Menards bathroom vanities, 18 photos

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Loading... is a well-known website where you can find everything that you may need for a bathroom repairing. And today we are going to look closer at such an important part of the bathroom interior as bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanity is undoubtedly an important attribute of any bathroom. And if before it had mainly a functional role, nowadays the bathroom vanities have become an element of design. And the way they look is becoming better and better. The best options now are bathroom vanities with sinks at Menards.

In order to save space for keeping sanitary engineering products and to hide the communications, the majority of the clients stop their choice on the bathroom vanities. Besides that, this attribute has become a symbol of a good taste. However, it’s really difficult to decide which one to choose because the producers offer a wide range of various kinds of bathroom vanities. You may choose among different forms, materials and colors, and Menards is surely has something to offer.

Menards bathroom vanity tops are elegant, and are sold at affordable price, so you’ll find an option even for the small bathrooms. This company has also got some exclusive models which will surely amaze you with its beauty and originality. To have the opportunity to easily orientate in all those varieties even without looking through the whole website we have prepared this article for you. It will help you to make the right choice.

The main materials used for the bathroom vanities at Menards

For producing the base of the bathroom sink can be used such materials as:

  • Ceramics, faience, porcelain.
  • Artificial stone.
  • Glass.
  • Wood.
  • Metal.
  • Marble.

Menards bathroom vanities with tops are made from ceramic, faience and porcelain

The following materials are really common. However, the porcelain is used less than the other ones as it is more expensive and less lasting.

 4 Advantages of these materials:

  • The resistance to cracks and roughness (which usually easily collect dirt).
  • Easy to use and keep clean.
  • Eco-friendliness.
  • Glazing used during the production process helps to prevent pores appearing.

 There are also some limitations. For instance, it may be fragile if the vanity is heavy.

Bathroom vanity tops at Menards made from the artificial stone

This kind of material is getting more and more popular. And it is so for a reason. We can say that this material is something bigger that just a good analogy of the natural stone. It has a cheaper price, looks great and has got amazing exploitation characteristics. It is made out of the real stones, resin, plasticizers, pigments and the hardeners. You can also find some interesting Menards bathroom vanity cabinets.

8 Advantages of this material:

  • The changes of temperature do not affect it.
  • Resistant to the chemical effects.
  • Doesn’t cost really much, but looks pretty natural.
  • Really easy to keep it clean (due to the low level of porosity).
  • A perfectly smooth surface got by the vibrocasting method.
  • It is moisture-proof and hygienic.
  • Stability to the cracks and abrasion.
  • Looks and lasts great for a long period of time.

Even though these bathroom vanity sinks at Menards are stable to the cracks, there are always a chance to break it. In order to repair the damaged parts, ask a producing factory to do it. 

The Menards bathroom vanity top made from glass

Such bathroom vanities are known for being fragile. However, due to its hardening, the use of special supplements and adding extra thickness, these bathroom vanities they become long-lasting and practical. The durability of vanities for bathrooms at Menards is definitely not worse than the one of ceramic, but the price is lower (as the production of ceramic vanities is quite expensive). Also, this type of the furniture is resistant to the change of the water temperature.

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This kind of Menards bathroom vanity with top looks stylish and lightweight. It can harmonically fit the modern, Eastern or minimalistic designs. You may also find the accessories which are made from the rhinestones and the high-quality stones.

 5 advantages of glass Menards bathroom vanity:

  • It doesn’t look huge and too volumetric because it lets the light go through it easily.
  • You can use traditional cleaning products for it.
  • Resistant to the chemical products effects.
  • Has got a great esthetical look.
  • Comparing to other materials, this one is lightweight. Thus, the installation will be easier.

 The main limitation here is the price to maintain it.

 The wooden Menards bathroom vanities

The main characteristics of this material are:

  • Due to the high cost, wooden vanities are not that popular. Nevertheless, they look gorgeous and noble.
  • It has got resistance to moisture (but only if you use special products for the surface).

Also, you should be really careful while exploitation.

The metal Menard bathroom vanity

The main characteristics of this type are:

  • Due to the use of the straight lines, it’s a perfect options for bathrooms made in high-tech style.
  • The base produced from the stainless steel or copper increase the terms of exploitation.
  • It is not difficult to keep it in order. However, there is an important thing — to wipe the surface dry. Thus, it will prevent from appearing the stains and smudges.

The marble bathroom vanities at Menards

The small overview of it:

  • It has got a high price.
  • Looks luxurious.
  • The material has got a high level of porosity.
  • Difficult to keep it clean.
  • It has got a low level of moisture.

So, which one to choose? Firstly, we should pay our attention to the type of furniture. It is clear that we don’t want the furniture to have unglued during the first year. And this is surely justified by the high level of moisture that we all have in our bathrooms. Most of the buyers give the preference to the MDF material. It reduces the possibility of the moisture coming inside of the bathroom vanity. Another good variant is the use of metal or glass.

The nature ecological activists will prefer the furniture made from the wood that is impregnated with the special product, and the most original buyers will choose the bathroom vanities made from the stone.

The Menards bathroom sinks and vanities forms

The bathroom vanity sinks can have a lot of different forms. They include oval, rectangular, rounded and squared, double and asymmetric. Following the ergonomics, all the product forms have the rounded edges and angles. And the most popular models are oval and rectangular. But you can even find Menards bathroom vanities without tops if needed.

The list of the advices that will help you to choose

  • The bathroom vanity should fit the rest of the sanitary engineering and the bathroom furniture.
  • The size of the bathroom vanity should be compared to the rest of the design and the bathroom’s size.
  • There should be a hole for an overflow which won’t allow the flooding to happen.
  • Look through the outputs for the mixers installing.
  • If you have a big family than you should choose one of the Menard bathroom vanities with the double sink.

The Menard base bathroom vanities


This Menards small bathroom vanity attribute is one of the most popular nowadays. This can be explained by the functionality of the space under the sinks. You can use it for keeping such things as towels or care products. Also, it is a great solution for the small rooms. So before you order the bathroom vanity you should check all your bathroom sizes. The sink can be placed on the bathroom vanity or just be fixed to the wall by itself. If it doesn’t have the fixing holes, then you can just glue it to the wall using silicone.



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