Mickey mouse bathroom décor, 14 photo

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If you are a fan of Disney and want to create a bathroom in the style of Mickey Mouse, you can use the color red in the interior and accessories with a picture of your favorite character.

It is known that the color red stimulates the physical and mental processes, adjusts to the active work of the coming day. Since we spend in the bathroom is not the most time of the day, it is possible to experiment with the use of red in the decoration without fear quickly get tired of staying in such a space.

The red color is harmoniously combined with black, brown, gray, and even orange. Red ceramic tile small format wall and a larger floor perfectly with aqua, green, graphite, pearl, coffee, gray marble, pure white, black and brown.

Red impressed natures expressive, full of passion and turbulent emotions. Fiery color represents the fire of fun and festivities, as a symbol of self-confident people who are prone to leadership and ready for spontaneous actions.

The main task of the designer in this matter is that the bathroom does not become red in the aggression zone face breaking a blur. It was not at odds with the overall interior and has not acted annoyingly on the psyche of the people living in this apartment.

6 Properties of red color in the interior

1.Red – a mysterious color. Depending on its intensity, it can be medicinal properties, as an integral part of chromotherapy. Like any drug, the red color should be presented in doses that poisoned the excess not exist.

2.The interior with a predominance of red tones is not recommended for use in apartments, where there are high blood pressure, overweight people and easily excitable psyche. In addition, it can cause psycho-emotional exhaustion, as capable of eliciting a flurry of emotions, especially for owners of the rebellious souls, obstinate and power-hungry people.

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3.On the other hand, the red color contributes to a joyful emotions, high jinks and irrepressible sexual desire. His is the appetizing. Among other things, the predominance of red color in the interior suggests that the owner used to luxury and prosperity.

4.There are certain rules in the design monochrome bathrooms. So, using a red color for the interior of small-sized bathroom, where the walls, furniture and accessories are made in the same color scheme, there is a real opportunity to “shlopnut” space. Such a step is acceptable solely for the spacious rooms.

5.Wine shades of red – burgundy, burgundy and beaujolais create luxurious setting only if large areas, and in the modest premises are depressing, concealing the already small space bathroom.

Remember that all shades of red are not only rich, but to have a matte or glossy finish.

6.Gloss itself has a powerful effect of energy and can distort space. Making small bath glossy red tiles, large enough threat to the generation of energy monster, from whom every family member will seek to escape.

What should be guided in choosing the style?

If a decision bathroom design in black and white version, a serious challenge to the owner may be searching for plumbers in charge of the color scheme, which was chosen to decorate the room. Red bathroom and shower room the same color, as a rule, does not cause any trouble, but the selection of colored toilet and bidet can be delayed indefinitely.

Remember that the bathroom area 4.0 m2 does not accept monochrome design a priori, because the space will be destroyed.

In this case, allowed only accent spots of bright red color in the form of inserts on a gray or white tiles, rugs, towels, cups to toothbrushes. The more living space bathroom, the more red color can be used for interior decoration.

Almost everywhere gone into oblivion design rooms muted pastel tones. Today colored rooms are in trend and design composition literally full of unpredictable variants of interiors.

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Red – it’s modern. Therefore, it is often used in the design of bathrooms, where all living quarters in modern style, classic or hi-tech. Red passes the main line when creating a Japanese or Egyptian style. Sometimes the red color used in creating the interior in retro style.

Red classics

Proportionality and stiffness of the Old English style – it’s understated elegance and interior rectilinear forms proportionality. Curved bath legs impressively underline wooden furniture and brass accessories – integral parts of the English style. Red carpets and curtains to match their complete richness of decoration bathroom.

The red color in the interior of Chinese style

Conceptually – Chinese style meets a low-key philosophy with warm nuances of the interior. It is a kind of Chinese minimalism, welcoming red against accents – a simple but highly effective way to unduly emphasize belonging to Chinese culture and traditions of the East. Even indoor bathroom each item must be filled with meaning and for each family member.

Red and white tile style Mickey Mouse in the interior

The perfect combination of red and white carries a perception of brightness, the visual extension of the space inviting and attractive prospects. This combination for your bathroom, as a rule, chooses the young generation of creative people. Sometimes you can find similar orders from ordinary middle-aged individuals.

Bathroom decorated in red and white gives life passion, a certain share of aggression and energizes the whole day. Proper zoning bath formed by a combination of red and white flowers, looks not only bright, but also light, emphasizing the individuality of the owner.

When you create a general background in a bright red color, the presence of white sanitary ware, furniture and accessories, it is desirable to use a white color, making out a panel and lighting. The popular design course contributes to giving the amount of bathroom facilities:

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  1. Creation of a vertical or horizontal stripes on the walls;
  2. In the event that only one of the walls lined with red tiles;
  3. Creating frames lined with red tiles on a white background around the mirrors and bathroom.

The combination of red and white can be very diverse. From minor inclusions accents of bright red color in the form of small accessories and mosaic on the white tiled wall to accent walls and the use of color plumbing. And vice versa – white accents on a red background.

Red and black tiles in the interior

Black is one of the most ambitious, is used to create interiors in luxury style. His strict reliability and deliberate seriousness is so elegant and refined, that requires bringing additional color touches to the room seemed inhabited. In addition to gold and white shades give the interior pomp, used a combination of black with red – French diptych unique color combination.

Red and black combination of elements in the design of the bathroom design is used only when there is a large spacious room, when you can show the enormity of the game of colors and their combinations.

If the prevalence of black over red necessary to use additional light sources to compensate for lack of light. Color caps wall fixtures must be made in full compliance with the general background bathroom


With self-design bathroom of red tiles, the landlord may face a number of challenges specific plan:

Before the creation of the project and the beginning of design works, you need to obtain the consent of each member of the family for the conversion bath in red.

Do not allow excessive brightness, bordering on aggressive when creating a red interior.



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