Master bathroom remodel with cabins of glass

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Recently acquired great popularity showers of glass. This option gives the room an unusual situation, because glass cockpit is unusual option makes the room bright, spacious and modern, because the glass can optionally be transparent and opaque, and appears in a variety of colors.

Cabs of glass can be of different shapes and sizes, so make it possible to install them in any room. In addition, the shower of glass exclude the presence of the top, so the steam does not stay in the cabin, and take a shower in a cab much more pleasant.

Cab glass great in any design master bathroom remodel. Many people think that these cabins are very fragile and their installation does not justify the money spent on repairs. In fact, far from it, glass shower is made of high-strength glass that can withstand even strong blows.

Showers in the Art Nouveau style: a dream or reality?

Today, the Art Nouveau style is gaining popularity. Showers in this style are easy to care for, interesting cab form and various forms of watering cans. Art Nouveau buildings for a wide variety of areas, as a shower in this style can give even the most nondescript bathroom warmth and comfort. View photos of this design can be on our website.

Modern varieties, advantages and disadvantages

Talking about modern shower can simply be infinite, because the stores are represented in different price categories, shape, size, color, style, etc. Shower is often used in small rooms where space for a bath is not there.

Today showers can be different not only in size but also with or without a pallet. Shower with a tray represent difficulty for those who are hard to climb (pensioners, disabled). In this case the cabin can be selected with a drain in the floor. This option is suitable for everybody, and in addition, eliminates the possibility of injury, because the coating is selected with the expectation that the surface was not moving.

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But on the contrary contribute to sliding trays and do not exclude the risk of falling.

Remember, all modern showers have good quality and among the variety for your room will be found suitable.

Choose a design master bathroom remodel ideas with a shower. Leading with shower talk about bathroom design should pay attention to what kind of cabin will suit you more. If you prefer modern, the perfect option would be glass showers, giving you comfort and modernity.

A special feature, which is worth paying attention to this price category. Glass shower enclosures naturally cost more than the usual plastic, but they look more aesthetically pleasing. Customize the design of the bathroom; you can install the shower of various shapes. For example, a corner shower will save space and fit perfectly, because the angles are the same in all the rooms, even in the smallest bathroom and a huge room.

Annular or circular showers are the most interesting one, especially if they are made of glass. Yes, the cockpit of this form can be installed in any place, if the bathroom is adequate space. With such an interesting way, the annular cabin creates the impression of a waterfall in the shower, so often have interesting color solutions.

Five wall showers are also a variety of interesting and are quite spacious, so this option can be seen most often in large rooms, where there is a place not only for a cab, but also the free movement of the room to the other important subjects of the interior. On our site you can view photos using a variety of design booths.

On design features master bathroom remodel cost with showers.

Design bathroom with shower has some features as today shower serves as not only the “essential” component, but also an important element of the decor. In this regard, the choice should be given considerable attention, because it depends on how much look will harmoniously design the entire premises.

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Special attention is given and the size of the rooms, because the shower is necessary to select a start it is from this starting point. In a small room will not work to install a large shower, so you have to look for the best option for size. This does not mean that the car cannot be beautiful and interesting. Even small showers have a different shape and made of a different material.

Another item on which you want to focus, it is the material from which made the cabin. It may be glass and plastic, and even a specially treated metal. What is right for you – a purely personal matter, and the result depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve.

Shower in the small master bathroom remodel – a beautiful decor element, but also the practicality and convenience. Due to the cabin can be maximally elevate the room reserved for the bathroom and set it not only a shower, a sink and a shelf for accessories, but also take care of the lockers, cabinets, appliances, etc.

If it is a combination bathroom, the shower will be very useful, because the space in this case is not so much to establish a large bath. And if you choose between hip bath and shower, many choose the second option, because it looks more aesthetically pleasing, and not inferior in comfort.

To make bathroom design Q4. m. The need to properly arrange the space, well thought out all the details. Because this area of the room, any little thing can disturb the harmony, break created the interior. Here we consider the various options for bathroom design. These tips will be useful to many, as this footage Square one of the most common in the apartments.

There are basic rules to expand a small space small master bathroom remodel ideas:

  • The best solution is to draw walls, floor, ceiling light colors.
  • Stretch space in width – height will help the use of vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Built-in shelves, cabinets, greatly save used bathroom area of 4 square meters. .
  • Decorating the room should be rational. No need to clutter it with plenty of accessories. Better to let them be little, but at the same time beautiful and functional.
  • Washing machine or water heater is best set in a pre-designed niches or cupboards.
  • Another secret to increase the space bathroom – mirror surface. There are many options for its use in design. For example, the design of the cabinets mirrors ceiling and one wall of the room.
  • It is worth paying attention to the bathroom light. It should be uniform. You can use several small lamps, setting them on the ceiling area.
  • Shower curtains should be chosen from translucent light colored fabrics.
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Design a bathroom with shower

You will save floor space, if you select the design of the bathroom 4 sq. meters with shower. Cabin size 70×70, 80×80 is optimally suited for small spaces. To date, a wide range of stores per capita, from the most simple to the most complex arranged with many additional functions (hydro, etc.).

When installing the cabin, home wizard, buying necessary parts individually self-assemble design. Such a method would be cheaper than buying ready-made shower from a European manufacturer.

The expansion will be a big plus bathroom space through the use of the same tiles to create a pallet for laying the floor.


In deep trays also have a number of advantages? They can be used as a remodel master bathroom in the bath small children. In a pallet is convenient to soak the laundry, wash the things that are not intended to be machine washed.



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