Mirrored bathroom accessories: how to mix practicality and beauty

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It is unlikely that the mirror is someone in the list in the first place when you plan the bathroom renovation. But if you choose the right style and appropriate size, the room can be transformed incredibly. Mirror, when used correctly, the decor will suit any style, ranging from minimalist to vintage. It is able to reflect, and, therefore, makes the room brighter and visually wider, especially noticeable in small tubs. And it does not matter, set a single mirror or wall mirror veneered panels.

9 ways to transform a bathroom with mirror bathroom accessories

The mirror do not lose the opportunity to install in the bathroom shelves or cabinets, where to store the necessary things. Combine them with stylish frameless mirror. If you plan on placing in the bathroom first aid kits, where there will be drugs, lotions, etc., that is,  that they should not be accessible to children.

1. Metal frame

Charming looks in the mirror, framed by curly gold-plated frame, especially if the mirror is large and impressive. Choosing the size of the mirror, you must obey the law of proportions, balance and materials compatibility. Metals such as gold, bronze and copper, important in modern décor, whether antique mirror in a gilded frame from the sale or a new mirror from the Mall – will fit all. Even you can cover a wooden frame with gold leaf, just this must be done very carefully so as not to dirty the mirror itself.

2. Brightening dark areas

Many designers today prefer the decor of the walls, painted in shades of coal. This color really looks nice in the bathrooms, in contrast to traditionally white. If the idea to do dark walls in the bathroom will need mirror, to soften the darker shade and add light, as do antique mirrors, gilt-framed in the bathroom in the pictures. In combination with blue-black walls and vintage fixtures they create a feeling of glamour.

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3. Bet on the classics

It is difficult to come up with something better than the classic style of the original Art Deco mirror bathroom accessories with chain. In the interior they add a little diluted and eclectic vintage style. If they were exactly the same, the effect would be intensified. In this case, the subtleties and differences in size and shape create piquancy, which would be difficult to achieve, buying a mirror at the Mall. If you don’t consider yourself a hunter of old, does not matter, because the Mall offers a wide range of mirrors to suit every taste, and also possible to achieve a similar effect.

4. The group of mirrors

To bathroom has got a fresh look and visually expanded, simply implement in the lining of the walls, covered with tiles, mirror tiles, matched for size. To place mirrors you need at the correct height to all your family members could see your reflection, and mirrors to reflect as much light as possible. You can place the mirror tiles around the perimeter. Balance image tiles neutral colors and wooden furnishings to create a classic image. Don’t forget to Polish your mirror daily.

5. Mirror wall

This method is considered the most simple but quite effective. This wall in the bathroom not only can separate the shower area from the rest of space, but can work wonders with space and light.

6. A variety of Shine

It isn’t necessarily limited in mirrors. Reflective surfaces of any shape and texture can be additional decorative elements in the bathroom. Combine mirrors with chrome fittings and glossy tiles for maximum effect.

7. The perfect combination

Supporters of minimalism will appreciate the simplicity and clean lines of this bathroom, including the mirrors, which are located above the panels and extend to the ceiling. Mirrors are best friends decorators, when you want to visually expand the room and make it lighter, especially in combination with white color. Before installing, ensure correct placement of the built-in lighting and functionality of the bathroom.

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8. Installing mirrors in a small room

Just need the mirror in a small room. If the bathroom has no place to install the panels, or entire walls covered with mirrors, you can install a full-length mirror on the door. When installing it on a door, you need to ensure that it is left for the handle, and that guests will understand exactly what is doors and don’t want to go through it.

9. Mirror round shape

Mirror round shape looks nice not only because it seem to hover in space, but also because their shape without a frame softens the right angles prevalent in the bathroom. Hang the mirror so it’s a great idea, if no free wall, where it is possible firmly to attach them. In addition, this method is just unusual, and therefore interesting.

How to save mirror beauty?

The mirror is one of the very important items of home interior, especially for women, so your mirror, and your mood must be always in perfect condition. Because mirrors reflect not only our appearance, and mood, state of mind at this moment. We offer hostesses for the note some tricks in the care of the mirrors, which will help to keep your mirrors shiny and irresistible look!

Rules for the care of mirrored bathroom accessories sets:

  1. A cup water, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 20 grams of powdered chalk. The mixture should boil and let it settle. Then carefully pour clean water (sediment pour) and you can wipe this clean with water the surface of the mirrors, only very cautiously and gently, so as not to damage the mirror (make sure no liquid gets on the frame and reverse side of the mirror). Then you need to wipe the mirror clean with a soft cloth.
  1. You have in the apartment is quite damp (high humidity), and the mirror to protect from moisture. This will help the wax and turpentine. You need to take 1 part melted wax and 2 parts turpentine and cover that part of the reverse side of the mirror. This will protect the amalgam.
  1. Often the mirrors in the bathrooms are misted. To avoid this, you must cover the mirror with a soft cloth coated with a solution (1 teaspoon of gelatin in 50 ml water).
  2. The wrong solution is to hang a mirror in direct sunlight. It is able to fade and even crack, the mirror can occur stains. Give up the idea to attach the mirror tightly to the wall, the air will not flow and the mirror will quickly deteriorate.
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Mirrors harmful as too wet and too dry. So often wipe your mirror with a damp cloth, especially in winter, during the heating season. Also to remove dirt on the mirrors, you can wipe them first with a cotton swab moistened with denatured alcohol, and then a soft paper.

If your mirror is stained, get rid of them with a strong solution of vinegar. You need to dilute 1 portion of vinegar in a glass of water and gently wipe mirror. Below the mirror regained its original luster, wipe it with a cloth soaked in milk. At high humidity (e.g., bathroom) mirror should be wiped every day. At high humidity the mirror can be dimmed.



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