Main ideas for mermaid bathroom decor

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Form items for mermaid bathroom decor. This factor is particularly important for small rooms. Every element of the interior should ideally fit into the area reserved for her. This is especially true for small rooms. The most universal solution is compact rectangular bathroom furniture. But do not limit your imagination, if the size of the room is really great.

Varieties of bathroom furniture

They are convenient, compact, usually have a simple form. Such cabinets and tables can be conveniently placed in small spaces, but spacious and luxurious in place them there, too. They have unobtrusive, light lines that will appeal to all those who prefer the laconic interiors. In addition, the hangings cabinets help hide unsightly communication, such as pipes.

Outdoor tables

This type of bath furniture is installed on the floor, without support, directly under the sink. The body hides hoses, pipes, siphon, which is located above the floor. Inside tables are provided shelf on which to place items for cleaning and hygiene procedures. There is also a disadvantage: if the water gets under the cabinet, it will be delayed for a long time there, causing deformation of the material. This will lead to rapid wear.

Cabinets with legs

Representatives of the furniture for the bath in this category are more practical and durable, because it does not create obstacles for cleaning excess moisture and accumulated dirt. For a small bathroom, you can choose the desk with legs under the sink, which will serve as a base. If the room is spacious, you can add cabinets, which can be varied in height and width. They may be open or closed shelves for storing towels and hygiene products.


These cabinets are narrow and tall, can reach up to the ceiling. It is indispensable solution if a large area is necessary to accommodate the variety of items for washing, washing and so on. Usually, here there is a set of shelves and drawers.

A little about materials mermaid bathroom decor

What should be made bathroom furniture to serve their owners faithfully for more than one year? There are a number of materials, specially designed for the manufacture of interior items that are in specific areas. They are resistant to temperature and humidity, but some differ in price.

Fiberboard (MDF)

Bathroom Furniture Fiberboard very popular both here and abroad. MDF is used to perform the facades, countertops, buildings and decorative elements. The material is impregnated with special compounds and coated VDSP to protect future products from moisture and refine their appearance. These boards are not cheap, but, nevertheless, the furniture produced from them can often be found in the bathrooms of our compatriots.


The classic version of the material for furniture for the bath is a tree. However, to use it in the bath dare not everyone. Many tree species are actively absorbing moisture, resulting in losing its original appearance. But if the bathroom furniture is made of oak or ash, it is possible for it not to be afraid. Overseas wood species, also resistant to moisture. If the manufacturer creates bathroom furniture from other species, such as cherry, the wood carefully dried and treated with various primers, varnish, paint, varnish, oil and wax.

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Ask the seller to show a certificate of quality mermaid bathroom decor, which confirms the reliability of the purchased products. The document states: the country of origin and the provider country, a list of materials that wood other important information were processed. Information, solid wooden boards are used only for the production and decoration of facades and all other parts are made of MDF. In any case, to establish such furniture should be only in the spacious bathrooms, where moderate humidity and good air circulation.

Face veneer

Veneer – a thin sheet of wood, which is treated with pieces of furniture from solid wood, MDF, VDSP. The material is also impregnated with protective solutions, and is covered with a special compound for protection against the aggression of the environment.


Perhaps glass bathroom furniture – is ideal. Glass is not afraid of moisture, aesthetically pleasing and always looks appropriate. Normally this material is found only as elements of the main piece of furniture, but can be solid countertop sink, only need to clean it almost daily. Glass does not have to be transparent; it may be dull or shaded. In any case, this furniture will fit perfectly in every interior.

Natural and artificial stone

Bathroom furniture made of stone – it is a real luxury, which many dream. These products do not have a delightful appearance and have incredible durability. Granite, marble and basalt countertops with a large recess as the shell – this is an unusual beauty! Previously, there were some difficulties in the care of a stone, but today they are successfully resolved. The stores may be available not only to find formulations for cleaning, but also for the prevention of pollution. Thanks to this long stone care will retain its original appearance.

Price is determined by the breed of countertops stone, its quality indicators, decorative products and pricing policy. Cheaper cost of composite furniture, which is not inferior to natural species and can simulate any of them. This material maintains the quality of the natural stone: it does not appear scratches and chips, they look beautiful and cover allows them to do more and antibacterial. An advantage is the ease of the composite in comparison with natural stone.

Useful advice from experts

By choosing the furniture for the bath should be taken very seriously. Cabinet’s models are selected depending on the room size and number of family members. For a small space, but a large family it is advisable to buy a compact bedside table with several drawers. In very small rooms can accommodate hanging cabinets. For those who lives alone and has a small bath, it will be enough to put the two-door locker under the sink. Shelves are usually in such pedestals are height adjustable.

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Furniture for little mermaid bathroom decor, where there are heated floors must be equipped with legs. By installing a pedestal sink, do not press it against a wall or the bath. Otherwise, it would complicate cleaning and spoil the look of the furniture. If you are the proud owner of a spacious bathroom, as additional interior items can set the outdoor tables, cupboards, mirrors, wardrobes. In a large room to implement design ideas much easier.

Add polish and style to help stylish towel dryers that combine elegance and practicality. Today there is a wide range of data elements made in all shapes and sizes. You can install them in any corner of the room. Modern towel driers are pipes, as the material which acts clean stainless steel used for the food industry. Pleases and durability – more than 30 years.

To summarize

Bath – a special room where you can tidy himself and his own thoughts. In the morning the first thing you are going to the bath, so it is important to bring the joy of its interior. An important role in this case assigned to the furniture for the bath. Not so hard to find beautiful products, it is much more difficult to choose what would be ideal in terms of functionality and wash last for long. Buying furniture in the bathroom, which is based on the advice provided in this article, and you, cannot go wrong in choosing.

I do not even want to imagine what will be turned neatly tiled floor, if once started and the alignment of the walls, and then laid tile on them. The minimum loss in that case – dirt which is difficult to remove, and the maximum – the need for replacement of several damaged tiles. This is the reason that the work is carried out in a particular order. Where to start repair of the bathroom, to the interior in the end turned out beautiful and did not require alteration?

Type of repair in little mermaid bathroom decor

Unfortunately, plan and think carefully, you cannot all and not always. Sometimes there is an urgent need for making repairs when necessary to work in a hurry. Nevertheless, it would be desirable that the task was carried out efficiently and did not require alteration in a short time. Elemental repair may be necessary if the neighbors are flooded or there was a breakthrough pipes. Sometimes you need to urgently replace a bath, then an urgent need to replace the pipes, install plumbing, put a tile, etc.

With the renovation, which was planned in advance, a little bit easier, because the owners have left time for the preparation, all the necessary procurement and research workers? The complexity and material costs can be any, depending on whether major or minor repairs you’re doing, and how using expensive materials. Cheaper to repair, but it is expedient to carry out only with the full serviceability of plumbing fixtures and plumbing. Another condition is the absence of the fungus. In this case it is sufficient to replace the covering of walls, floor and ceiling, buy a new bathroom fixtures.

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Planning repair the most time-consuming, tedious, and sometimes even becomes cause of family scandals. Even turning to the services of a professional designer, you have to go through dozens of various options that will hold or not hold you. Sometimes it turns out that was rejected at the first stage the idea was very successful, so we have to again go back to the beginning. Then you remember that a single fragment in some of the options was very good, and then your head will be born one more interesting idea, and only then will develop the overall picture perfect bathroom.

The choice of little mermaid bathroom décor

Are you going to make repairs in the bathroom with their hands or invite professionals all begins with the definition of design? First, select the color. Most owners prefer pastel shades or a combination of the two discreet colors. Then he should make the choice of materials to be used for finishing. Usually this:

  • ceramic tile;
  • granite;
  • mosaic;
  • Panel of plastic.

Then you need to measure the parameters of the room with the help of a tape measure and calculate its area. Schedule to house plumbing equipment, calculate everything carefully, otherwise then that any change would be problematic.

Purchase of materials and plumbing for bathroom


Poor quality tile adhesive can be used in the hallway or in the kitchen, but not in the little mermaid bathroom decor. If you want to save, try other options. For example, the discount system or perform simple repairs with their own hands. The main thing is not to try to save as otherwise further costs will be much greater. Of course, answering the question of how to begin to make repairs in the bathroom, we cannot affect the financial issue. You will have to visit more than one store in search of the right products and prices. Note that in most of the cases the funds allocated for the repair is not enough, so do not be surprised if the real expenditure, even if the economy considerably exceed planned.

Doing repairs on their hands, the owners often try to fake. It may well work when it comes to the floor and ceiling, but with walls better so not kidding – they require a thorough cleansing, or later all defects will be felt. Dismantled, you can proceed to the replacement of pipes and wiring the little mermaid bathroom decor. Where to begin? Firstly, by determining where the electrical appliances and summing the required number of outlets will be placed. Replace the cable and switch.



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