Main bathroom remodel tips

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When selecting the mixer bath are not only the value of the model and the material from which it is made. It is important not to err in the choice of the manufacturer, because the market is very much low-quality products.

Top manufacturers of faucets for the bathroom remodel tips

When resources are limited, people tend to look for cheaper products. That’s just before you once again buy low-quality Chinese mixers, which sell all the time, think about the fact, should not pay attention to reputable manufacturers. Of course, such products will have a higher cost, but because in this case it would be of high quality. So, you do not have to change them frequently or intently repaired. In addition, self-respecting manufacturers often offer several models: from budget to luxury – so you can choose a quality option at an affordable price.

Suspension systems are gaining more and more popularity. This is not surprising, since the hanging toilet takes up less space as compared with floor systems. In addition, they simplify the cleaning process, as there are no hard to reach places. Given that aesthetically hanging toilet looks much aesthetic, becoming clear such a high interest in the suspension system. But often it raises questions hanging toilet installation process, so you need to look at this process.

To install a suspended toilet bowl using bathroom remodel tips, proceed as follows:

  • Preparatory work.
  • Installation installations
  • Installation of the toilet.

Each step does not cause any difficulties for a person with experience in the instrument.

Preparatory work

You must first define the place on which to stand the toilet. If redevelopment is planned. And only the replacement of the equipment, it is natural that the place will not change. Otherwise, it all depends on the future interior. It is important to know which wall is located behind the site of the future location of the toilet. This is due to the fact that the installation system is attached only to the main wall. Gypsum plasterboard partition walls will not work, because it simply will not sustain the weight of the system and break, it’s one of bathroom remodeling tips.

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Therefore, before you install, you need to measure everything carefully and determine the height of the toilet of the future. Experts recommend that it does not exceed one meter, but if the family is tall, this number can be increased. When the location and height will be definite, applied for marking and drilled mounting holes. It is preferable to use not ordinary anchors and special anchor bolts, because the load is static and permanent and large enough. Plugs cannot provide sufficient reliability of mounting, so in the future are possible distortions of the system.

Is mounted and fixed structure should be given special attention, as the system will work for many years and must be qualitatively secured. If desired, it can be further strengthened in order to achieve complete immobility.


When installing the system is installed, it must be aligned vertically to the front plane of the upper plane should be horizontal and the support frame itself must be securely fastened and fixed. The only way to ensure a good view and the normal operation of the system in the future.

Use small bathroom remodel tips

After all the work on the installation the installation will be made, the niche is sealed drywall. It is advisable to use a water-resistant material, so that it is not swollen from moisture. At the same time we must not forget the need for access to the cistern, so finishing is necessary to provide the hatch.

After the finishing is completed, the toilet bowl is installed. This phase of work is done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions as different models may require different actions. But the differences are not significant; the actions differ only in small details. If the preliminary estimates and measurements were carried out correctly small bathroom remodel tips, the bowl height is about 40 centimeters from the floor. This value is considered the best and most convenient way for ordinary people.

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If you follow the instructions and carefully and accurately perform the work, the process of installing a suspended toilet will not cause difficulties. How was it possible to make complex works there, so set the toilet with his hands can practically everyone.


Before going to the store and buy a water heater, it is necessary to determine that it is necessary. The number of models and a variety of proposed solutions are so large that it is necessary to provide for certain that should ensure the boiler and what characteristics it should have. Now manufacturers offer a variety of accommodation by type: wall, floor or built; and heating type heat source. But the options are really strong influence on the work is not so much, so it makes sense to analyze them all, highlighting the most important thing.



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