Monkey bathroom décor as the top bathroom solution.

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Most of the countries really respect the eastern tradition of the new year celebrations and even more the symbols of these years. And it’s pretty sure that most of use know their Eastern signs such as monkey so it’s pretty logical that having a “monkey year” so many people give it a respect by adding them into their interiors and if to turn the whole interior into a “monkey-land” ,at be is t the best idea as you need to be really careful not to overload the place with the close evenly placed details so most of the people try it first in the bathroom and why not if the monkey is such a stylish element and stays on the top for the last few years?

Few ideas about how to get an inspiration.

Well, of cause the designers already cared about everything we need, so you can just open the wallpaper catalogue or check the popular interior magazines.. Or, you can just go to the museum Or on its website and try to find the inspiration there as most of the eastern painters and sculpture makers were really respecting the monkeys and putting them into all of the possible places.

7monkey bathroom decor ideas.

The monkeys have never really left the visual and imaginary designer’s zone, but on the year of its sign there can be even more of them. By decorating the bathroom interior into the “monkey style” we should definitely start with the walls as it’s pretty obvious where and which decoration elements we can get.

  • It can be surely the lighting fixtures made in a monkey form like its holding the lamp;
  • Or it can be even the mirror frame cut having the monkey texture or its motives;
  • But it’s definitely now that clear about the wallpapers or wall decoration in general. Well, there are so many variants as well. As we already told there can be the wallpapers with the monkey pattern on it or it can be the moisture-proof stickers and even the hand painting will fit good if you have a master who can make it for you, just don’t forget about the materials you use as the bathroom is well-known space to have the high level of moisture in there.
  • Also don’t forget the monkeys are also pretty different as some of them are tiny and elegant and the others are strong and heavy looking so first of all you should decide what time is closer to you. But whatever you choose, don’t worry about how it’s gonna finally look like as the designers found the solution for any it’s type and can definitely play with any of them by completing it with the other elements.
  • If you don’t want to make the monkey as the main decor element by placing it almost in the middle than here are also more difficult wallpaper patterns where the monkeys can be hiding around or behind the forest trees or be covered by the tree leafs so they won’t pay all the attention on them of. It’s even necessary to look really carefully to find them among the tree leafs. So it can also become a some kind of “find the monkey” game and can be even used for the child bathroom decorating.
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  • It’s also a good idea to use the already made and prepared stickers that are imitating the real wall painting. It can be bought almost in every online shop specialized in the bathroom furniture and the sanitary engineering. This idea is really good for the children bathroom as you the kid is growing up really fast and as you are definitely not planning to change it’s decoration every year you can just get the different types of these stickers that are really colorful and can have such a different size so you will definitely have what to choose from. Moreover, this is the cheapest variant so you can definitely change this decoration every time you get tired from it and it’s not gonna be my hard to remove without the tracks leaving or wall surface damaging.
  • If you really like this stickers idea, than you can also like the graffiti variant such as a famous graffiti artist Banksi does. It can be also made in a sticker form or you can even buy or made a stencil by yourself by using the necessary size paper and the projector with which you gonna light the painting in the wall and just draw the painting around. All you need to do after is to cut the pieces that you don’t need and to spray through it with the special color spray that the graffiti artists use so you can definitely feel yourself a real street vandal as you always wanted to be while being a teenager. You can even wear a mask and pretend you are hiding from the police to make the process totally funny and unforgettable.
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The main thing here is to follow the main monkey characteristic which is a self-irony and you can definitely make your bathroom decor giving you back the happy mood every day you step there and remind you not to be super serious and take life with a note of a joke. The last advise we can give you is to go to the zoo and choose your own monkey that will inspire you on your bathroom decoration as you shouldn’t forget that you can always make the customized pieces even such a wallpaper.



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