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If the color design your own bathroom considered from the point of view of the psychological perception of the choice, for example, pink palette ensures excellent mood. However, the pink color scheme is emphasized feminine. Beautiful combination, suitable for men and women, is a palette includes: lavender, chocolate, pink and crimson. This color scheme is able to be charged with positive energy, and crimson adds a sense of luxury.

Large plane crimson also look good in combination with blue, red, dark cobalt color. Pink shades perfectly complement the interior, but on large planes, the color can bore. Pink will be well combined with turquoise, lime green and pale gray. These combinations are categorized as complex, such color palettes have been applied for registration bathrooms quite recently, and we note a new collection of bathroom, made it difficult to colors.

The red shades give the room hyperactivity, but it may well be used in baths with a large area, otherwise the color will “push” the remaining parts of the room. Red has a therapeutic effect on people who have developed a range of insolvency. Red is able to revive in the details, even the most boring interior. And it will be interesting to look in several shades of red, so you can create a natural play of light. If you move away from the one-color performance, but stand in a room as close as possible to the red colors, it is best to choose a sienna, umber and ocher, which will go well with the color of sand.

Nowadays design your own bathroom is seen as a place of rest and relaxation, where the color is to contribute to the achievement of inner harmony of man. To this end, the orange color can be chosen as the creative source of flowers companion: grapefruit, pomegranate and lemon. Orange, nevertheless, recommends the use of large areas.

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A good combination is considered the largest plane nutmeg color; it is excellent in its neutrality and adds color accents of turquoise, pale blue, amber and yellow honey. Are popular and traditional two-color and monochrome interiors of bathrooms, in such cases, the design idea are to create contrasting elements or work with the texture of the material.

Trendy color combinations in the bathrooms and the choice facing

If we consider the combination of fashion popular designs of bathrooms, the design your own bathroom vanity is in the lead in many ways a classic design. Owners of today have not yet matured to the choice of the complex gamut of collections for bathrooms that are already on the market. In many ways, the choice of the classical variant is associated with a limited budget to repair in general, and it is significantly tightens the requirements and limits.

Note that the repair of the bathroom of the room plane, covered with ceramics, tend to minimize the functional, largely used in the ceramic “working” surfaces where moisture can get. So the walls are completely covered with ceramics shower, bath has been taken to combine with a shower. Too often tile fits only on the walls near a bath, washbasin, and used plaster with water-resistant paint coating on the rest of the bathroom. When using a partial lining to stay at the more expensive finishing – marble.

Classic design standard in the design your own bathroom vanity is built on the contrast, the most common solution – two-tone. Among the designers are also very popular accents contrasting details. In general, these are the methods of design and budget, which for a long time go out of style.

The textured interiors can be applied methods of op art, optical art. In optical textured interiors bathrooms is very important light, which creates an additional effect in the presence of reflectors and reflective objects. New trends in design bathrooms emphasize the tendency failure of the lighting as a supplement. The bathrooms are increasingly applied decoration, typical of the residential interior – large mirrors of complex shapes or artistic frames, chandeliers, which moved from the living room, chairs, flowers, tables, and even pictures. Bathroom – this is not a technical room and a complete living unit, to which are treated with due care.

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Plumbing from the future

Unable to resist the urge to buy great plumbing elements bathrooms, which have ceased to be only functional unit, and have become the subject of design? Just two or three of these elements in the bathroom of her perfectly transform. Perfection of forms and harmony in a minimalist style, where nothing is superfluous, as only the essence, the play of light, all this can fill the life of even the most trivial bathroom interior. In this case, a design element also serves as the water that flows from the tap or shower, its amazing illusions of light under the influence of LED-backlight. Of course, the conceptual plumbing in the past has become a reality and available for installation even with the budget repair.

For any bathroom is the perfect choice fashion waterfall faucet, it is available in chrome version and a transparent durable plastic with LED-backlit. The original cost of the supplier for these mixers is from 100 dollars.

Modern light for design your own bathroom layout

The search for new forms and occur for different fixtures. Modern Light – this is not only a way of lighting is the subject of the decor, which has an exclusive shape as well as a specific way “works” with the light. Hints, penumbra, directed spotlights lights scattered light also become an excellent design tool. It was in the bathroom it is advisable to think through not only the overall design, but also to create lighting compositions suitable for certain life situations. Light can be morning, afternoon, evening, and also for a romantic rendezvous. Modern lighting design allow “multi-dimensional” interior in the color, texture, optical context. The bathroom floor, wall, table, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and chandeliers that reflect one or another designer’s ideas can be applied.

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Modern minimalist spirit penetrated and bathrooms. Earlier bathroom was more like a technical pantry, now expanding its area, and the situation is becoming more luxurious. Thus there are no uniform design standards. There are great opportunities as a luxurious interior design and the conventional budget repair. Moreover, a variety of accessories, plumbing, lighting, a variety of ceramics is a huge space for fantasy.


Remember that the design your own bathroom layout is the heart of the whole house, so to speak. Because we begin the day with this place, we finish it using the bathroom. That is why it is important to pay repair and setting special attention. Every year, a huge number of people plotting bathroom renovation, but cannot bring all this to the desired result. And the main problem is that they use are not the best means to do so. In today’s world there are a huge number of shops, companies, manufacturers who are willing to offer their services and products, in order to repair it your bathroom has become simple and easy. Excellent use of the goods purchased from the manufacturer directly, but such a possibility cannot always receive, and not every city has direct suppliers. Therefore, always select stores and suppliers that guarantee quality and can offer all the necessary documents to prove it.



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