Oil rubbed bronze an element of interior design

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Mirrors are among the most important elements of the interior. Mirrors are used as the main subject for wall decor. Beautiful mirror, not only decorate your room but also will create the illusion of more space and help to brighten up dark places.

Main functions

There are a limitless number of styles and types of mirrors, from the modern, which have mostly simple design, easily fit into the simple interiors of small spaces and apartments, to exquisite works of art, able to transform the interior of your house in a real medieval Palazzo.

Mirrors can be made in the frame and without it, it is often the frame or light framing are the main artistic element to such subject matter. The oil rubbed bronze bathroom mirror proves that. It frame underlines special luxury and excellent owner’s taste.

Mirror in a frame is traditionally placed in the living room or the bedroom, but depending on its shape and appearance – can be a great key element of any interior. Besides, it is impossible to imagine modern bathroom without special elements, for example, bronze bathroom mirrors.

Due to stylish features

The shape is also a key feature of the design decisions for this piece of furniture: round, square, rectangular, elliptical, complex, in the form of a drawing, and so on.
Of particular value are oil rubbed bronze mirrors bathroom handmade made in the historical style and form:

  • in the Renaissance style;
  • Baroque;
  • in Italian, French or Spanish style;
  • style session.

Beautiful mirror in a gold frame, silver or bronze, will never go unnoticed in the most elegant interior. For larger homes can go up the elaborate gilded or carved frame. In large sizes they can give the interior a rich look, spaciousness and volume or on a smaller scale, complement the design theme of the room.

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It is not necessary to flood the interior of a small room or bedroom a large number of mirrors or abuse the size.

In many ways, kind of the mirror in a frame depends on its illumination, if there is a mirror over with spot lights, it will give the effect of expressiveness and of antiquity, will emphasize a thin picture frame or ornament. The play of shadows on the elevation of the frame of the mirror will increase depth of color and texture.

The most fantastic way of using mirrors in interior design — play lighting, mirrors here allow you to open a small or dark space, making them more open and bright. Hanging a large mirror in the hallway, you can brighten up the dark space, reflecting natural light and the actual brightness of this room. Placing a large mirror opposite the window, you can also create the illusion of another window, making it much more spacious.

As seen in sweden mirrors should be placed on the walls of a narrow corridor or room. The mirror in the hallway should be selected on the basis not only within design, but also considering ease of use, not already of 30-40 cm, the correct altitude and so on.

Traditionally, there are rules of a choice of mirrors to expand the space vertically placed mirrors visually increase the height of the room, and its horizontal extend. Following this principle, and should choose a mirror to the interior.

If the interior little furniture or she doesn’t quite fit the style of mirror that you like, in many cases, helps add presenilny shelves and brackets (shelf supports) that you can buy in the furniture store or make their own hands.

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Technology: some craftsmen’s secrets

Amalgam made of alabaster is a natural material that has high strength. Thanks to special technology, alabaster products are protected from moisture and thermal expansion. Coating of mirrors made according to the technique of gilding leaf gold leaf. It is finished with silver foil or gold foil under.
About a thousand of the finest pieces of foil are superimposed and pressed into the decorative elements, you get a truly precious, a beautiful thing. For some products used an artificial process of aging, making them similar to antique.

Used the mirrors have a silver amalgam that makes the reflection “beautiful”. The edges of the mirrors are cut grinded followed by polishing. Mirror with facet acquires a finished look, and the play of light on the edges of such mirror adds to the appeal of the classic rectangular form.

Using manual labor, we strive to achieve high quality and aesthetic of privlekatelnosti. We also believe that only handmade can give obramlenie mirror unique, mysterious and natural appearance.

At all times beautiful bronze bathroom mirror was highly valued by people who value exquisite interiors and just persons with a good taste for beautiful.



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