Main varieties of the bathroom decor placement

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Bathroom is such an important place in the house, maybe we can even call it the most important because this is exactly where you dream to be at the end of the hard day full of stress. Already on the way home you wish to get undressed with the clothes falling on the floor while you are moving towards the bathroom, then you wish to wash the face and remove your make up and finally to fill the amazing wide bath with lots of bath soap that smells like heaven.

It’s so simple, after the first minute of such a procedure you already fill that all the stress is leaving you and all you feel is rest and piece. It’s prefect and what you could want more now is just to appear on some tropical island where you are bathing under the palm trees and it seems that you can just raise you hand and get a coco. But what if we tell you that you don’t need to go far to get all this tropical paradise and all you need to do is to change a bit your bathroom decor? We agree that it sounds a bit scary as most of the times it means that you will need to spend lots of money and get all your house in a mass spending all your weekends for such a thing. But we hurry up to help you calm down as it’s not that scary as you think and way more easier. We can even tell you that most of the things and elements you can do by yourself. So how you like it now?

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3 main color solutions for the ocean themed bathroom decor.

What colors we usually associate with the ocean and what elements are the main here? Why the summer photos make us feel warm in the coldest winter and what should we do to always have a reminding of such a fantastic time?

  • The beach sent – the yellow and the brown shades will make the strong association with warm summer and sunny days. Even if you use just this color in the bathroom decoration it will still make your mood better every morning you come to your personal summer island.
  • The tropics – all the green shades of the palm trees and the bright and colorful gamma of the tropical birds that are hiding in there. Bright blue, orange and red can be used in the small details such as a soap form on your bathroom vanity, the color of the bathroom drape of the following one can be even made with the palm leafs print so every time you go to the shower you imagine yourself as you go to take a tropical rain one.
  • The ocean waves. And of cause all the shades of blue and white as it’s the main combination of the “marine” style. Generally, we had to talk about it first, but we always keep everything “the most delicious” for the desert. Talking about this colors we should say that if you use just the blue one and it’s shades, then you can definitely mix it up with the yellow and the brunt colors so then you will get a full tropical gamma. Moreover you can even separate those colors by the way it’s placed in the nature, which means that the floor of the floor carpets should be made in yellow or the shades of brown mixed a bit with blue “waves” and then there is an interesting trick that will even make your bathroom looking more wide no seems to have a bigger territory. The trick is that you can let the blue go from the floor to the wall some kind of uniting the territory and make it look like there are no zone separating such as floor, walls and the ceiling. So like this on the middle “level” you can already mix it with the green and bright different colors as it’s going deep to tropics. But don’t put it all together as this bomb mix will be just too much for one bathroom. So in this case you can leave one wall covered in blue, let’s say, till the middle and the opposite wall can be already done in the tropical colors or even have a mosaic with the tropical motives.
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2 hand-made solutions for the ocean bathroom decor.

As we already told it’s pretty simple to make your bathroom looking closer to the tropical paradise without even spending any money on it. And today we gonna talk how to make the bathroom carpet made with the natural stones. All we need here is:

  • The natural light color rounded smooth (so it’s doesn’t injure you) stones.
  • A super glue.
  • And some resin material having the shape you want your bathroom carpet to be.

And now everything is pretty logical as we just take all your stones and perfectly glue it on the material trying to leave as minimal space between the stones as it’s just possible. That’s all! Our tropical dream is ready!

Another cool idea is to decorate a bathroom mirror frame with the shells that you brought for the beach vacation (and we always bring some) or to make a hand- made collage using the same material. These details will definitely make an accent on the ocean style elements.

For the bathroom she’ll decoration we will need:

  • Acrylic primer and the transparent varnish.
  • A super-glue and a tweezers.
  • Coated Abrasives and masking tape.
  • The shells, some sent, pebble and the other sea souvenirs.

So let’s start!

  • First of all we should carefully wash all our materials with the soap and let it dry.
  • Then we should cover the mirror frame surface with the masking tape.
  • Then we threaten the wood of the frame, cover it with the coated abrasives and let it dry.
  • Then we should glue the biggest elements evenly placing it on the mirror frame.
  • Then we fill the free space with the pebbles and let the whole construction dry till the morning.
  • And the last thing you should do is to cover it all with the varnish to fix all your master-piece detail!
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Enjoy! And share this idea with your friends!



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