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For the first time the dressing table appeared in Imperial Russia and directly won huge popularity among well-grounded young ladies. And in today each woman dreams to have at itself in a bedroom a convenient piece of furniture where it is possible to add all the jewelry, cosmetics, accessories or perfumery.

Toilet a choice of a dressing table it is necessary to have a clear view of stolikpr what necessary things will be stored in it whether there will be places enough to spread out in it both decorative cosmetics, and different means for personal care, the curling iron and hair curlers, hairpins for hair, the hair dryer and other objects necessary for each woman. Dressing tables usually have three-four boxes and couple of curbstones.

Selecting a dressing table, surely consider features of its interior. It shall be combined on color gamma and style with remaining furniture. The little table can be made in classical style, empire, minimalism or a modernist style.

The dressing table and other “female” furniture is on sale as separately, and as a part of sleeping set. But the best option – to reserve a dressing table in firm on manufacture of furniture. You will be able to pick up design of a little table for the taste. And also to order it taking into account the sizes of your bedroom, the dressing stolikidealny dressing table shan’t take a lot of place. Quantity of various boxes for cosmetics, their layout — all this will be made according to your wishes.

Vendors of furniture offer dressing tables of different price categories, from economy class little tables to exclusive dressing tables from valuable breeds of a tree. The product price in many respects depends on material, design and methods of dressing of a dressing table. A special role in pricing of dressing tables is played by also used furniture accessories. Durability and appearance of a dressing table depend on material and design of accessories. The qualitative design accessories can significantly increase the cost of a dressing table, but at the same time give it unique appearance. For manufacture of dressing tables vendors use ecologically safe materials – MDF, a tree array, glass, metal. Also to it there can be glass extensible desktops. The natural or artificial interline interval is applied to facing. All used materials shall have ecological certificates surely.

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The place for a dressing table.

Selecting the place for a narrow bathroom vanities , it is necessary to consider layout in a trough of sources of lighting. If the dressing table costs on pass, it will be very inconvenient to use. The best place for it — about a window. But if the space design in the room doesn’t allow to make it, then set additional sources of lighting. It is desirable to locate them from the different sides from a mirror that lighting was uniform. Remember that the light source shan’t be on top, such lighting emphasizes and exaggerates all face defects and a make-up.

Mirror in a narrow bathroom vanity

The mirror is the major element in construction of a dressing table. It is better to select model with the built-in mirror, but this detail can be acquired and separately. The mirror can stand on a table-top, be attached to the desktop or be fixed on a wall. Mirrors differ in the form and construction. Depending on personal preferences and features of an interior of a bedroom, it is possible to select round, oval, triangular or square. The three-leaved mirror — a dressing table with a three-leaved mirror is very convenient.

Narrow vanity tables can be different:

  • The pier glass – includes one big mirror which is fixed on center, is classical option of a dressing table
  • The three-leaved mirror – includes the mirror consisting of three shutters. The center of a mirror fastens permanently, side shutters are turned and allow to change reflex angle
  • The turning mirror fastening between two support – includes a normal mirror and its increasing option. Will be ideally suited for those who read that the make-up is an art of transformation, it is only necessary to deliver a little table so that in case of turn the mirror didn’t break against a wall and didn’t rest against it.
  • The console – here the mirror is hidden under a desktop cover which can be lifted, thereby opening access to all boxes. Very conveniently and functionally, hinders with hit of dust in a product. The single nuance – the size of a mirror is restricted to width of a table-top of a dressing table, it is necessary to pay attention to it upon purchase.
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It is difficult to overestimate compactness of dressing tables, they can select a corner even in the most small-size bathroom. Usually narrow vanity table has small depth – for the purpose of saving of the place.



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