Make modern 60 inch bathroom vanity

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Good 60 inch bathroom vanity must have extra functions. Buying a hot shower or a bath, you can choose what it will be equipped with. Consider whether you need features such as aromatherapy or chromo, extra lighting? In everyday life, you will probably use them rarely. A model without them cheaper.

Place the plumbing on the floor. Suspended toilets and bidets save space simplify cleaning and look elegant. But keep in mind: to secure them to the wall, you have to spend on the installation system and work on its installation.

Look for alternative materials. Plastic in 60 inch bathroom vanity single sink can be used instead of glass, porcelain tiles instead of stone, acrylic bathtub instead of cast iron, tile and replace with appropriate relief mosaic. If you are not in front of the task to buy all the most precious, why not keep the purse “extra” money?

What is not worth saving?

  • On the quality of work. First and foremost – the skill builders. Laid hands of professionals, even inexpensive tiles for the 60 inch bathroom vanity double sink will look like elite. You can choose different colors, layout options, and so save a few hundred dollars, you can run into big problems, and repair will have to start anew.
  • On a plumbing materials. Do not buy products with “typos” in the company name. Choose a brand that is well proven in the market. And pay attention to whether there is its representative office in Russia, and service center. Otherwise, in the event of any repairs have to do damage at his own expense.
  • On the details. Do not buy the cheapest adhesives, grout, mortar, fittings, filters, eyeliner and so on. These seemingly unimportant materials and accessories are a guarantee that the plumbing will work well for a long time, and in the case of leakage the tiles do not fall down from the walls.
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Worktops in 60 inch bathroom vanities

One of the essential in the spacious 60 inch bathroom vanities furniture – worktops. We have prepared, which will introduce you to the tops of different shapes and styles.

The bathrooms are spacious enough does not make sense to dispense and a small hinged shelf with a mirror. Much more becomes stylish interior bathroom equipped with functional top. It can be kept in toiletries and cosmetics and posted things that should be on hand at any given time.

Countertops for bathroom vanities 60 inch – an independent, often mounted unit, which may be of different lengths, the simple and complex configuration, and any decor. Countertops recommend choosing to focus on the shell model. For example, the desktop shell can be set up on any countertop – stone, wood, made of artificial material. Countertops for bathroom from easy cutting material (laminated chipboard, MDF, composite) are better suited for embedded shells.

Hinged table top may be the combination with hanging sink. Most countertops for the bathroom together with shells together and forms a sink-countertop. These models have several advantages: they look very stylish, it is easier to care for them (Solid), it is easier to connect (because there is no difficulty with the cutting table top). The role in this case, countertop sinks perform elongated wings.

Traditional materials of bathroom vanity 60 inch furniture

Difficult operating conditions of the furniture in the bathroom dictate specific requirements for the content of frames and facades. Cabinets, shelves and cabinets should last a long time and do not require special care.

Moisture resistance and durability requirements. Bathroom furniture is operated under difficult conditions: a close room, high humidity, changes in temperature. In addition, the material must be technological: Bathroom furniture need compact.

Traditional materials Metal. Metal bathroom vanity 60 inch furniture can be stamped or forged. But over time, regardless of the mode of production, it will begin to rust. And work on the repair of furniture (cleaning rust, primer, re-painting) – a long and “messy” process. Glass. Used exclusively tempered: if (suddenly) you will be able to break it, the pieces are small, non-sharp.

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That is a glass bathroom furniture safe injury. But the glass has a disadvantage – on the surface stains remain even clean water. Particleboard and MDF. The most common materials for mass production of furniture, as the optimal price and quality. Even the moisture variations are not as expensive as natural wood, glass or metal, and the decorative finish ensures easy care: the surface is enough to wipe a slightly damp sponge or soft cloth. But at this furniture has flaws.

At the edge of the low-end models are insulated with plastic tape, and through the joints of the moisture can penetrate inside, causing delamination, and even swelling of the array. To avoid this, the joints are usually in the more expensive furniture stained in several layers. Plastic. Not afraid of water, easy to clean. However, high-quality high-strength plastic furniture is found only in collections of imported and very expensive. And from conventional plastic products are unstable to dirt, scratch quickly and easily broken.

About 60 inch double sink bathroom vanity

The furniture in 60 inch double sink bathroom vanity often do on a frame made of chipboard with laminate covering, at least – with ozonized. To protect the ends from moisture (which is inevitable in the bathroom), using ABS plastic or PVC edge, which is mounted on the hot melt adhesive? But it is better if the MDF. This material is better to tolerate the aggressive exposure to water and steam, which is constantly exposed to the furniture in the bathroom. The ends of a top, bottom and sides must be protected PVC edge, and preferably dyed in several layers.

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Trim frames made of MDF can be laminate, veneer or paint. Unconventional materials Granite and marble. Because they often do countertops bathroom furniture – they will last longer than those made of conventional materials. Granite and marble countertops are easy to clean – enough to wipe them with a soft cloth. Disadvantage – expensive and difficult to install. Traditional Colors. Buy bathroom furniture of domestic producer of the room with a bright facade is almost impossible. Given the demand for the white, blue and other familiar furniture colors, the company is extremely reluctant to risk and experimentation.

Overhaul in the bathroom without reason is considered to be perhaps the most troublesome and expensive compared to the rest rooms. And what if you are not ready for long-term repair? We offer several alternative solutions that will help transform your bathroom quickly.


A professional approach is half the success of any repair or decoration of the situation in 60 inch double sink bathroom vanity. Buy quality equipment, so you are not faced with the need to further repair, which is extremely unpleasant, since the work carried out. It is worth noting, if we use the tips in this article, it is possible to perform all with significant savings, which is extremely important for everyone. Bathroom is the heart of the whole house; it is with this room we begin each working day. If you have a large family, you must make sure that the bathroom was comfortable and practical, to avoid conflicts in the mornings. Bathroom is the key to your comfort, excellent health, visiting all the necessary procedures for the purity of your body!



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