Nautical bathroom mirror: special aspects of the sea style

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Nautical bathroom mirror combined with accessories similar topics emphasizes the individuality of the selected interior design, refreshes it and adds the elements of extravagance. Frame to the wheel, twisted twines or scattering of large and small shells, it is a beautiful frame. Color improvisation fragments of coral, pebbles, starfish, faux pearls clearly distinguishes the attribute on the background wall hallway, bedroom or living room.

Mirror in a nautical style depending on the decor of the accent serves as a design element or a harmonious part of the interior. In the second embodiment, a decoration of his frame are selected in a single tone shells of various shapes, pastel shades, thanks to which the attribute is organically combined with the surrounding interior. Framing is beige, sandy or pale pink in color gently accentuates the mirror surface.

Frames for mirrors made from sea shells

The decor creates a special atmosphere in the room, reinforcing the emphasis some of them and overshadowing the elements that perform a secondary role. Pebbles, sand, stones with unusual shapes, folds of the turbinates not only serve as decoration mirrors, but also symbolize the beauty and grandeur of the sea. They are associated with a memorable beach vacation and remind you of wonderful days spent on the coast.

From the variety of mirrors with shells in marine style, it is easy to choose the model most suitable in shape and color to the bathroom. The product often serves as the main element in the bright compositions, made up of several attributes. For the perfect combination between themselves, they are matched with the same corresponding shade of decor.

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The interior in Maritime style is perfect for the bathroom, since it is the room where the accepted hygienic procedures, associated with the water element. All the items in it, create a single harmony, complementing each other. On the background of white sanitary ware and blue tiles harmoniously looks in the mirror in a nautical style. To enhance the effect of the surface of the furniture decorated with images of fish, turtles, dolphins, and miniature figurines which are also hung on the walls next to the bathroom.

How to prepare material for decorating

Everyone can have nautical bathroom mirrors at home. It is enough to make a special “sea” frame with stones and shells. Ready-made shells of different sizes and shapes sold in gift shops or used by those who gathered at the coast during a beach holiday. If the second option is preferred, the material is pre-treated as follows:

  • valves of shells or long shells in the form of spirals are subjected to boiling for 10-15 minutes;
  • all the decorative elements are dried and cleaned with a brush;
  • the shells are washed under the running water;
  • for their use bleaching detergent to remove stains from linen;
  • after soaking the elements in the whitening solution for 1.5 hours, they are washed under running water;
  • for drying select a shaded place because the sun’s rays make the valves of shells fragile;
  • at the final stage, all the elements are covered with varnish.

This simple way with minimum costs prepare the shells for decorative mirrors do not lose their original appearance for a long time.

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Hand-made décor: 4 useful tips – nautical bathroom mirror

Decorate the mirror frame using own ideas and imagination, it is easy, if arsenal have a quite a lot of shells of various shapes and sizes. Nice combination between small and large cells, elongated and round shape. They provide the buds of flowers, twining stems of plants, patterns and designs.

  1. Conch shells oval shape in three rows are framed rectangular mirror for the hallway. The free space between them is filled with Golden sand, and the entire surface is covered with glossy lacquer. When decorating it is important to withstand the layout of elements so as not to overload them the product.
  2. Before starting work, the mirror is on a flat surface and its mirror part is covered with a cloth to avoid contamination. On the inner perimeter of the frame are glued rauskopieren elongated shape, on which the pre-applied glue. They are symmetrical, not breaking the line number.
  3. After the formation of the contour of small sea items as close to glued a large shell. Then the remaining free space between them is filled with pebbles and pearls. Optionally used fine sand and beads beige or pale pink. If you plan to use composition to miniature starfish, they are glued to the frame first. Then added the other elements.
  4. After decorating mirrors with shells, the product is placed to dry for at least 24 hours. Then decorated the frame is covered with glossy lacquer and after drying the product with a mirror surface is placed at its intended location, decorating a bathroom, living room or hallway.
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As a result you have a stylish and unusual nautical bathroom mirror, created by the hands, which can not be found anywhere else.



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