommodate a comfortable bath, necessary plumbing fixtures and appliances, showers, furniture and accessories. In addition, the bathroom in a country house has a window with a breathtaking view of the garden and flower beds. The proximity of nature creates a favorable atmosphere, gives a sense of peace and pleasure.

It would seem that it is easier to find ads and invite professionals and quietly wait for the result. But the fact that the cottage still a budget option compared to a full-fledged suburban housing. And it is not always found the willingness to invest serious sums in improving conditions.

Add to this the purchase of materials and the need to adapt to the schedule of the work team. And the search for deserving professionals takes time and a certain luck.

To start, determine the amount of the limit for this event. Having familiarized with the prices on the market, we can only resort to consulting services. Or invite experts on certain types of work.

Forums experienced builders and video support, the bathrooms in the country with their own hands – quite feasible dream.

What should be done before the finish?

In urban apartments layout of the rooms is definitely an existing project and the placement of communications. The country is the home owner himself determines the location and purpose of each room.

Of course, the bathroom can be placed on the second floor, the attic, the bedroom or in the basement. But still give preference to the practical, the most convenient, and therefore less costly options.

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Normally select non-residential premises, the required size of the storage room, remote from the other rooms and the kitchen area.

Crucial is the number of people residing in the house and the hospitality of the hosts. One bathroom in the country is enough for five households. If a small family, comfortable bathroom with a toilet, but it is better to allocate a separate room for him.

Before you start any active steps, perform calculations:

water consumption;

load on the floor structure;

septic size;

frequency of pumping sewage drains.

This will protect you from the subsequent alterations and corrections.

Considering that most buildings are wooden, experts and experienced practitioners are advised to have a bath on the first floor. After all, the weight of a font filled with water, estimated at several hundreds of kilograms. Will the load floor in a bathroom at the cottage?

To avoid deformation should strengthen the floor joists reducing step and increasing its cross section.

How to equip a bathroom at the cottage?

The interior of the bathroom in a country house created by taking into account three important components – comfort, aesthetics and functionality. Often it turns out to be a neighbor of neighbors bedroom. In another embodiment, as shown in the photos the bathroom in a country house, hygiene room located next to the home gym on the ground floor. It is convenient to arrange the bathroom between the bedrooms of children and parents, or close to the dressing room. Each option in their own interest and worthy of selection.

An important feature of the device in the bathroom country house is its unlimited area. The spacious room allows to place in it a beautiful and functional furniture with comfortable lockers and shelves, large bath, which can be installed in the center, sanitary devices. In addition, there is the opportunity to host the shower cubicle for those cases when there is a minimum time for the water treatment.

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How to make the bathroom in a country house?

The interiors of bathrooms in country houses amaze with their variety. The feeling of lightness and purity gives white furniture, established in a country style. It harmoniously look at the background of walls, upholstered wooden paneling, floor tiles and beige-colored porcelain stoneware. Successfully entered the bathroom design in a country house with wonderful technique and aerial Turbomassage. To revive and beautify the white interior help bright accents in the form of accessories and decorative items. It can be woven baskets for linen, contrast framing mirrors, curtains on the window and colorful jars for decorative cosmetics.

For creative individuals bathroom design is the most attractive country house with large windows and a slightly shaded foliage green tree through which the sun’s rays make their way. The snow-white sanitary ware is combined superbly finished floor, walls and ceiling, made of light wood. Wide rectangular tub is located near the windows, which makes it possible at the time of the adoption of water treatments to admire the view from the window.

For supporters of modern style suitable design of the bathroom in a country house in a minimalist style. Gender of dark granite tiles is harmoniously combined with light ceramic walls. Against the background of a deep well look oval tub and sink the same shape. Along the perimeter of the ceiling can be placed spotlights, employees in addition to the lighting element above the mirror.

How to decorate a bathroom in the country? 6 types

1.Bathroom decor in country-house style interior reflects, underlines its features, makes it even more attractive and expressive. Ideas to decorate a stylish bathroom, there are many, and each of them is worthy of implementation.

2.For example, supporters of traditional rustic style will suit decoration bathroom interior in the style of Provence. An important condition is the right choice of color palette. The warm shades of sunlight colors, warm milk, grass and azure sky used for decorative walls, floor and ceiling. Save identity Provencal style will stain the surface of the masonry. The alternative is often a spectacular rough-rough plastering.

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3.Interestingly looks imitation wooden beams on the ceiling. The floor is covered with ceramic tiles practical, though rustic bathroom design style in a rustic style is more inclined to the wooden floor. Using when decorating with natural materials on their surfaces coated with water resistant protective coating, to serve for a long time and not lose their qualities.

4.Luxurious looks classic-style décor, emphasizing the traditional values of home owners. Only natural materials are used for its implementation. For wall cladding unusual choice is natural stone. Strict forms and a few light fixtures with low stress style party benefits.


5.Plumbing classic bath combines high functionality and magnificence of the decor. Complementing the style of chrome taps and mirror shelves for toiletries. Concise outlines of furniture are softened by smooth lines of snow-white sanitary ware and oval mirrors. Bath in a classic style floor tiles provides a dark color with a rough surface.

6.Bathroom decor in nautical style would be suitable for a country house, in the garden which has a swimming pool. For the decoration of the walls can be used for painting the landscape of the seabed with an abundance of small shells, large shells, and even crabs. As the original version of the image fit the sunken ship. Effective addition will be decorated by the window porthole with the placement of sand pictures and curtains to protect against spray water with a picture of algae and sea stars.



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