Linen bathroom cabinets, 14 photo

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For most of the people the bathroom furniture choosing is such a headache, but it happens only in such a case when you have no ideas about the main furniture types, it’s characteristics and the main advantages. But using the following article you will find out about the main bathroom furniture features that should be definitely used for the furniture placed in such a zone with the high moisture level. So talking more detailed today we gonna find out the main features that the linen bathroom cabinets should have. 

The functionality of the linen bathroom cabinets.

Before buying or ordering the bathroom furniture we should answer for the main and the most important question which is what’s for you need this bathroom cabinet for and than its gonna become more clear what functionality it should have. For example, it’s better when all the make up products, tubes, the shampoos and the balms are placed in the wall bathroom cabinets placed on the level of your eyes. If you need to have a place for collecting all the towels, clean underwear or the dirty clothe ready to be washed, than you should pay your attention on the bathroom cabinets with the basket. The bathroom cabinets made in a form of a “pencil-case” usually take the space from the floor to the ceiling and has so many sections. Moreover, the modern bathroom cabinets isn’t just a place for a save clothe keeping, but can be also such an interesting decor element. This decor element can be also equipped with such extra options as a mirror, embed lighting or the place for the outer lighting fixtures placement.

The main linen bathroom cabinet’s characteristics.

First of all we should definitely notice that the bathroom furniture isn’t such a thing you can try to save your money on. The good quality bathroom cabinet can’t be really cheap which means that if you will risk to buy the simple bathroom cabinet without the special moisture-proof layer than there is a possibility that it’s gonna get deformed and you will just throw away your money. The really good quality bathroom cabinet should fit the following 3 characteristics.

  • The material fits the room characteristics.
  • It’s functional and ergonomic.
  • The beautiful design.

And now we gonna look closer to each of the following points.

The main characteristics the bathroom “pencil-case” with the basket can be made of should fit the characteristics of the room it’s gonna be placed in. The main features we are talking about are:

1) The high moisture level.

2) A really favorable environment for the bacteria and mold growth.

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3) The possibility of the water drops falling on the furniture.

4) The quick temperature changing.

The modern bathroom linen cabinets can be made from such a variety of the materials such as laminated DSP, plastic, stainless metal or even wood with the elements of the glass embedding also those materials can be used in the combined variants that’s why it’s pretty easy to choose the bathroom cabinet that you like the most. It’s really important to remember while choosing the bathroom cabinet from one or another material that each of them has its own exploitation time and the guaranties. For example, the wooden furniture covering layer should be renewed from time to time, but the plastic or laminated DSP sometimes react really bad to the cleaning products made in the chemical base. So you should take this into accounting while choosing the material for the bathroom linen cabinets as sometimes, in case if you don’t find the variant you are interested in in the furniture shop, than you can make it customized – made specially for you, basing on your personal plan and presences. The functionality and ergonomical isn’t a less important index. Nowadays almost every linen bathroom cabinet is getting produced including all the functional and optimal indexes including the maximum convenience in its exploitation. The linen bathroom cabinets can be placed in the corner, hanged on the wall in the needed place and can be definitely used for the functional separating of the bathroom. The main criterions of all of the producers are the compact and roominess. The bathroom linen cabinets can be equipped with the pullout boxes, replacing shelves, the pullout clothe baskets and even the embedded lighting fixtures.

The beautiful design is also a really important component of any bathroom furniture as it’s definitely one of the criterions that makes one model is more popular than another making the price of the product increase or to lower. Nowadays as we have so many producing companies all over the world, we are equipped with such a big choice of varieties including the different shapes and the colors. It’s important to remember that the bathroom should be always clean and beautiful because this is the exact place that partly influence your daily mood that will follow you for the rest of the day. That’s why you should think really clear by choosing the most fitting bathroom linen cabinet that can definitely change the whole interior.

The varieties of the linen bathroom cabinets.

All of the bathroom cabinets specialized on the necessary things keeping can be separated into 3 groups based on its constructure.

  • The corner bathroom cabinet.
  • The wall bathroom cabinet.
  • The base bathroom cabinet.
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There is also an extra type of the r linen bathroom cabinets which is usually made like a metal cabinet with the mirror surfaces and works like an extra option to some of the bathroom cabinet models. It looks exactly like the regular cabinets hat are turning around its axis. It can be made looking like the regular bathroom cabinets or the small bathrooms cabinets with the glass doors. And here we gonna look closer and more detailed on the features of the main linen cabinet types.

The corner linen cabinet can be rally called the most popular one having the most common type of constructure. It perfectly fits almost any bathroom with any size or planning. As it’s seen from the name the constructure is made in the special way so you can easily place it in the corner of the bathroom, because this is the exact zone which is usually called “dead” and rarely get used by anyone.

The wall bathroom linen cabinet is getting used more rarely. Most of the times such bathroom cabinets are made for keeping there the towels, creams or shampoos, or, in other words, the things that don’t have such a big weight. The wall models are usually equipped with the mirror placed on the front surface and the extra lighting elements. It’s important to remember that the wall cabinet is getting installed on the wall by the special mounting systems. And it’d really important to remember that it’s not such a good idea to establish it on the wall made from the gypsum plasterboard if before the extra construction hasn’t been made. Most of the times such models are getting placed on the stone and concreted surfaces that can definitely provide you with the safe and lasting fixation as you definitely don’t want it to fall and get broken or even become a danger for someone’s health.

The base bathroom linen cabinets can be called the most popular type. The standard models are represented like the tall and thin models having the shelves for keeping the small things in its top zones, and the lower shelf is getting equipped by with the basket that can be used for the dirty clothe or it can also become a space where you can definitely keep all the sanitary engineering cleaning products.

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The main advices how to choose the right linen bathroom cabinet in the bathroom.

Before you go to the furniture shop or start ordering something online you should definitely decide where you want to place that linen bathroom cabinet and what exactly you want to keep in there. If you want to choose the one for the towels or clothe keeping than its better to choose it without the shelves having just the big zones for keeping all this stuff. The perfect variant is gonna be the linen bathroom cabinet with the possibility of the shelves changing.

Definitely pay your attention on the hangers and the material it’s been made from. The best solution here is i choose the one having the accessories made from the chromed metal or the other metal material using having the colorful layer. Also don’t forget to think about the sizes of the linen bathroom cabinet as it should be able to perfectly fit the place you have for it. Also take into accounting the side of the door opening because the door can be fixed in such different ways.

Choosing the linen bathroom cabinet we should also think about the basket where you can keep the dirty, or opposite, clean clothe. It seems that this elements is such an easy thing that is nothing takes to choose, but at the same time you should know that there are so many times of it. And by choosing the linen basket only you can decide if it’s gonna be the fully designed interior part that can be even used without the linen cabinet, or it’s gonna be the most simple piece to keep it hided from anyone’s eyes same as the dirty clothe.


The most popular basket type in the corner one so it’s obvious that it’s gonna fit only the corner linen bathroom cabinet. The designs, colors and the materials it can be made from are so different nowadays that you can choose turn into reality almost all of your wishes.

The embed bathroom baskets can be used even without the linen cabinet as it’s pretty functional by itself, but still can be embed into the cabinet or the bathroom vanity.

And if you have the children then they will definitely like funny painted bathroom baskets. Moreover this kind can definitely become the single decide element or even become a furniture piece if you place the pillow on it’s top so you can sit.



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