Making nautical bathroom décor by yourself

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Here is what to look for in the very first place:

  • Combined room should be very hygienic and fully comply with all sanitary standards and requirements.
  • When repairing a bathroom to use only those materials, which are characterized by excellent water resistance.
  • You create a design must be very practical and durable.
  • When creating the design you need to focus on its functionality, practicality and absolute convenience.

In some cases, the combined nautical bathroom décor and toilets will be really the best option? It is advisable to take the embodiment of this idea, if you have quite a small apartment and a few families. Otherwise it may face inconvenience and conflict.

Among the important advantages specific to the type of the interior, it should be noted:

  • a significant increase in usable space small bathroom;
  • quite simple and fast installation of sanitary equipment process;
  • Significant savings of money and their own time.

We make a good plan

Proper planning – the key to success in creating the interior of the combined bathroom and toilet. Therefore, at the initial stage of the repairs necessary to develop a plan with the exact location of all the elements.

The plan must contain the site of the future location of all water supply, heating and sewage pipes, and plumbing fixtures. For valves and some other important elements should be provided with a very convenient and easy access.

By creating a plan for the future of the interior, you need to specify the location of all electrical supply lines – this will properly carry out the installation of all sockets, lamps and some other appliances.

We make a good plan nautical decor bathroom

As for the small bathroom, room with WC, characterized by elevated levels of humidity and abundant formation of steam, it is necessary in the interior of the bathroom / toilet to install the most effective ventilation system.

Note that even if this space is too small, you must provide easy access to each object.

Conditions for comfort

Carrying out repairs in a small combination bathroom, it is recommended to fulfill certain requirements:

  • optimum space before a shower or bath should be 110-115 cm, depending on the room size, the minimum allowable – 70 cm;
  • wash basin should be positioned at a height of not less than 80 cm from the floor;
  • between the bathroom and heating system optimal distance is at least 70 cm;
  • the minimum distance between the sink and toilet bowl – 25 cm;
  • Space in front of the toilet should be at least 60 cm and at the sides of it – at least 40 cm.
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Interior is combined bathroom most convenient if the largest items – for example, a bath or a shower – will be placed along the line one of the walls. All other devices should be mounted on the opposite wall. The best option for the location of the washing machine in a small bathroom – space under a sink or under the cabinet.


If you plan to make repairs in the combined room quite small in size, it is advisable to purchase a bath instead of a standard shower. It takes up less space and allow more convenient to dispose of free space. Combined interior bathroom and toilet is appropriate and if there is a fairly large area. In this case, effectively separate one from another functional area can be achieved by creating a floor with different levels, as well as the device wall partitions from drywall.

Choosing a color palette

Well-chosen color in the interior of any room plays an important role. Planning repair a small bathroom, room with WC, it is advisable to opt for bright and warm colors – they are able to transform the space, making it more comfortable and visually by increasing its real area.

On the walls of the little place it is recommended combined bathroom mirror, through which creates a feeling of more space.

For the walls, floor and ceiling in this room should be selected as much as possible in harmony with each other hues. All the decorative elements in the interior must also have a common color scheme and stylistic direction. This requirement holds for both small and large enough for the combined bathroom.

What should be the lighting?

The interior of any nautical themed bathroom decor as combined and separate, the most preferable to provide two types of lighting – general and local. Moreover, doing repairs, it is desirable to establish a functional relay switch that provides adjustment of brightness. Directly near a bathtub should be organized directional lighting. In addition, the required number of additional fixtures – in the sink, on the perimeter of the ceiling, and about all the mirrors.

When choosing lighting for the bathroom, keep in mind not only their design, but also moisture barrier properties.

Planning the interior design of the bathroom, room with WC, choose only high-quality materials and observe the requirements for the location of objects.

Bathroom small size is not always easy to arrange. However, if you want you can do it on their own, enough to consider some rules and tips designers. Design a small bathroom specialists create, according to commonly accepted rules of aesthetics and construction standards to make it as comfortable as possible.

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To the room was cozy and functional, its design must be planned at the stage of repair the apartment. Using the following simple tips, you can independently design the interior of the room:

  • Planning must be correct and the most convenient, because it is the key to successful repair in an apartment with enough space is limited.
  • The ceiling on the number of colors to be lighter than the walls and the floor, so it visually becomes a little higher.
  • You can use the transparent glass elements, because the room space becomes wider in the regeneration of the room.
  • Good lighting, preferably zoning, will help solve the problem of limited space.


Design a small nautical decor for bathroom will look beautiful, if the wall issue using tiles. Moreover, its size should not be large, and the color – too bright. It is better to give preference to neutral colors. It looks great in the room glass mosaic.

The interior of the small room is better to make out objects and bright colors and shades of the materials. The room is light, creating the illusion of space. Experts recommend starting with the design of the flooring and wall tiling method, it is important that it is of medium size. The small room is not large items will look harmonious. It was only after the selection of wall and floor tiles should proceed to the choice of plumbing and accessories.

According to the rules of architecture, the door to this room should open inside; it should take care at the stage of repair the apartment. Plumbing necessary to have in view of its functionality – the sink closest to the bathroom and toilet – to the sewer pipe. The mirror should be large, because it will reflect light, visually increasing the space of the room. As a rule, have it over the sink.

Plumbing fixtures and accessories should be selected for this very simple room. Something unusual and original looks good only in the spacious rooms. The style of the room must be in harmony with the bedroom and the other rooms of your apartment.

The best ideas small bathroom design

Particular attention is to create a small bathroom nautical décor should be given the choice of the color of its elements. Designers offer these popular ideas for arranging this room. Great looks small bathroom in black and white. Sex can be arranged with the help of the dark tiles, walls – white, and the ceiling – white with black designs; it is desirable that they were abstract or geometric motifs. This room will look stylish, nice and cozy.

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Equipping the interior, you can use the high-gloss surfaces. Besides a large mirror positioned above the sink, you can draw walls and floors with the help of a glossy ceramic tiles. On the ceiling of the same reflective finish can be made in the form of suspended structures or modern lining. Such optical elements can achieve larger space, in spite of its small area.

It is important to know that making out interior nautical bathroom decor ideas for small size, it is necessary to achieve its functionality and increase the visual space. This helps floor tiles situated at an angle of 45 degrees. This unusual arrangement of the surfacing material should be taken into account at the stage of repairs.

It is not necessary to abandon the idea of a popular arrangement of the bathroom small area as pasting the walls of photo wallpapers. If well-chosen subject photo wall, interior room will get the desired depth and volume. To protect the surface finish of the material against moisture, it is necessary to use special laminated wallpapers. In recent years, creating a modern interior, the designers in small apartments used painted water-resistant paint on the walls.

What style of decoration chooses a bathtub?

When constructing a very small room, designed for hygienic procedures, it is important to choose the right style. It is best suited areas such as Art Nouveau, Japanese minimalism and ethno-style, as they are characterized by the use of a minimum number of items, their simplicity and convenience.


To Nouveau characteristic is the use of bright colors and heavy materials combined with each other. The designers in the selection of this style often use zoning of the premises for its visual magnification. Plumbing in a small bathroom can be hidden in the wall, freeing up extra space. For a room in a modern style, you can choose a corner bath or shower; the floor is usually made by laying ceramic tiles on the darker tone of the walls.

Very harmoniously looks small nautical decor for bathrooms, decorated in a minimalist style. In this case, a bath or shower should have smooth contours and angles if they are classic rectangular shape. The interior of the room it is desirable to maintain a few shades of one or two colors.



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