Magnification guest bathroom remodel

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Even the smallest guest bathroom remodel can be a little boost to your look. To diversify small bathrooms design is chosen for each client, helping the best. When placing the key elements you need to consider their features to provide convenient access to all the important things. For example, for your convenience, you can move the valve to the opposite side, if before the approach to the closed sterile machine.

Use of mirrors – a modern response to small bathrooms to give them a visual volume. To do this, you need to place a mirror in the room such methods to your view is constantly seen specular reflection. More often than not make one wall is completely mirrored with the ceiling. Mirrors exaggerate the space and lighting.

Light increase – this is a game of light. You need to find a harmonious blend of brightness and type of lamps to the room was the most light. Most often make the ceiling a niche, under which are hiding lamps and lighting systems. In addition, the backlight is placed in such a way that it does not dazzle the eye. This creates a warm welcoming atmosphere, beautiful transitions occur shadows.

Professional techniques and solutions to increase the effective area

Professionals often use a wide variety of techniques and methods that allow even the most hopeless of a small bathroom to make a comfortable and spacious. Small guest bathroom remodel – interior design and correct positioning of all in it – this is the main your task!

Here are some design decisions:

  • The first thing you need to pay attention to the door. It is best to replace the pullout option, as it saves space in the bathroom, if it opens inwards, and in the hallway. Instead, choose solid wood lighter model of frosted glass. A prerequisite for success is the choice of decor light walls. Find the most favorite shade of pastel colors of: blue, cream, beige, lilac, green diluted. Do not choose white. It will create a cold, uncomfortable atmosphere.
  • Lockers – they should be the most effective and placed in the most convenient locations, so you can always fit everything you need. Doors at the lockers are best used sliding. Use every centimeter: in the corners, under the sink, the upper space above the bathtub and below it.
  • Tile orientation. With the laying direction and size of the tiles you can visually divide the room into smaller sections. Combine several types, different in color and texture. It will give a feeling of extra space.
  • Place a large mirror above the sink illuminated. In addition to its decorative effect and it is useful in practice. Not limited to a single light bulb in the middle of the room. Replacement of standard bath to sit or walk-in shower will give a much needed space. For the price of cheap showers can be compared to cast-iron bathtub. There are also combined models.
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To select the design of a small guest bathroom remodel ideas, it is necessary first of all to imagine or draw on paper the basic elements from which to draw on. Most often it is sanitary. For example, toilet or sink – their location is very difficult to change, so they are often the key elements. Therefore, for the design of such facilities will require not only a desire, a flight of fancy, but thinking through every detail, every centimeter of space savings.

Now, however, there are installations of the system for hanging plumbing. With them, you can build a partition wall and hang them on the toilet, bidet and washbasin. At the same time all the pipes and inside will be hidden in the wall. It can be used by removing the partition between the toilet and the bathroom plumbing to custom change the location. Room design should blend well with the design of the neighboring premises, i.e. the bathroom as it complements the more spacious room, although it is a separate and important place. Having defined the basic key elements that should be on the basis of their place furniture and appliances. This is to ensure that even the most common design includes comfort and convenience.

Guest bathroom remodel ideas to use


The modern bathroom is a great item for the well-being and comfort of each individual. That is why this room pays such a huge amount of attention. It is necessary to consider all the little things, the opportunities and challenges that should be considered. Optimally, that modern shop give a chance to acquire excellent, high-quality goods, made in accordance with all modern requirements and wishes of customers. You will be able to equip your bathroom quickly and easily, keeping all dynamic structure that all were comfortable. This is a wonderful solution for those who prefer to live in a comfortable house and Cancel. From all this it is evident that the arrangement of such a room should be given special attention, especially since the options to do so with intelligence and reliability have set.



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