Modern furniture for beach bathroom decor

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Suspended construction creates space between the floor and the bottom of the tables, so that eliminated one of the major problems associated with cleaning the beach bathroom décor numb water easily eliminated. Stand with legs is a great solution for the bathroom, where the installed floor heating. The width of this piece of furniture should have a width of 40-150 cm. This allows you to choose the option that is the best way suited to the size of the room. A small side table in the large bathroom looks as ridiculous as big, bulky cabinet in the small. It is not necessary to install the furniture too close to a wall, so you can maintain a decent appearance for years to come.

Sink and mirror

The mirror is the center of the interior beach bathroom decor. In specialty stores you can find many varieties of kits with pedestal and washbasin.

Typically, the mirror is placed on the suspended cupboard door. Such ensembles set the overall style of the bathroom. Visually enlarge the space will help a large mirror.

In recent years, a mirror made equip lamps, which serve as additional light sources. This is a very practical and convenient. In addition, these lamps allow visually expand the space.

Some models are equipped with mirrors shelves and small drawers, which can store a variety of small things. Very handy when the set includes soap dishes and cups to toothbrushes, in this case, the ensemble looks holistically and harmoniously. A great solution is to mirror where you can see your reflection in a full-length. This accessory allows you to not only see themselves from head to toe, but also solves the problem of a small bathroom, because it creates a feeling of more space.

Instead of cabinets under the sink in beach themed bathroom decor can be installed countertop. Here it is necessary to take into account that it will carry a big load, so it should be made of durable materials. To protect against damage and moisture will help the primer, apply multiple layers, as well as additional coverage melamine enamel and high abrasion resistance. Side’s worktops can be equipped with metal hooks for towels and small shelves.

Cabinets and other furniture in bathroom beach decor

If you want to conveniently place the household and hygiene items, be sure to get lockers. They can be wall or floor. Of course, to equip a small bathroom a bit more complicated, so in this case more suitable wall cabinets or narrow, tall pencil case. Installation of suspension cabinets made quite simple: it is enough to use a standard mount.

In the large bathroom, you can put soft furnishings in the form of puffs and armchairs. Do not worry that the data of the interior items could be affected by moisture or temperature changes. For bathrooms made special furniture, which is not afraid of the formation of mildew and rot? Its surface does not get wet; do not remain on the upholstery spots and stains. The original solution – buy frameless seat, which makes the overall situation more modern.

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Since the bath room is small, it is better to give preference to a set of furniture, rather than purchase it piecemeal. So the room will look harmonious whole and that will play into the favor of an increase in its space. Otherwise, congestion will create a sense of space.

Selecting a towel dryer

Towel dryer – very important accessory, an optional feature that is heating. With it you can build a bathroom so it was warmer in there, quickly went damp, and there is additional space for fast drying clothes. Families with young children are especially important. In addition, the towel dryer looks very aesthetically pleasing. Products are divided into water and electric. In addition, the classification may also depend on the materials and shapes, so these devices can successfully fit in perfectly with any interior and successfully complete it.

If you want to nicely equip the beach decor for bathroom, pay attention to every slightest detail. When buying furniture, check the quality and make sure that no damage on the surface, since it is a direct path to the deterioration of interior items. When choosing accessories, better to prefer chrome products because their appearance is retained for longer than that of plastic or brass. By purchasing wood furniture, pay attention to whether or not water-resistant panels are covered with varnish.

The interior of the bathroom cannot be without the two elements – the sink and bathtub. Style entire room, comfort, attractive appearance depends on their aesthetics and functionality. Rationally allocate storage space without sacrificing convenience, helping sink bill on the counter in the bathroom.

Place accessory design

Waybill sink – a new type of sanitary ware, which began to win the hearts of designers recently. The cause of the increasing relevance and demand for a variety of forms. Connoisseurs of something attractive and unusual are able to abandon the typical models that have been proposed previously.

When designing a bathroom, more designers prefer water dispenser that is not attached to the wall and are installed directly on the countertop. A person who is unfamiliar with the installation process, it may seem that the bowl for washing hands is easy to remove, to shift from their seats. However, this feeling wrongly – sink is very securely attached to the surface of a table or tables.

Variations in shape washbasins

There are several types of forms overhead sinks:

  • Oval – the classic version. Organically combined with any interior design solutions for beach decor bathroom. Together with top contrasting colors are interesting sets. For example, white porcelain washstand in harmony with the surface of the black lacquered. Change the space allows the use of transparent shell or frosted glass.
  • The square, rectangle – gives the room a laconic, severe type. To eliminate the possibility of injured slightly rounded edges. Options are made of natural marble, looks very solid.
  • Triangle or corner sink – current solution for rooms in which solved the problem to save space. Installed in places where efficient use of space is required. It assumes countertop appropriate form. Often triangular overhead washstands are made from acrylic and steel.
  • The above are the most common form, they relate to a variant of the mass production. The unique design is created using abstract forms overhead hand washing basins. Also, this task runs the color (bright, unusual), the presence of coinage, drawing. This will attract the attention not only to the enhancement, but also to the bathroom as a whole.
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By way of its use invoice sink as much functionality as a conventional dispenser. If floor space allows, and provided a large number of family members, you can install a few accessories in a row. Installing them in such a way on the table, get a functional space, not without appeal and style.

Mounting principle allows you to have the consignment note dispenser at any point on the surface tables or table – left, right or center. This opens up opportunities effective use of the space around the sink.

On the pros and cons

The beach wall decor for bathroom are trying to install overhead are the people who want to make a modern and stylish interior. This is not only attractive interior, but also ease of installation fittings, as well as installation. The process is so simple that it is able to cope with even a person who does not have professional skills.

Also, the advantages include:

  • easy operation;
  • low cost;
  • Space saving.

At the same time, bill dispenser has one disadvantage – some models do not have holes for the mixer. Therefore, the buyer is necessary to determine the location for the installation of a separate tap or select another model.

Materials for

Modern technology and the continuous development of manufacturers open up almost no disabilities. Particularly in the choice of materials for the manufacture of the washstand surface-mounted on the countertop. Of course, preferred the shells, which are longer and thus remain attractive, aesthetic appearance.

The most common invoice sink for the bathroom is made of such materials.

The most popular model – made of porcelain and earthenware. In the beach theme decor for bathroom installed most often due to the practicality and affordability. On the positive properties should also be considered:

  • higher (compared with tree) porosity;
  • smooth surface;
  • Resistance to dirt and rust.


Glass washstands, built into the countertop, are characterized by high cost. But this fee for the luxury appearance to decorate any room. To the glass can be used for surface washstand, his pre-tempered in a special way. It is important to remember that the pattern of this material are inconvenient to use – they often remain stains from toothpaste, dried droplets of water (especially if the water in the water tight).


Acrylic shell has a high strength and thus has a low weight. These qualities make them popular. A definite disadvantage is the instability of the scratch. The problem is solved by purchasing a special paste by means of which defects are eliminated. Tip for those who choose to purchase a bathroom vanity Acrylic – definitely consult a specialist regarding all the subtleties of care.

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Expensive materials

The most expensive overhead shell is made from wood, marble, artificial stone. Among them, the most “capricious” materials – marble. This is due to the fact that its surface is covered with pores quickly absorbing dirt. Exclusive material – wood. The cost of such an accessory in comparison with marble slightly lower. However, it is important to remember that to preserve the appearance and extend the life of the material requires special care. Artificial stone of these options the most practical – it is resistant to dirt, easy to be cleaned by any household tools.


Today, beach bathroom decor ideas are increasingly mounted washbasins made of brass and copper. They are highly durable, aesthetically pleasing appearance. At the same time, such shell requires special care during approach. Thus, for example, copper is prone to oxidation, so care agent should be chosen with great care. Models of enameled steel is not less capricious – on their surfaces are often divorced from the water. To avoid this, you need to dry it thoroughly all the washbasin.

What made the stand?

Table top for overhead shells is of great importance. Often these items are sold in complete interior. However, the proposed option for the buyer is not always enough, not completely matching designer’s plan. The solution in this case will be the acquisition of the stand separately. Typically, they are made of artificial stone, which is resistant to humid conditions bathroom. According to its durability, this material is not inferior to natural. Specialty stores offer a model, which combines a stone-and-paste of metal, glass.

The most affordable and therefore quite common option for countertop material is chipboard and MDF. Of course, they must be designed to operate under high humidity in the bathroom beach decor ideas. This option is well combined with washbasins:

  • become,
  • acrylic
  • Earthenware.

In order today, you can purchase a stand of almost any shape, size and color.

Quite often stand under the sink invoice is made independently. To do this, use the drywall, which can be operated in conditions of high humidity, as well as a brick. Trims such surfaces can be any material – painting, mosaic paneling. Homemade countertop combined with glass, stone, metal and porcelain sinks.

The expensive interior foundation for surface washstand act structure of granite, stone, marble. An affordable alternative is artificial stone.

Broad popular diy beach bathroom decor structures made of wood, which blends well with any style of indoor space and the material porcelain.

The tone is selected to match the countertop earthenware. Interesting options are obtained by combining the contrasting, but combined colors.



Choosing a sink invoice, pay due attention not only to the form, design, and size. The main guideline in determining the dimensions of the basin are the parameters of the bathroom and fixed furniture in it. The most optimal size sinks:

  • length – 50-65 cm;
  • Depth – 48-60 cm.



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