Led bathroom mirror: the best solution in the interior

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The bathroom design sometimes pays attention much more than the rest of the interior apartment.

Mirror – an original way to combine 2 functions: reflection of objects plus their additional lighting.

The special relay controls the frequency of the illumination and the brightness. The mirror can be made in 3 versions. In the first case, you can use slots. They allow direct the light at any point. In the second case, use internal illumination, which is aimed at the object, looking at his reflection. The third option – the lamp is located behind the reflector. But the best solution is to buy and install bathroom mirror led.

Different solutions

Lighting serves single slots, spotlights, small wall. While in the lighted area gets an object that he sees its reflection and a certain area of the bath.

In reflectors with internal lighting most often uses LEDs. The cost of such items is higher than the previous version, because the production of this design – sophisticated technology. It gives the additional supply lockers, in which 1 or more shelves. Led bathroom mirrors look luxury and they are really practical.

The mirror with equipped with decorative lighting plays a basic role for which you have created. Trim does not perform any functions except decoration. The light sources are placed on the back side of the structure or inside it.

How to choose a bathroom mirrors with led lights

Mirror with integrated lighting for the bathroom should be in harmony with the general picture of the interior.
Large structures are appropriate in that case, if you need to get the reflection in full growth. In other cases, choose modest options.
Matter how the form would be the mirror with internal lighting. It can be round, oval, rectangular, square. Interesting option is the subject of asymmetric shape. It all depends on style of interior decoration.
Current models of reflectors often fitted with additional shelves. Their may be 1 or more. This innovation is very convenient because it allows you to put your cosmetics, personal hygiene products.

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8 selection criteria

  • Mirror with integrated lighting for the bathroom criteria should have a perfectly smooth back surface.
  • The object weight is as heavier as better.
  • You should carefully check the layer of amalgam in the presence of chips, cracks, bubbles, gaps.
  • The mirror on any site should produce a high quality map of reality.
  • Before installing, verify fastener elements.
  • Factory products are accompanied by the necessary certificates.
  • Lights for the mirror should be moisture-proof.
  • When you choose, pay attention to the shape of the object. Round mirror with lighting for the bath is diluted with a strict background walls are covered in geometric tiles, panels. Square, rectangular mirrors look great on painted, plastered surfaces.

Which lamp to choose

LEDs are new but very popular source of lighting. They have a high quality, an ease of installation, a robust design.

In this light bulb consume small amounts of electricity. The illuminated led bathroom mirror is considered one of the best options. To protect the LEDs from moisture cut tape sealed in a PVC tube of the necessary diameter, wires to connect to the output.

Similar to the incandescent light source is considered to be the halogen lamp. The gas causes the bulb glow, which is 10-12 times brighter than conventional incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent and neon lamps are durable, capable of delivering smooth diffuse light close to natural spectrum. The drawback of fluorescent lamps is periodic flicker, harmful to the eyes.

Top popularity among mirrors – led lighted bathroom mirror

Led mirror bathroom is one of the most successful and spectacular design finds of recent years. This kind of mirrors are gaining popularity at an incredible pace. And this is not surprising, because the LED backlight in combination with a glass surface has an elegant decorative value and allows you to create a unique interior in any room.

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The wide selection of different shapes, sizes and stylistic decisions makes possible to choose the most interestingthing in any interior. Low power consumption, long life and other advantages of the LED backlight make this purchase very profitable. We have our own production and can make a mirror for you to order. The expertise of craftsmen and modern high-tech equipment allow to create exclusive and artistic bathroom led mirror.


Bevelled mirror with led light is a harmonious combination of modern technology and antiquity. Bevelled mirrors were invented in Medieval Venice. The game sunbeams, resulting in the breaking of the glass edges, created bathrooms and hallways a special atmosphere. LED illumination gave the faceted mirrors a new range of decorative possibilities. Mirror cloth with moisture-resistant coverings allow you to set these chic accessories in the bathrooms.




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